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Sometimes you should listen to and trust your sister, sometimes

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Di is in town and what secret does she find out that may ruin the couples relationship?

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Izzie's POV

"Di don't you have a job back home that you need to attend to?"

"Yea I do but I decided to take some time off to visit my one and only sister. So here I am."

"You got fired didn't you?"

"No I got suspended when I yelled at a patient's daughter. I mean just because I yelled at a 6 year-old because she was making balloons out of my gloves doesn't mean I should be suspended for a month."

"A month Di! Seriously you need to get your act together before they fire you!"

"I know. So I decided I needed to get away from Florida and spend some time with my favorite sister."

"No offense but you and I haven't talked to you or heard from you since you heard that I was going to Europe and called me a gold digging friend. And you and I haven't been close since you left for college."

"Yea and now you and I can squash those differences and spend some quality time together."

"Are you only being nice to me so you can stay here at the house."

"Of course not. But thanks for the invitation I love to stay here."

"I have to talk it over with Brendon first."

"Talk what over with me? Shit, hi Di." Brendon just came into the kitchen with nothing but boxers on and Di gave me a look of intrigue.

"So what were you two doing while I was busy sneaking into your house? Wait does mom know you gave it up to Brendon yet? She would be so proud."

"Yea she knows and she wants grandkids asap."

"That sounds like our mother. Oh hey Brendon I am going to be staying here while I am in town is that ok with you?"

"Yea you can sleep in Izzie's old room."

"Yea after she changes the sheets."

"Shut up Di! Bren I hear your phone going off."

"Yea me too I'll be back and with more clothes."

"Ok." Brendon ran upstairs to get his phone leaving me and Di alone again.

"So when did you get a dog?"


"What's it's name?"

"His name is Esteban."

"After that song. Couldn't you picked a different name?"

"Yea I had one in mind but I don't think Brendon would have liked it very much."

"Oh yea you have a suitcase in your hand?" As soon as Di said that I whipped around to see Brendon with a suitcase in his hand.

"Baby where are you going?"

"I have to fly out to LA tonight and spend a week or more there to try and finish up the album. I am so sorry babe. I promise to make it up to you when I get back."

"Why can't you record here?"

"Because our producer is now in LA so we have to go where he goes."

"Ok well just call me on my cell I might be spending a few extra days out in Chicago trying to find an apartment."

"Ok," he came up to give me a hug, "make sure you take Di with you if she is still here."

"Trust me I will and Esteban."

"And Esteban." He gave me a kiss goodbye and said goodbye to Di. Once he left I looked over at Di who was playing with Esteban.

"So where does Brendon keep the liquor in this house?"

"Di both of us are underage and how the hell would we buy the liquor?" She gave me the yea right look. "Cabinet over the fridge."

"So tell me why you are looking for an apartment in Chicago." She asked while pouring wine into glasses.

"Because I got a job as head designer for the women's department at Clandestine and Pete suggested for me to look for an apartment so Chicago and feel more like home while I am there."

"How's Pete?"

"Fine, why?"

"No reason, so did you see William when you went to Chicago?"

"Yea he had a meeting with Pete when I was leaving Pete's office."


"And I said hi and left to go back to my hotel room."

"Oh my God, you are lying."

"No I'm not."

"When you lie you tend to look to the side and then down. So what happen?"

"Di drop it seriously."

"You had sex with him didn't you?"


"Izzie, you can trust me you know. I am your sister for goodness sakes."

"Will came over to drop off some of our stuff we shared or gave to one another. One thing lead to another and I slept with him."

"Were you sober?"


"And are planning to tell Brendon?"

"No because Will and I kinda agreed to having an affair behind Brendon's back."

"And if you get caught?"

"The only way I can get caught if Brendon is in Chicago or you tell him."

"Trust me I won't. So who is better in bed Brendon and Will?"

"I am not going to tell you that. Oh by the way I am going to go to Chicago in a few days and you are welcome to come."

"Even to your meetings with Pete?"

"Yea, what is the deal with you being so interested in Pete?"

"What no reason he is nice to look at."

"Yea ok. I am going to go put new sheets on the guest bed then go to bed myself."

"Yea ok. And Iz, be careful because the thing that you are doing might just make you lose the person you love the most."

"Yea thanks Di, umm your bed should ready in a few minutes. It is upstairs and to the right. Goodnight."

"Goodnight baby sister."

"Goodnight big sister." I headed upstairs changed the sheet on the bed and went to bed myself. I looked at my phone and had two text messages on my phone one from Brendon and one from Will both saying the same thing. Basically they miss me and the want me badly. I should end it with Will but something keeps holding me back and not wiling to let go.
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