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We Sure Are In For A Show Tonight

by indie_chicky 6 Reviews

Brendon has one last confession to make. And it's the hardest thing he'll ever have to do.

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  • Disheveled

    (#) trueLIEx3 2007-06-13 05:36:02 PM

    Awwe! That was adorable. And somehow... I knew that was gunna happen. But the way you wrote it was great! You're an amazing writer, and I really hope I continue seeing your work on here! I loved this whole story and am waiting patiently for the fluffy epilogue. =D.
  • Disheveled

    (#) prissynblack 2007-06-13 06:08:52 PM

    The title intrigued me and your writing had me addicted. Your an amazing author and I'm competely in love with this fan fic. I'm sad it came to a end but I just loved this last chapter. I'm glad everything is resolved and there both okay. I thought it was so cute how brendon came up and kissed him. (if only it was real). You've had me captured on the first few words of chap. one and then it was history. Your a really great writer and I hope to be able to read more work of your on this site.You can defianlty count me one as your dedicated readersXD
  • Disheveled

    (#) kristina1 2007-06-13 10:12:32 PM

    awwwww Really beautiful!!! I loved it!
  • Disheveled

    (#) meeniemoe 2007-06-13 11:06:26 PM

    Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Me.
    I didn't get to review last chapter, but I'm gonna leave a HUUUUUGE comment here. So the last chapter left me HANGING and I was like no! Why'd she DO this to me?! Garhhhh...and I had to go mope in a corner to make myself feel better about it.
    So today I opened up ficwad and I was like YES SHE UPDATED then I read your A/N which said this was the last chapter, to which I was like oh, fuckers, but then I got so much MORE excited for the little epilogue you said you'd add sometime soon. ;)
    That was a great way to tie it up. I love how you said that occaisionally, fangirls are just seemed that the moment was PERFECT and somehow, no-one pulled it off quite as neatly and successfully as you.
    You made it SO straightforwad (but not to the point where it made us feel like we were stupid enough to not get it) and you always made the audience feel like they were THERE in the story.
    I will really miss checking up on this story (what am I talking about, there's still an epilogue...) but I will definitely read any other patd fics you will ever write.
    Damn girl, you're just one helluva writer.
    xoxo!-- nat.
  • Disheveled

    (#) Danishgirl9 2007-06-15 08:49:10 AM

    I'm staying tunes, I'm staying tuned! This was my most favorite chapter in this whole story! I loved how you made Brendon confess his love onstage, damn that's one show I would bloody love to see :P
    You rock! and so does this story, I'm gonna miss it a little I think, but then again if I didn't that would mean it sucked, which it didnøt so I'm gonna miss it a little. And I just succeded in making no sense at all. I apllaud myself for that^^
  • Disheveled

    (#) xxxtime2panicxxx 2007-07-22 11:38:25 PM

    hey iv been reading your story all day (just cuz im adicted to this fan fic its self and i cant get enough of all of em in general) any way im sorry i havnt reviewing thru out all the chapters i was afraid my computer would freak out on me so i saved till last and ovously u luv reviews yea, your whole stroy was absalutly insane (thats rely good highest ratting comming from me i just rely like the word too)please keep writting if u havnt alredy started i havnt checked yet u hav i will read i liv for fan fics thr adicting

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