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Shinji's New Life

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This is what happens after Shinji gets sent to Japan.

Category: Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Published: 2007-06-15 - Updated: 2007-06-16 - 435 words

When I got off the plane I realized I didn't know who I was looking for. I looked around until I saw a man holding a sign that read 'Shinji Nadeshiko'
"Umm.. I'm Shinji Nadeshiko."
"Okay come with me, your grandma is waiting in the car." said the man.
As I walked towards the car I couldn't help but feel nervous. I've never met my grandma before.
The man opened the car door and I got in. I was sitting next to a women in her sixties but she looked so high class I felt out of place in my ripped jeans and t-shirt.
"Hi my name is..." I started.
"Shhh.. I'm making an important call."
We arrived at the house not one word spoken. My grandma was still on the phone and the driver sat there quietly.
The driver opened the door and let us out.
"This way to your room I'll bring your baggage up in a moment." Said the man as he guided me into the house.
"Thank you." I replied as I took a look at the house.
"Amazing!" It was beautiful and huge. I had no idea my grandma was rich.
"This way to your room sir."
I followed him into the room and he left me to 'freshen up'.
I laid down on my bed and started to to think about my parents. It's so lonely without them. I felt my eyes start to water and burn.
I heard a knock on the door then my grandma walked in.
"I didn't get to introduce myself my name is Miaka. You will not call me grandma. I have rules in this house such as you must find a job, I will not tollerate any bad grades, and bad attitudes. All teenagers are selfish but I won't allow it! Do I make myself clear?"
"Y-yes!" I replied as polite as I could.
"Okay your uniform is hanging in your closet and you start tomorrow. Dinner is at 6 everyday so put on some decent clothes and come downstairs."
She walked out of the room and I plopped back down on the bed.
Shit I forgot about school. Well I guess all I can do is act like an asshole and distance myself. It's not like people would understand what i'm going through anyways. They would call me a coward and hurt me. I've been hurt way too much, I just need to change and I won't have to go through this pain of remembering. All I want to do is forget and lose this pain.
I want to be numb.
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