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Another Irritating Day

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This is another day of school in Shinjis eyes.

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I sat down in my seat and glanced at the seat next to me. She wasn't there yet. It's only the second day and I already got somebody to hate me.
'All I have to do is keep this up and don't get close to anybody.' I thought to myself.
I watched the door until she entered. She sat down next to me without looking my way.
People were entering and taking their seat when a group of girls started walking my way.
"Umm... so whats your name?" said one of the girls in a shy voice.
'This might be fun.' I thought to myself.
"Shinji, why do you ask?"
"Well.. me and my friends were wondering, do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, why would you like to be?"
The girl turned a dark shade of pink.
"Um.. well if you don't mind..."
"Actually," I interupted, "I'm not interested in relationships."
"Oh I see. Well when you do you can always.."
"But," I interrupted again, I took her hand, pulled her towards me and whispered in her ear, "I prefer hook ups."
"You pervert!" She said as she pulled her hand away and stormed off.
"Haha now that's entertaining." I said as I looked towards the girl next to me.
She was staring straight at the wall with an agitated look on her face.
"So what's your name I never got to ask yesturday?"
"Wow man I wouldn't go for that one. She's crazy!" Said a guy sitting in front of me.
"Oh really? Please explain." I said interested.
"Well no matter what you say to her she won't react, Watch." He said as he walked to the front of her desk."
"So Sayuri, who's on your list to kill next?" He laughed as he moved his face inches away from hers.
"Too bad you're a freak you might actually get laid once in awhile. But everyone knows that you're not a virgin." he said cruelly. He turned away from her and looked at me.
"See told you man she's dirty she won't even deny she's a tramp."
"Shit up!" I said back. "You're lieing, how do you know?"
"Stop Shinji, it's not worth sticking up for me. You'll figure that out soon enough." I heard Sayuri reply.
I couldn't think of anything to say I just sat there staring at her.
"Wow Sayuri, I forgot what your voice sounded like. Why do you feel the need to talk to him and not us?"
She just stared blankly at her desk.
"Come on bitch talk to me."
I stood up and grabbed him by the neck.
"What's wrong with you why can't you just leave her alone?"
I saw Sayuri stand up.
"No!" she said as she rammed into me and knock us both down. She landed on top of me.
"Oww I said what was that for?" I said as I opened my eyes.
"Sorry." she said as she stood up "I don't know what were you thinking i can handle it myself I don't need your pitty. Don't go beating up people who make fun of me hoping for me to fall in love with you or something because I don't want anything to do with anyone, including you."
'What am I thinking I don't want anything to do with anyone either.'
"Don't flatter yourself. I don't want anything to do with you either."
The teacher walked in and told us to take our seats.
'It looks like Sayuri has a skeleton in her closet too.'
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