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'Hello sister'

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The chapter before the lasst

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Chapter 20

Elizabeth walked into the room, almost black roughly straight hair down, falling loosely unto her small shoulders and kept from falling completely on her forehead by a small pink bow on the side. Her gigantic brown eyes circled around the room like radars, looking at the unfamiliar faces, brow furrowing for a second trying to process them all. As she stepped closer to where everyone was, her knee-length and chalky white princess-like dress moved cutely from one side to another and up and down. She had light pink and white striped stockings up to her knees, her minute feet made no sound against the floor. She smiled at all of them politely and then ran rapidly to Ben's arms hiding from the quizzical stare of Gerard, Bert, Daniel and Allison.
"This is my daughter, Elizabeth" Ben alleged in a proud tone, and Elizabeth giggled under his arms.
Kamz stared at them both and Pete tightened the grip on her hand trying to pass her some confidence that everything would be alright.
"Honey, this is Bert McCracken..." Ben affirmed as he pointed Bert who was staring at Elizabeth intently while he bit his black nails down to his raw flesh. Elizabeth turned to Bert and locked eyes with him.
"I like your eyeliner" She declared in a serious tone, straightening her back to then hunch back down isntantly. Bert tried to say something but the words just wouldn't come out. He smiled instead at her last action: Alice used to do that a lot...she sat straight for a whole second and then she would just hunch back down, she couldn't help it. Wasn't used to it, he guessed.

'This couldn't be happening...That was...Alice's child?
And Ben.
The poor kid looked too overwhelmed as he continued to watch her. She was obviously waiting for him to say something. He felt like a complete moron, wanted to smash his head against the wall for scaring her.
But then again, she didn't seem remotely frightened.
He was just accustomed to the fact that kids were terrified of him, but she wasn't.
'Of course she isn't. She's Alice's kid.'
"Have you ever heard 'It's Hard to Say?" He mumbled to Elizabeth. She nodded furiously, "I like that one a lot because I like the singer's singing voice more than his shouts. But the shouts are great too"
All of them laughed, the girl was oblivious to the fact that she was speaking to the singer himself, exposing her thoughts to him.
Bert didn't think she'd had done it otherwise if she had known.
"Thank you, not many people think that way about my voice" He said in a low murmur. Elizabeth grinned sweetly,
"Ha, I knew you where the singer! I just knew that voice. You should sing more"

"This is Gerard Way, you like to hear 'Monroeville', remember?" Ben said, motioning to Gerard as soon as the nervous laughs were over. Elizabeth nodded feverishly once more. Gerard smiled his twisted smile and stared at the girl, his throat was dry with emotion.
He really couldn't say a thing, he just continued to smile. He wasn't good with kids; he never knew what to tell them. Or do around them for that matter.
They looked like little monsters to him, all of them. Monsters that never ceased crying or asking for things...annoying little bastards, that's what they are.
Except this one.
She was flawless.
It was a piece of Alice, there was nothing torn or twisted about her, she was pure and untouchable. At least for him.
He should stay away; there was no need for him to break yet another part of Alice. Perhaps the only part of her that was still alive (apart from her lyrics, he reminded himself) was standing in front of him, in that adorable princess-like dress.
He could just imagine Alice standing beside him and eyeing the little girl's clothes, sighing. He knew exactly what she would've said if she looked at her baby girl's outfit
"Why do kids get the best clothes? I want to wear kid's clothes!"
The kid must've sensed his huskiness because she chose to look at her father instead of him.
'Way to go, kid' He thought to himself in nervousness. 'Maybe if your mother had done that you would've met her' He said to himself sulkily.
He knew what his actions had caused Alice.
Everything was clear now: he understood how his petulant remarks had taken Alice apart, bit by bit.

"This one here is Bert's son, Daniel." Ben announced. Elizabeth went to him and straightened her dress. Daniel stared back at her, suppressed hatred and stress flooding his eyes in the shape of tears. He started to tremble furiously from his chair. Elizabeth's lip trembled as she panicked. She walked up closer to him and wrapped her small arms around his waist which was the tallest place her still small body could reach. Daniel was stunned for a second as if lighting had struck him.
Everyone held their breath, they all knew just too well how Daniel got violent sometimes when he was caught by surprise, but yet no one dared to move, and no one had the courage to separate them or make any motion to shoo Elizabeth away from him. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was intuition but no one moved a limb, breath stuck on their throats.
But instead of strangling the girl and stomping a foot on top of her fragile body as he had intended to do when he first set eyes on her, Daniel lifted her in his arms and...
hugged her.
He enfolded her in his arms because she represented such many things, all of them equally special to him.
He embraced her as a thank you to Alice for hugging him when he was down.
He held her close because he realized she was his little sister, they shared the most wonderful mother anyone in the world would be able to have...
Maybe not biologically speaking but they did share it.
Alice had been the closest thing to a mother he would ever have.
He squeezed her tight because she would grow up without a mother like he did, and he knew what that was.
Except he had a mother.
He truly believed that.
Daniel continued to weep on her shoulder, wetting her hair. Elizabeth cried along, tears rolling down her soft rosy cheeks.
"Hello, sister..." Daniel mumbled.
Author's Note
Ok, I did want to leave some knots loose. I mean, all of the answers to your questions lie scattered on the chapters but if you guys didn't understand something I'm willing to do an extra chapter apart from the short one that's gonna be the end.
Thanks for bearing with me.
It's 3:09 in the morning, June 3 2007
So if there's anything wrong in my writing you now know the reason.
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