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Airports Can Be Fun. Just Not Now

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so sad!

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One week later, the boys had finished packing and were ready to leave. They were finally going on tour for their new album. Everyone was excited, except for Pete. He was still unhappy that Kate couldn't come with them and almost felt like saying he wasn't going to be going anywhere on tour. But, that would dissapoint the rest of the band and Pete didn't want that.
He had just finished packing his clothes and things in his suitcase, and the rest of the band was already out the door. Pete convinced Kate to come with them to the airport to say their goodbyes.
When the five of them had gotten into the car, they drove slowly to the airport, not one of them wanting to say goodbye to Kate. Each one of them had grown to really like her and become good friends with her. She was a good roomate, and a great person to hang around with. Now, being on tour ment not seeing or possibly talking to her for two months or longer. This was not going to be a great start to their tour.
When they got to the airport, Joe, Patrick, Andy and Pete grabbed their luggage and went inside with Kate following behind. The five of them sat down next to eachother and talked until their flight was announced. They began to say their goodbyes ten minutes later as people began to board the plane.

Joe went first, saying his goodbye. "Your a good friend. I love you like a fat kid loves cake." Joe was not very good with goodbyes.

Kate hugged him and moved over to Patrick. "Hey. We're all really gonna miss you. It was great having you at our house." Patrick sighed.

"Yes. We'll have to keep in touch. And before we know it, you guys will be back." She smiled, trying to hold back tears.

They hugged and she walked over to Andy. "Hey hippie."

Andy laughed. "Hey. I'm sorry you couldn't come with. It would have been alot of fun."

"Yeah I know. Don't worry, I'll call you guys everyday your gone." She hugged him and took a deep breath. She went over to Pete, who was sitting down in the lobby chair. His face was red and tears slid down his face. Seeing this, Kate began to cry as well.

"I'm gonna miss you Pete." She said hugging him tightly.

Pete stood up and hugged her back. "I love you." He whispered in her ear.

Kate took her head back and starred. She wasn't quite sure she heard him right. "What did you say?"

"I love you." He repeated.

"C'mon Pete, we gotta go." Patrick called out.

Pete shook his head and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"See you soon." He smiled slightly as he walked away.

Kate waved. "Goodbye."

Before she knew it, they were gone.
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