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Party at Kaitlins!!

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Sooo this was supose to be a one shot, but I've decided to make it into a story. It's a spin-off of the movie 'Knocked-Up' and it's got more of the Academy Is rather than Fall Out Boy, but whatever...

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"This party is going to begreat!!" exclaimed Krystle.

"Oh my gosh I know!!" replied Trish.

Just thenTrish's phone rang. It was her friend Kaitlin. She said that a lot of people were already showing up. Trish told her not to fret and that she'd be there, soon. She hung-up her cell and told Krystle that they would be leaving soon.

"Dood, are there going to be any hotties there, tonight??" asked Mike.

William nodded and replied, "Yea, Kait's got some hott friends."

"Good. I know Emily and Krystle will be there, but who else??" asked Mike.

WIlliam shrugged his shoulders. He then reached for his leather jacket. Within minutes all of TAI was in William's car and they headed towards Kaitlin's house. When they reached her house they parked and got out.

Trish walked outside with a Red Bull in her hand. She waved to the guys. Once Mike laid his eyes on Trish, he stopped dead in his tracks. Her beautiful straight, red, blonde, and brown hair shined in the sunlight; making her irrestible.

"Mike Carden, meet Trish. Trish this is Mike," said William.

Trish smiled and looked at Mike. He wasn't her usual type. She actually had a crush on William, but never acted on it. Trish is a sweet, young, beautiful, girl and any man would've wanted to date her. Mike made sure that he got to know her a little bit more that night.

Trish then walked back into Kaitlin's house and announced that the guys were there. Emily, Krystle, and Kaitlin, came down the stairs and saw their friends in the foyer. Kaitlin ran up to William and hugged him. Emily ran up to the Butcher and kissed him. And Krystle walked up to Sisky and playfully punched him, but sealed it with a kiss. Mike and Trish stood adjacent from each other.

"Who wants some appitezers??" asked Trish.

"What do you have??" asked Mike.

"Come into the kitchen and I'll show you. Krystle and I made a lot of food for everyone, so yea. There's a lot of food for you gentlemen," explained Trish.

Mike and Trish walked into the kitchen, together. As soon as he had her alone to himself, his emotions got the best of him. Trish had her back turned to him, but immediately felt his firm hands on her back. She tensed up, not knowing what he was doing. He turned her around and they gazed into each other's eyes. Mike looked at Trish's lips and embraced them with his lips. Trish kissed him back, but once she came back to reality she pulled away.

"What are you doing??" asked Trish.

"I-I don't know, I guess I just," Mike stammered, but what caught off guard by Trish kissing him again.

They continued to kiss until they heard people right outside the kitchen. They broke out of their kiss and grabbed an entree platter. Trish took a deep breath and acted as if nothing was going on.

A/N: I want some characters soo if ya'll are interested!! I need a gf for Micheal Guy Chislett, and all of the members of Fall Out Boy. Enjoy!!
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