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Chapter Cinq (end)

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Yo dudes. Still mourning my dead goldfishy. Thank you so much blu_bird and ron337 for their comfort! This chapter is dedicated especially to ron337 for guessing the song (You're Gone) and to Pete Wentz, because its his birthday today. HAPPY 28TH B-DAY PETE! This chapter is also dedicated to anyone who reads my stories and likes them, all of you are my inspiration! Thank you all so very much!
When the three buses made it to their first venue, they noticed that in the three years that My Chemical Romance was out of the limelight, the MCR explosion hadn't passed. There was a long line waiting to get into the venue, and the members of My Chemical Romance were excited that the fans still believed in them.

The two bands and Aurora, Ericka, Veronica, Kaitlin, Ellie, Katherine, and Chris filed into their dressing rooms. Veronica and Mikey were careful to shield Katherine and Chris from any crazy fans who happened to be hiding somewhere.

Once My Chemical Romance got into their dressing room, there was a reporter and a camera man waiting for them. Mikey got nervous he knew that everything that they say would spread quickly. Until now, Katherine and Chris had been shielded from reporters, paparazzi, and gossip magazines. All the public knew for sure was that Veronica had been pregnant with twins and that she gave birth to them successfully.

"Hi, we're from Rolling Stone and we're going to write an article and make a special to feature on you guys and your return to stardom. Is this okay?" The reporter asked.

"I don't see why not." Gerard said, after looking to his band mates.

"Okay, well, um, lets start with Veronica and her friends. I think we should start with when you started liking My Chemical Romance, then we can get the full story." The reporter said.

"Sounds good." Veronica said.

"Okay, start rolling Jim." The reporter said. The camera man clicked a button on his camera and held the camera lens up to his eye.

"Well, I guess I was a quiet person living a quiet life. I had some friends, but I wasn't a "popular" or aiming for a lot of interesting stuff to happen in my life. My main focus was my grades and the friends I had. I was at Ellie's house when it happened." Veronica started her story.

The End
Thats the end, a bunch of people dont like it, but some of my friends did. If you like it, be sure to tell me in a review! again, THANK YOU! You all are the best readers ever! If you're sad that this is over you can go check out some of my other stories or read the new one im going to post soon.-SMOKEY
p.s. if you're still confused, go look at the very first chapter of My Chemically Crazed life starring MCR
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