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Insects don't understand the concept of making promises, but they understand lies very well. [one shot]

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst - Characters: Hinata, Shino - Published: 2005/11/24 - Updated: 2005/11/25 - 569 words - Complete

An interesting pairing request from sna. I really enjoyed writing this one. :D

Naruto not mine, etcetera and so on.

Request - Shino/Hinata, "Promise"

"You have to promise," Hinata said. "Promise me, Shino."

He blinked blearily at her from behind the dusty, cracked lenses of his sunglasses. Through one eye, her face was dark; through the other, a line bisected her head in two - dark on top, bright on the bottom where the glass had fallen out. The blood on her lips was red, the blood on her temple and in her eyes black.

"Go," he told her again. What was this 'promise me' she kept speaking of? It was illogical to demand such things when the enemy would be returning soon.

"No!" The girl shook her head vehemently. Tears and blood and sweat was flung off her face in tiny droplets from the motion. She was always crying. She was always rather weak, too. But Hinata was being stubborn now, a hint of steel beneath the flesh. Why was she being stubborn?

"Go," he said, and this time he tasted the blood on his tongue as he spoke. It was already bubbling dangerously in his lungs with each rise and fall of his chest. It was leaking out of him in streams as sure and as steady as his kikai insects, abandoning him as his flagging chakra failed to sustain the entire hive. The kunai embedded in his body now merely itched.

Shino was a realist. He understood that the world worked in simple, logical patterns once you took the time to figure those patterns out. Hinata and he had successfully retrieved a stolen scroll. They had successfully repelled the Grass-nin forces that had been sent after them. Shino had been severely wounded in the process. His wounds would not enable him to complete the return trip to Konoha. His insects were abandoning him to feed off the chakra of their dying enemies; if Hinata lingered too long, they would turn on her as well. And there were more enemies coming.

Why could she not see this?

"Go," he said yet again. "Hinata. Finish the mission."

She squeezed her eyes - bright, even through his sunglasses - shut and shook her head.

"Promise me, Shino," she said. "I will come back for you. So promise you won't die. /Promise/."

It was a childish promise. He couldn't guarantee that. But logic told him she wouldn't leave until he did. And the mission had to be completed.

"Promise," he told her. Blood tickled his esophagus and made him want to cough. But he didn't. "I won't die. Now /go/."

She bit her red-stained lips and hesitated. Shino still had the strength to glare at her.

Hinata finally left when they could sense the approaching chakra of their enemies. He wondered if there was enough time for her to get back within range of Konoha. Wondered if her hesitation would cost Konoha the mission. If it would cost Hinata her life.

Insects did not make promises. Promising things that could not be guaranteed or truly given was illogical.

Insects could, however, lie. They did so quite well.

Shino forced the kikai out of his body, expelling the maximum he could survive without. They buzzed about in an angry swarm, hungry for the chakra he could no longer supply them with.

But the enemy that was coming had more than enough to share.
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