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Chapter 1-3

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15 year old Julia confidently accepts Jareth's challenge to complete his Labyrinth in search of her brothers. She suprisingly finishes his Labyrinth and is soon brought face to face with the king h...

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"Whatever do you mean?"
"Don't play coy with me!"
Having lived for centries upon centries, Jareth has learned to control his anger, but this girl really knew how to tick him off and she was doing it all out of the love for her brothers.
"Why so defensive Jareth?" Is it because you know its true? All of this-"
She motioned toward the surrounding void.
"Its all fake, I'm probably just dreaming it all."
Julia's preserverence suprised the king himself. He knew what she was trying to do, wear him down so he gives her what she wants, and yet it still bugged him.
Jareth smirked, releasing the grip on Julia's shirt, he had an idea.
"Alright you win."
The look on Julia's face was so amusing, Jareth couldn'l help but laugh.
"Being the generous king I am I'll grant you your wish."
"You-you will?"
"Yes, your brothers will be set free with no memory of me, my Labyrinth, or-"
Jareth's face help a sinful look, unlike anyother, he was scheming no doubt.
"Or you."
"That's not fair! I'm their sister!"
"Life's not fair my dear, Now I've given you a choice, take it or leave it."
His majesty chuckled.
"What will she choose?"
Standing tall, confident of her choice, Julia spoke.
"I accept your offer, now set them free!"
A sinister smile crossed the kings face.
"Very well."
Jareth's body began to fade as he slowly took his leave.
"As of now, you belong to me."

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