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And I Could Carry You With Me

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Pete walked slowly down the stairs and into the kitchen where Joe, Andy and Patrick were all sitting at the table. He sat down on the table next to patrick and sighed.

"What's wrong Pete?" Patrick asked.

"She can't come." He said softly.

"Why not?" Joe asked.

"She has a job and responsabilities. At least that's what she said."

"Well that's a load of crap!" Joe yelled.

Kate walked down the stairs and came into the kitchen. "What's going on?"

"Uh, nothing." Joe lied.

"Ok, well i'm going to go shopping with some friends today so I wont be back for awhile." She grabbed her purse and put on her jacket.

"Yeah ok." Patrick said as he opened the door for her.

She smiled and left.

Joe, Andy and Patrick turned back to Pete.

"Don't worry about her, Pete. We're still gonna have fun." Patrick reassured him and pated him on the back.

"Yeah I guess." Pete pouted. He jumped off the table and went into the livingroom and started watching Dr.Phil.

"Ok! Today we are going to be talking about couples who have a relationship even though they are far apart." Dr. Phil said.

Pete quickly grabbed the remote and switched the channel to some soap oprah.

"Oh David! I will miss you soo much. You can't leave me!" The lady said on the tv.

Pete switched the channel another time. This time, he landed on a channel with Jerry Springer.

"I hate that I can't be with you! Whenever I go far away on a bussiness trip you can never come with me!" The fat man screamed.

Pete screamed in frustration and shut off the tv. He threw the remote on the ground and remained sitting on the couch.

"Who needs Tv!" Pete screamed and got up from the couch. He went into the kitchen where Joe, Andy and Patrick were staring at him.

"What are you looking at!" Pete yelled.

Andy, Patrick and Joe looked away and went back to drinking their coffee.

"GRRRR!!!" Pete ran upstairs into his room and turned on his stereo. He put the volume up all of the way and started listening to some kind of screamy music.

"Let's avoid him as much as we can today." Andy said.

"Good idea Andy." Joe agreed.

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