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First Day of School

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This is how Sayuri's first day went.

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The first day of school finally came. I quietly awoke trying not to wake my aunt up. I knew she wouldn't let me go if she woke up before we left the house.
I crept down the hallway to Sakura's room and poked my head in.
"Psss... Sakura it's time to wake up. Hurry and get ready and be quiet about it."
I watched her toss and turn until she rolled off the bed.
"Good girl! Now your uniforms in the closet and here's breakfast."
I threw her a piece of melon bread that I snuck from the kitchen.
"But sister you'll get in trouble!" She replied sleepily.
"It's okay i'm already going to get in trouble for leaving the house without waking her."
"Now get ready!" I said as I turned to walk out of the room.
"Yeah?" I replied.
"Are you still not going to talk to anybody?"
"Well you're starting high school now, you should make new friends and return to how you used to be before the... insident."
"I already made up my mind! It doesn't matter what others think because all I need is you Sakura. You're the only person that believes and understands me."
"But I feel like you're missing out on so much."
"That's okay!"
"I don't like to see you in pain and you're still in pain. It's been years and what happened was not your fault!"
"You better get ready or we'll be late for school." I said as I turned out of the room and walked back to mine.
I shut the door behind me and my knees gave out as I let the tears pour from my eyes.
'I can't give in now, i'm better on my own! It's not like anybody at school understands. I don't want to have to remember, I just want to be numb.'
I stood up and slid off my pajamas. I looked at the bruises and cuts all over my body. Then looked down at my uniform. A navy blue mini skirt with a white button up shirt and green vest. I put it on and slid on a pair of white knee high socks to cover up my brusies. I brushed my dark pink hair and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
I glaced at the clock.
'Crap i'm going to be late!'
"Sakura we need to leave now or else we're going to be late!"
We crept down the hallway and out the door. We ran towards Sakura school first called Kenjo Middle School.
"Here Sakura lunch money." I said as I gave her a handfull of change.
"No Sayuri I'm fine." She said as she tried to return the money.
"No it's okay i picked up some extra shifts at work so I can give you lunch money everyday!" I said with the most reassuring smile I could manage.
"Thank you! I'll see you after school!" She said as she walked into her classroom.
I took off towards my school Mori High. When I came into view of the school I stopped. I hated this place already, I knew who would be waiting to laugh at me and irritate me. I heard the tardy bell ring and I started running towards the school.
'No matter what happens here I got to remember my education is my ticket out of here.'
I reached my class room and ran inside.
"Ms.Yamato you're tardy." Said my homeroom teacher Mr. Matsurra.
"Look it's the murderer." said one student.
"Cut that out or she'll put you on her death list!" said another then the whole class broke out in laughter.
"Damn she's hot, I'd do her if I wasn't afraid of getting my head cut off!" Once again the class broke out in laughter.
"Class cut it out! Now Sayuri I was told by your old teacher you're the highest rank student in class but you're tardy."
Just then the whole class turned there attention to the door as another tardy student walked in. It was a guy with bright blue hair and the same unusual golden color eyes as mine.
"You must be Mr.Nadeshiko, well you too are late so would the both of you wait outside until next period I need to start class now."
We walked outside and sat against the wall. I looked straight at the wall trying to act unaware the starring boy sitting next to me.
"You seem to be disliked in there." He said still starring at me.
I didn't reply or even look away from the wall.
"They were calling you a murderer."
I looked away from him.
"Do you even care?"
I turned back to him and he was inches away from my face.
"Hmm.. we have the same color eyes!" He said as he grabbed my chin to get a better look.
"It's not a common color either." I could feel myself blush so I smacked his hand away.
"I think I just made you blush! Could it be that you like me?" He said mockingly.
"Shut up!" I said.
"So now that you're talking to me would you answer my question! Why didn't you say anything to those people who made fun of you?"
"Stop it!" I said.
"Because I don't feel like spilling my guts to a complete stranger!" I said angerly.
"Hmm... have you spilled someone else's guts before?"
I grabbed my stuff and started to walk down the hall way.
"Well now are you ditching the first day? I'm sure that won't do your grade any good!"
I froze in my tracks.
'I'm letting him get to me!' I thought to myself.
I went back to the wall and sat down. I starred at the wall again still feeling his eyes stare at me.
The teacher finally came to get us after first period was over.
"Okay Ms.Yamato, Mr.Nadeshiko there are two seats left in the back. Please be seated."
'Great now I have to sit next to him.'
This is just the start of another wonderful school year.
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