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Chapter 2

by Honeybee 7 Reviews

Mmmm, Archie goes over to San Fran....

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Erotica, Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Warnings: [!] [X] - Published: 2007/06/19 - Updated: 2007/06/20 - 4206 words


  • The Key

    (#) jade_kwl_name_eva 2007-06-20 01:05:40 AM

    Yes, an update! Does a little dance You are soooo lucky you are on holidays now, my older brother finished yesterday and my younger brother finishes tomorrow, while I only finish on Friday next week! :( Ok, gone off track a bit there. Now, back to your story. Yay cliff hangers! Yes, I'm crazy right now, I'm on a sugar high! But really, I do like cliff hangers 'coz I use them all the time. Ok, so what is up with Archie now? How does he know the other girl?? (Sorry, I can not remember her name right now) Oh, and that was funny with Atlanta and Jay glaring at Theresa and Archie when Terri pinched him. They are still upset about what happened. lol! And Neil was also funny with his comment about the face cream. Now you are probably tired of listening to me (or not?) so I'll finish off this review quickly. Have fun for your first week of the holidays! (that's another thing I don't like about my school, I only get 2 weeks off while my brothers get 3!!!:(

    Author's response

    Hee hee hee! Mmmmm, loving my first week of holidays! partying and working!!! lol Awesome combination!!! Shame that sucks for ya!!! I would hate to have such a short holiday!!!!! Sheesh! but at least you are still getting a holiday!!!! lol MMMmmmm, Archie and Akiera are a secret that shall be revelled in the next chapter!!! wink wink lol Well, I hope that you enjoy yours, even if they are gonna be really short!!! Cheers!
  • The Key

    (#) Ace_Fan_12 2007-06-20 07:00:56 PM

    ATTACKK!! Throws every single thing that comes to her hand, including her dog and a piece of cheese How DARE you leave me in such a cliffhanger?!?! UPDATEE as soon as you can or else the next thing I will throw at you will hurt....Bad!:)

    Author's response

    lmao I feel soooooo loved!!!!!!!!! lol giggle Mmmmm, promise that I will update as soon as I'm able to!!!!! 'K??? lol Hope ya liked it though!!!
  • The Key

    (#) Theresa599 2007-06-23 04:33:49 AM

    oh my god....update soooo soon
  • The Key

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-06-23 11:54:21 AM

    AHHHH! throws.... umm... let me get back to that YOU LEFT ME WITH SUCH A CLIFFHANGIE!!!!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME DIE WITH SUSPENSE???!!!! whew enough of that. Oh well, "When God comes and gives you lemons, make lemonade" Aka when Hunny gives you an amazing story to read, read it and try and survive the cliffhanger so you can read the next chapter. "Akeria..."Ah, it keeps repeating itself in my head!!! throws pillow(had to throw something soft, luv ya too much) LOL... please update soon. Actually, let me put that in perspective... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (take note of capitalization, boldness, and amount of exlamation marks and the amount of energy it took me to press the caps lock button. Yep. Well, at least I hope it turned out bold. If it didn't, this whole part of the message will probably be erased. Whcih mans you wouldn't be reading this. Which makes you really wonder why I'm writing this. Wow. Oh oh, starting on a rambling tangent, better get back to point before it gets too far, if it hasn't already. you must hate reading these when they starty to ramble)

    Gr8 job by the way, if I haven't stessed it enough by now. Really gr8. Really really REALLY gr8. sips lemonade (oh, and for the spite of it all, no, God did not come down and give me personally lemons so i could make this lemonade. It store bought and straight from the container. So don't go jumping to wild conclusions and shouting "eureka!" God has come personally to CSC over there. Not that you were going to. Akk, look where I'm heading!!!)

    wow, my reviews are really something! (LOL, jks jks) Hey, not to rub it in your face or anything, but I"M DONE!!!! School, that is. For the summer. grins At least now I can update my stories. nods But I also don't have any excuse for being lazy and not updating them. oops But back to the present.. LUVED YOUR STORY! it was inceribly amazing. Yep. So update soon, we already know the consequences. it WAS you who left us with such a cliffhanger! LOL. throws pillow again LUV YA!!!!

    CSC =D

    Author's response

    Hee hee hee........... I'm evil yes takes a bow No please, hold the applause........ yay YAY least you only threw a pillow!!! lmao Hmmmm, my motto is, if life throws you lemons, grab the tequila and salt and invite your friends over!!!! lol but I highly doubt that some on this site will appreciate that!!! lol

    I took note of the capitilization..... and the bold.......... lmao

    UUUUGHHHHHH.......... you are so super lucky to be done gives envious sigh but it's all good.......... I'll have my revenge when December rolls around!!! Baha........ ;P and thanks so much for rating it!!! I always know that you are just the sweetest!!!

    mwah Love Honey
  • The Key

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-06-23 11:56:48 AM

    oh no, what have I done now!!! Only part of my review was meant to be bolded, now all the reviews are! Whoops....
    And by the way rated it EXCITING!!
  • The Key

    (#) story_master 2007-07-02 05:45:33 PM

    Hey hun!
    Ooooo, you are so EVIL! Leaving us with that cliffie! Wow, it's been a while since you've updated, but well worth the wait. Hmm, I'm guessing that Archie and Akiera used to be an item. Or maybe enemies. I really wonder what Amelia's secret is. You NEED to update soon. The suspense is WAY too much! XP. Well awsome chapter as always. Can't wait for the next one!

    Author's response

    Hey sweetie!!!!
    Mwahahahahahaaaaa...... yep, I'm evil!!!!! lmao rolls eyes Yeah right........ Mmmmm, well in the next chappie, you will find out everything about Akiera and Archie.... lol wink wink
    Thanks for the awesome review!!! :P
    Chat soon and hopefully I will have the next chapter up soon!!!!! ;P
    Love me!!! (",)
  • The Key

    (#) twiinklestar 2008-01-05 03:03:00 PM

    Dun Dun Dun. I wonder what's going to happen. Archie! How dare you ignore Atlanta. Tisk Tisk. Hmm.. what does Akiera have to do with this? I can feel Amelia's pain. I hate my dad's girlfriend. Blegh. Anyway, update soon! I can't wait!

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