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Chapter 2

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Mmmm, Archie goes over to San Fran....

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"It's time" A certain authoritarian voice echoed through a spacious building

"But do we have to tell them?" An uncertain voice piped up, the voice holding remnants of being happy, but the serious situation had taken all the laughter out of the voice.

"Well, what choice do we have?" A soft voice interrupted, the owner of said voice glancing at the first speaker in unhappiness.

"They need to be informed now, for the problem has already escalated. He has found where the Key resides much sooner than we anticipated" A weary older voice, male, interrupted the conversation, causing silence to reign.

The first voice sighed "Go fetch the Oracle" She commanded imperiously.

They all left, leaving the first speaker alone. "Zeus willing they get to her in time" She whispered softly.


Amelia yawned, getting up from the couch, sighing as she realised that she still needed to go have a shower before she could climb into bed. She grumbled in irritation.

"Amelia, sweetie?" She backtracked as she heard her mom's voice.

"Yeah?" She poked her head into her mom's room grinning at Dean, her mom's boyfriend for the past few months. Her mother patted the bed, silently asking her to sit.

"Well, Dean and I.... We have something important to tell you..." Her mom broke off, seeming a little nervous, and she glanced to her boyfriend for reassurance and support. He gave her hand a squeeze.

"Honey, we have decided to get married!" Amelia's mom held her breath, waiting for the imminent explosion that was sure to follow the declaration, but nothing happened.

Mrs Winters opened her eyes and looked to her daughter, who sat on the bed, a slightly stunned look gracing her pretty features.

"Oh.... Ah.... Yeah no, Congratulations!" Amelia gave a slight smile and gave both her mother and soon-to-be step-father a hug. "Uh listen, I still have to go take a shower, and I have an early cheer meet, so g'night okay? Love you"

"Love you too sweetheart!" Her mother called out softly, feeling as if something was missing. "Oh Dean! We have to call Archie!!" Dean gave an indulgent smile and went to get the phone, sighing in happiness at his fiancée's delight.


Brrring! Brrrring!

"ARCHIE!!!!!!! Phone!" Theresa yelled, her loud voice echoing off the old walls causing the inhabitants to all stop what they were doing.

"Thanks Drama Queen! I got it!!!!" Archie rolled his eyes at the girls' loud voice attracting all the attention. "Hello? Archie speaking"

"Archie! Sweetie! You didn't tell me that there were girls living in this dorm with you!" Archie cringed slightly as his mom's voice floated down the line, sounding reproachful.

"Hey Ma, yeah it kinda slipped my mind" He saw all his friends troop past the hallway phone, all beckoning him to hurry, "Hey mom, was there something important you wanted to tell me? Cuz I kinda actually need to go..."

His mom's laughter came through the phone "Dean, stop that! I'm just trying to talk to Archie!" Archie's ears pricked at 'Dean' wondering if this was that new guy that Amelia had told him about.

"MOM!" He barked out, a little on edge, causing the entire gang to stop dragging coats and scarves on and glance his way. "Focus, because I really need to go!"

"Oh, of course honey! Well what I wanted to tell you was that I'm getting married!" Archie literally froze, his whole body becoming slightly numb as his thought whirled through his head, like who was this guy? And when would he have met him? And how was he treating Amelia?

Archie silently groaned at the thought of his baby sister. This must be the guy that she had told him about in her e-mail all those months ago... but he hadn't been there to help her out. 'Stupid Archie!' He mentally smacked his palm to his forehead. Now he also knew why he and Amelia weren't chatting as much, for she didn't reply to his e-mails all that often anymore.

Atlanta came up to his side, shaking him out of his stupor and gave him a brief smile as he nodded in thanks. "Hey, that's great mom! Uh when do I meet this guy? When's the wedding?"

"Arch sweetie, one question at a time! Well, I was thinking that you could come home sometime in the next weekend or something like that, to meet Dean, but the wedding will only be in February!" She giggled, a sound that Archie hadn't heard his mother do since before his parents divorce, which meant that she was serious.

"Yeah, that's awesome mom; can I get back to you about next weekend though? I just have to check that there aren't any plans that I have already made..." Archie was fidgeting slightly as he tried to get his mother off the phone.

"Sure honey! Oh and when you get here you need to give me a list of which friends you would like to invite! I'm giving you and Amelia a limit of four friends and a partner of course! I wouldn't want the two of you to be bored with the old fogies that are going to be there!" His mother giggled again.

"'K mom, I really have to go, bye love you" Archie tried to rush his mother, but it was in futility

"Remember about next weekend darling! And you have to call me at the very least three days before, so that we can either book you a flight or not!" Archie sighed in exasperation.

"BYE mother!" And before his mom could say anything more he put the phone down, trying his hardest to place the receiver in the cradle gently and not slam it. He spun around his friends all watching him avidly.

"Congratulations, you're all invited to a wedding!" He muttered, suddenly realising how many his mother had stipulated he could bring, he sighed "Well, two of us will have to go together..." They all glanced at one another in confusion "... and I have to take a date" He said that last part softly, but not too softly that the others didn't hear what he said.

