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Chapter 1-2

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15 year old Julia confidently accepts Jareth's challenge to complete his Labyrinth in search of her brothers. She suprisingly finishes his Labyrinth and is soon brought face to face with the king h...

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I racked my brain, desperatly searching for the non-existant answer.
Jareth schoffed, closing Julia's hands around the glass orb resting in the palm of her hands.
"Julia I won't tell you again, take the crystal."
He rose the orb to her face.
"Look what I'm offering you...your dreams, your wishes, everything your heart desires and all I'm asking for in return are your pitiful brothers."
A deafening silence filled the room as the pair carefully thought over the deal the other had made.
His majesty carefully eyed the young girl before him. There was no doubt in his mind, she would make an incredible addition to his goblin horde, but it was against the Labyrinth rules, its always been against the rules.
He should have known she would decline his "generous" offer.
Her angry shouts echoed throughout the semi-empty void. Throwing the sphere as far as she could, she dropped to her knee's begging the king to let her siblings go.
"If its a follower your looking for, I would prove to be a much more loyal subject then the two combined."
"Oh would you?"
He was messing with her.
"Yes, their ruthless, argumentive, and careless, definatly not the kind of subject a king as cunning and fair as you would want."
His majesty laughed at the pitiful sight.
"How amusing!"
He lowered himself to the begging girl before him.
"Flattery gets you know where Julia."
His laugh grew louder.
"what to do? what to do?"
This man truely was heartless, nothing fazed him. When she yelled he was not threatened, when she cried he felt no guilt, and when she begged he took no pity.
"I don't know what else to do." she thought
"I can't defeat him, he's too pow-"
Then it hit her, Jareth is a self-reliant man, he doen't like to be challanged, and that's exactly what she was gonna do, no matter the consiquences. Taking a deep breath she slowly rose to her feet.
"I bet your scared."
"Excuse me?"
Anger grew within Jareth, a nearly impossible task.
"You heard me, I bet your afraid to turn me into one of your little lackies!"
His anger quickly turned into rage.
"No no better yet I think you can't change me! Your a con, a fake!"
Picking the girl up by the neck of her shirt, Jareth stared her down, trying his best to keep from destroying her.
"Why you ungrateful little brat!"
In an attempt to calm himself, the king took a deep breath.
"I know what your trying to do Julia."

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