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Girl Talks and Making out with Mike Carden

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Enjoy my little Santi's.

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"So he knocked you up??" asked Vicky, laughing.

"To put it sweetly....yes," Trish replied.

The two laughed and then Trish felt her stomach kick. She jumped and then felt her pregnant stomach with her hands. Just then Mike joined the two girls, looked at Trish's hand, then shot her a confused look.

"Ohh, she kicked is all," said Trish to Mike.

"She did?? Can I feel??" asked Mike.

Trish nodded and took his hand and put it to her stomach. Then that lead to Mike's hand sliding up Trish's chest and them kissing, passionately. Vicky averted her eyes and smiled to herself; knowing that the two were in-love or at least falling for one another. Mike and Trish's kiss lasted for at least five minutes until their unborn daughter kicked Mike in the ribs. The two laughed and broke apart.

"She's kicking me," said Mike.

"Let Daddy and Mommy kiss, we'll give you attention in seven months," said Trish, while rubbing her stomach.

Mike laughed and kissed his girlfriend again. Then he pulled her close to him and they held each other in a warm embrace. Mike smelt Trish's hair and kissed her forehead.

"Hey Daddy....." said Trish, gazing into Mike's green eyes.

"Yes Mommy??" replied Mike, returning the expression.

"Wanna get us Ben and Jerry's??" asked Trish, sweetly.

Mike sighed and then nodded. Trish smiled and thanked her boyfriend. Mike then took Trish's hand and lead her to his car. Once they got into his car, they started for the grocery store. They were greeted by some fans once they got to the store.

"When are you due??" asked a fan.

"Not for a while, but check for some updates!!" said Trish.

The fan then took a picture with the famous Mike Carden and glowing Trish. They then reached the store and sprinted to the icecream aisle. They held hands and Trish pretended to be cold, so Mike wrapped his arms around her; which warmed her up right away.

Trish passed by the baby aisle and smiled to herself. Mike saw his girlfriend and embraced her hands.

"Seven more months," said Mike.

"Yea," said Trish, softly.

The two then paid for their purchases and headed back to the rehearsal studio. On the drive back, they kissed at every stoplight, and then finally reached the studio. William greeted them and noticed the "Pregnancy Food".

"Ben...and Jerry?? Wow, your girl knows how to pick 'em," teased William.

Trish playfully hit William's arm and then she giggled. Mike found his girlfriend a spoon and she immediately dove into her Ch. Chip Cookie Dough icecream and sat down. Mike joined her and occasionally stole a spoonful of icecream, via Trish feeding him. So I guess it wasn't really stealing, but they're a cute couple, can ya blame him??

" know it's love when you two share icecream," laughed Vicky.

Trish nodded all girlie and then continued to inhale her icecream.

A/N: Dedicated to my good friend Kaitlin. I heart you!! You're the Pancho to my Bedussey!!
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