"Well..." Theresa gave a naughty grin "You can take Atlanta, there are two problems solved in one go, because then you get a partner, and that leaves us with only one extra person..." Theresa's voice trailed off as she snuck a quick glance to Jay, a small blush lighting her features.

Atlanta, wanting to get back at her friend gave an unholy grin. "Actually Terrie, the problem is easily solved after that! You and Jay go together!" She smirked, feeling the weighted approval of Archie's grin directed at her back.

Theresa's blush burned brighter, making her face feel as if there were a few hundred torches scalding her cheek bones.

They were all laughing and joking when they climbed into Herry's truck when Archie realised that he hadn't talked to his sister. He pulled his PMR out of his jacket pocket and swiftly dialled her number in, and waiting for her to pick the phone up. He thanked the person that had invented modern technology, and that he could be looking his sister right in the eyes when he spoke to her over the mobile phone.

"Hello?" Her voice drifted over the line, her sea blue eyes coming into focus a second later. "Archie!!" The others flinched slightly at her higher pitched voice. Archie just grinned, his eardrums used to the slightly higher decimal that his sister reached when she was excited. "Oh my gosh!!!! How are you? Where are you? What ya up to? How long..."

"Melly!" Archie laughed "Chill for a sec and take a deep breath in before you hyperventilate!!!" His sister grinned at him impishly over the phone, taking the calming breaths as he instructed. "Okay, now tell me, how's everything at school? And everyone? They okay?"

As Herry drove, the others listened to Archie's sisters' inconsequential babble, her soft sweet melodious voice filling the car. All grinned as she started to describe the antics of the cheer teams fundraiser, and how in the end she was chucked fully clothed into a freezing pool.

"Ooooo.... you will never guess what?? I met this new girl, her name is Akiera!" Her pretty blue eyes sparkled in happiness as she thought of her new friend. Archie thought, scrunching his face up trying to recall why the name seemed slightly familiar.

"Hey, Amelia, do I know her?" His sister's eyes grew slightly clouded and she looked a little troubled with how to answer that question.

"Uh, I dunno, but she's always been at the school, cuz I've noticed her a couple of times before her and I became friends, so yeah maybe..." He knew his sister was hedging at something, but couldn't understand why. He opened his mouth to say something, but on his sister's side of the phone a sudden disturbance came across.

His sister glanced, not to her door as he expected, but to the window, and turned slightly so that Archie couldn't see what had caught her interest. "Amelia? What was that?" He asked in a freakishly calm voice, knowing that if a guy was trying to sneak into her room, he would loose it.

Not that his little sister would be able to lie to him, she could never lie to him, not in a million years "Down Archie!" She scolded her voice holding a hint of a giggle "It's just my two cats coming in through the window."

"Oh, okay then. Hey, since when do we have cats?" He asked suspiciously, his gut instincts screaming to him that his sister was lying through her pretty little teeth, but he waved his concerns aside, knowing that he had been on the frontline of battling Cronus's goons for waaay too long.

Amelia rolled her blue eyes "Since I found them on our back porch, poor little things!" She sighed "They were half frozen to death! And they were just soo small! I think their mother abandoned them..." Her voice trailed off as she glanced back to where her window was situated. "Hey Arch? I kinda have to go... My little kitties are calling me to feed them!" She glanced back at the screen, her eyes sparkling with humour once again "Sheesh no one told me that having animals made you like a friggin' parent!"

"Yeah okay, well I just called to say that I'm most probably going to be coming down there this weekend, so yeah!" He waited for his sister's excited shrieks, but they didn't come. He glanced down at the PMR screen wondering what had gotten into her when her expression slowly blanked. "Amelia??"

"Huh?" His sister seemed to snap out of whatever had held her, and glanced back down to the screen. "Yeah, that's great Arch!" She gave a wholly fake smile, one Archie had dubbed years ago as her 'cheerleader smile'. Emotionless and cold. "Uuhhh listen, I REALLY have to go, and uh, feed the cats! Yeah, so take care; say 'hi' to everyone for me! Well not that any of them know me, so you know what? Just forget the 'hellos' I-uh I'll see ya soon 'k?" She was babbling nervously, now he knew that something was not right.

Archie frowned "Amelia?" His sister looked positively scared, and she seemed to be unconsciously backing away from the phone.

"I love ya, mwah, and all that stuff!" She looked ready to hang up, her expressive eyes darting again and again to the window.

"AMELIA!" He thundered "DO NOT hang up on me!" But too late, his sister turned her phone off "FUCK!!!" He slammed his fist into the back of Jay's headrest, earning a warning from their leader. The others remained oddly quiet as Archie vented his frustration in colourful languages that scorched the rest of the teams' ears.

"Archie, calm down" Atlanta said soothingly, unflinching when Archie turned his glaring, turbulent eyes on her. "She's fine! I'm sure she isn't in any trouble or anything"

Archie glared at her "That is not the point 'Lans, she is keeping something from me, and I want to know what! I swear to Zeus, if it's a guy, I will kill him, and then strangle her little neck!"

