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Trying to love you

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Mike and Trish are getting over the awkwardness. Enjoy!!

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Mike and Trish met up together the following afternoon to plan. Mike presented her with some flowers. She accepted the flowers and awkwardly sat down next to him. Mike didn't know what to do. He just sat with her and listened.

"Well, we have to find a good doctor to deliver the baby," said Trish.

"The Butcher's aunt is a nurse at a great Chicago hospital," said Mike.

"Ok, that sounds great, I will have to talk to her about that," said Trish.

The two continued to talk and they ordered some food. After they ate, the two went for a stroll in the city. They both felt awkward, but for some reason they were comfortable enough to hold hands. Mike stopped walking and held Trish clost to him. She smiled and gazed into his green eyes. He tucked back her hair and kissed her forehead. That kiss made its way into a bear hug.

"Everything will work-out. I promise," said Mike.

Trish placed her head on his shoulder and smelled his cologne. She loved the smell of Mike. It was blissful. So blissful that they hugged for a good 10 minutes. Holding one another just made them feek as if they were one.

"Wanna go home??" asked Mike.

Trish nodded her head. Mike and Trish got into Mike's car and he drove her home. They held each other's hand on the way home. Mike played the radio and the music just seemed to go with the mood.

Once they reached Trish's house, Mike ran over to open her door. She accepted his hand and then thanked him. Mike leaned in for a kiss, but Trish turned her head, so his lips landed on her cheek.

"Denied," said Mike, in a low voice.

"Sorry, I wasn't thinking. Umm can we try that again??" asked Trish, gazing into his eyes.

Mike nodded and placed his lips upon hers. They shared a nice, long, and blissful, kiss and then pulled away from each other. Mike's arm fell around Trish's waist. Then she opened the door to her house.


Months went by and Trish's stomach continued to grow. She was glowing and everyone could see her positive ora that radiantly surrounded her. Trish was driving to see Mike at rehearsal. she parked her car and then walked over to the rehearsal hall, where she was greeted by the Butcher and shown where Mike was. Mike ran over to Trish and placed his hand on her pregnant tummy and kissed her lips.

"How are my girls??" asked Mike.

"Sore and healthy," replied Trish.

She leaned in for another kiss and then Mike helped her to a seat. She sat down and was greeted by the rest of the band. Trish's good friend Vicky Asher from Cobra Starship, came into the room with a Monster in her hand. She saw Trish and then ran over to her.

"Hey girlie!!" said Vicky, as she hugged her friend.

"Hey Vicky. How are you??" asked Trish.

"I'm great, but I wanna know how my future niece is doing," said Vicky.

"We're doing great. I can just tell that she's going to have Mike's hair, because I'm getting heart burn like WHOA," said Trish.

"Yea, Mike DOES have A LOT of hair," laughed Vicky.

"Hey I heard that," said Mike.

Mike walked over to the girls and pretended to look offended. Trish giggled and then kissed his arm (because it was at kissing reach) and Mike patted Trish's silky soft hair.

"Mike, we've gotta get back to practice," said William.

"Ohh Billy, does he have to??" asked Trish.

William noticed that Trish was there and greeted her. Then Mike kissed Trish's forehead, picked up his guitar and fired it up. The two BOTH wanted to bring their child into this world, musically. The baby would be blessed with Trish's voice and Mike's guitar ability. The rehearsal ran for about another hour and Vicky had taken Trish out to the lobby so that they could have a "girl talk".
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