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Harry Explains

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The Final Battle is over. Harry has left Britain, leaving a devastated magical community, a lost Hermione, and a blinded Luna. Hermione becomes Professor McGonagall's apprentice while she cares f...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Harry, Hermione, Luna - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007/06/19 - Updated: 2007/06/19 - 3517 words


  • Brother Z

    (#) mathiasgranger 2007-06-19 04:35:32 AM

    Good to finally see Harry coming completely clean...and I look forward to seeing how you tie this all up.

    Thanks for writing,
  • Brother Z

    (#) NAPPA 2007-06-19 05:02:00 AM

    Hehehe :) - Is this the end ? I loved this story. As in one of your reviews you said about Snape not being able to leave things alone, I assume there is atleast one more chapter.

    Anyway, good as always. Things flowed well as usual.

    Are you American ? A lot of your stories have very vivid descriptions of how you think another Magical Ministry is. Usually in other author's versions the ministry's are too saccharine perfect. However much I want to say that this isn't the case with yours, it is almost similar. I don't know if it's intentional - to show how a proper ministry, something a little more merit based system should function like, as opposed to the nepotism that is rife in the British system. So I can't really fault it - but I think you should make the ministries a little less good. Perhaps using something else somewhere in a fic. It probably has nothing to do with your writing - and maybe I just want a little more variety in there.

    Do you have more stories planned ? Do you have any other things you're getting into ?

    Offtopic : Do you post on PORTKEY ( ) ? Some of your plot lines and things I read, I keep feeling , I've read your work in non-fiction somewhere. Just a weird thought.

    Author's response

    I think that my other ministries (usually North american) are very flawed; if they look really good it's because the British one is so bad. I tend to use North America not because I am American, let alone think we Americans/Candadians do things better, but because I could create a larger magical world than what the British seem to have (lots more places to hide people away)and because I know the geography moderately well. I could just as easily use Australia or the Ural region of Russia, but I'd be more likely to make errors.

    There are 10 1/2 chapters (ie two more chapters and then a very brief one; I'm still trying to add to that. . . .)

    I've looked at portkey, but never really got into the site. I have several stories started, but I don't think I'll finish any of them. We'll see; I've said that before.

  • Brother Z

    (#) Toto 2007-06-19 05:42:57 AM

    Yosh, i guess it's almost finished?
    Nice post hogwart fic, though it is a bit sad not to have a real plot, i quite like the pure fluff atmosphere!
  • Brother Z

    (#) DavidMPotter 2007-06-19 05:54:31 AM

    I really love this story! Thanks for sharing it. I hope you have much more to the story.
  • Brother Z

    (#) Cateagle 2007-06-19 07:17:09 AM

    Ah, an excellent and succinct explanation, "It happened because it did"; something of a standing loop in time, powered by the DEs killed in August of 1981. I enjoyed the explanations and the ending brought a smile.

    One small homonym problem, though:
    "... real break on Dark activities ..." should be "... real brake on Dark activities ..." if I'm understanding your meaning correctly.

    Congrats on another thoroughly engrossing story.
  • Brother Z

    (#) Shaggy37 2007-06-19 07:32:58 AM

    Outstanding chapter!!!! Wow fast updates, I can't wait to read exactly what they do so that Luna can carry Harry and Hermiones child. I love how you blend magic and muggle medicine to make it totally beliveable. Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)
  • Brother Z

    (#) whatareyouevensaying 2007-06-19 08:01:47 AM

    Good update, especially the very end.
  • Brother Z

    (#) matthiasblack 2007-06-19 08:26:37 AM

    This is a great fic and I am glad that you wrote it. I enjoy many of your works and the originality of them. I wish you good luck on wrapping this fic up and on writing you do in the future.
  • Brother Z

    (#) Jimm 2007-06-19 09:14:07 AM

    Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Brother Z

    (#) Particle_Accelerator 2007-06-19 04:42:43 PM

    Lucky devil, that Z/Harry...

    Surprised the ladies were so readily accepting of the situation. Luna, not so much. Hermione, surprising.

    So let me get this straight... Harry was interested in Luna, but not really Hermione (first time loop.) But when Zed found they were a package deal, he allowed himself to fall in love with both?

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