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Ohh baby

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Mike and Trish?? Whaaaa?? Enjoy!!

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"Soo, how's the tour coming??" asked Trish.

William took a sip of his beer and said that everything was going great. Mikestared at Trish and fell more in-love with her. He started to reminse of their quick kissing fiasco. He also stared at her blushing, soft, full, lips.

"Mikey?? You ok??" asked Krystle.

Mike snapped back to reality. He blushed a little then felt embarrassed by the amount of eyes staring at him. He quickly tried to cover it up, but everyone could tell that he faniced Trish. It was obvious.

"Who wants to go to a movie??" asked Emily.

"That sounds like fun," replied Kaitlin.

"Yea, there's a great drive-in right in-town," explained the Butcher.

"Great!! Soo, let's go get ready and we'll all leave together, ok??" said Emily.

Everyone agreed and then Trish went to touch-up her hair. As she plugged in her hair straightener her cell phone rang. The ringtone was 'Build God, Then We'll Talk' by Panic! @ the Disco.

"What's up Jon??" asked Trish.

Jon called Trish just to check-up on his friend. They're kind of like playmates and lovers. Jon and Trish met at a Starbucks, once. Jon thought she was cute so he paid for her drink. They instantly clicked and have been inseperable ever since.

Trish and Jon were talking about seeing one another, soon. She continued talking to him and then said she had to finish her hair. Once she was done, she turned-off the light and to her surprise, Mike was standing by te door He extended his hand and she accepted it. They then walked out to his car.

"I don't really feel like going a movie, yet," said Mike.

"Yeam neither do I. What would you like to do instead of a movie??" asked Trish.

"Let's just go for a drive," said Mike.

"Ok, that sounds, relaxing," replied Trish.

The two drove around the city of Chicago until they came to a pier. They both found it absolutely beautiful. Mike gazed into Trish's eyes and kissed her. Their kisssing became more intense and soon they were making love. Trish's affection towards Mike wasn't explainable. Just then Trish became upset. An image of Jon popped into her head, following by a picture of William. She pushed Mike off of her and then started blinking rapidly and almost crying.

"What's wrong??" asked Mike.

"I just. I'm sorry, we need to stop this," said Trish, as she held back her tears.

Mike was concerned for Trish and her emotions. He sat back, zipped-up his pants, and then started up his car.


Weeks laterm Trish went out to lunch with Jon, Krystle, Pete, and Sisky. Trish was enjoying her vegetarian pasta when all of a sudden she started to gag. She then excused herself and ran to the bathroom. Krystle ran after her and tried to assist her friend.

"I'm fine. That's really annoying, and it's been happening for awhile now," said Trish.

"Maybe you should go to the doctor??" suggested Krystle.

Trish shrugged her shoulders which made her head drop. She pulled her knees close to her body and started to sob. Krystle comforted her friend and gave her a hug. Krystle then suggested that they go to a doctor. Trish aggreed and the thwo went to meet with the other guys. The guys offered to driver her to the doctors.

"Well, you don't have a flu, but there's one last test we musht perform," explained the Doctor.

"And what would that be??" asked Trish.

"A pregnancy test," said the Doctor.

Trish's eyes widened then she figured that is was for the best. The doctor performed an altra-sound the nhe had some interesting news.

"Well, you're pregnant," announced the Doctor.

Trish gasped and her eyes widened even more so; she was in shock.

"Congrats, Daddy," said the Doctor, as he patted Jon's shoulder.

That made everyone crack-up and Jon said that he wasn't the father. Jon Walker was most deffinately NOT the father. Mike Carden is and Trish knew that she had to tell him as soon as she could. After she checked out of the doctor's office, she got on her cell phone and called William.

"Hey Billy, umm can I talk to Mike?? Well, it's kinda umm important," said Trish.

William handed the phone to Mike; whom was on his laptop, checking out the latest comments on TAI's MySpace.

"Hey what's up Trish??" asked Mike.

"Mike....I hate to say this over the phone, but I'm umm pregnant," said Trish.

Mike gasped and almost dropped the phone. He didn't know what to do or how to react or even what to say. He just listened to Trish and agreed that they should keep the baby. Because abortion is just WRONG. They were BOTH supporters in Pro-Life, but were still concerned at the reality of having their own child.

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