"Dude, overprotective much?" Neil piped up from next to Atlanta, causing Archie to growl softly in his throat, his right eye beginning to twitch

Odie, realising that if someone didn't do something soon Neil was going to be a black and blue blonde, so he quickly intervened for the vain boys sake. "Are you and your sister close Arch?"

"Yeah we are, well, we WERE. She has never kept anything from me, we have always been really close, ya know?" Archie looked saddened as he thought of his younger sister.

Odie nodded as Archie finished talking, knowing that Archie really loved that bond between the two of them, but before he could make a comment his PMR went off.

He flipped the screen open, only to have Hermes's worried face peering from the screen. "Odie, I need you and the rest of the gang to get here pronto! We have some urgent things to discuss with you" He looked even more hyper and nervous than what he usually was. Odie nodded and told Hermes that they would be there in five minutes.

Herry groaned as he quickly pulled a u-turn grumbling the whole way back to the school about missing out on the popcorn and the great movie, and all the hot girls. The rest were silent, wondering what the urgency was for.

They all piled out of the large truck and in a matter of minutes were all assembled in the janitors closet, the weird iridescent portal to the Gods haven shimmering in front of them. Archie shuddered slightly as he walked thorough the hazy portal, the feeling of walking through water.... UGH! So not his thing!

The teens all gathered in Hera's solarium, Jay, Theresa, Archie and Atlanta taking up one couch, while Neil, Herry and Odie occupied the other.

Archie, so consumed with his thoughts about his sister, didn't even realise that Hera had been talking, and that she had introduced a guest. "Ouch!!! What did you do that for?" He muttered glaring at Theresa who had just pinched him on the sensitive part of his ribs. The strawberry blonde didn't look intimidated whatsoever, and she glared straight back.

"Did you even notice that a creepy guy has entered the room?" She hissed ignoring the slightly huffy looks both Jay and Atlanta sent their way. Archie glanced up and lo and behold, the Oracle stood, looking even more like the crypt keepers keeper than ever before. Archie and Theresa both shuddered as one as the Oracle turned his sightless eyes on them, causing the reply that Archie was about to throw Theresa to wither in his throat.

"Very well, now that I have all of your attentions..." The Oracle threw another speaking glance to the uncomfortable looking teens. "...I have another prophesy that concerns you."

Everyone glanced at the other, a slow murmuring building up from the teens. Jay sat forward, his whole face and body language screaming 'Leader mode'. Theresa and Atlanta shared a troubling glance while Odie; Herry and Archie just sat waiting for the Oracle to finish what he had been saying. And Neil? Well, he was sitting there, muttering under his breath that the Oracle would look so much better if he had been using night cream for the past couple hundred years or so.

The Oracle started speaking. "The most powerful witch of all time has been reborn, having the powers of immortal gods in a human cover. This mortal shall be able to command the five elements; water, fire, air, lightning and earth. The Key shall open the veil between the realm of darkness, Caelereth, and earth, aiding the da?µ?? daimon..." The teens glanced at one another, confused by the ancient Greek language.

Hera, seeing the confused looks passing between her young charges quickly supplied "Daemons." helping to alleviate the confusion.

They looked relieved again, and Jay motioned for the old man to continue his prophesy " cross over to our part of the veil, and cause the destruction of earth. This human has only just started to notice the power that it wields, and will be drawn to more of its kind. But this mortal's power shall succeed any who can claim to have power, mortals and immortals alike. Only The Key shall have the power to send the da?µ?? daimon back into Caelereth, but at a terrible cost to one's self."

There was absolute silence. All had been captivated by the Oracles soft voice, and now were reeling from his prophesy, not being able to quite follow the words.

Odie looked up thoughtfully "Oracle, will The Key be a power of good or evil?"

The Oracle crowed slightly and glanced at Hera "Quite a smart one, this one, isn't he?" Hera smiled in reply. "The Key is a force of good, for it has the privilege of keeping the evil at bay from humanity, but The Key only resurfaces every few hundred millennia, and people who wish to use The Key for evil can do so, for it is easily swayed"

"But then how can this Key thing...person...whatever! How can it be a force of good if it is easily swayed?" Archie piped up, feeling a bit dizzy by all the Oracles proclamations.

"Archie, in ancient times, The Key was always an immortal, and gods and deities were renowned for switching sides when a better offer came to them" Hera explained gently. "Immortals are a fickle race Warrior."

Before Archie could answer that remark, Jay butted in "Oracle, where do we find The Key? I mean surely it's going to be a lot harder than it was in the olden days?" All the Gods threw Jay a nasty look "Woops, no offense! I mean, there are, what? 8 billion people on the planet? How are we going to find this all powerful person?" Jay was always the one to stress about the minute details.

"That's where we come in Jay!" Hermes piped up, surprising everyone for they had all thought that he had left because he had been so silent and still, something Hermes NEVER did! "See we have been monitoring everywhere for a spike in any magical spheres, and a few months ago a very strong pull of magical happenings started in the California region, but since it was such a faint pull, we could do nothing about it, for it only showed us that it was in California, not the exact locations."

Hermes paused in his rant for a much needed breath of air, then plunged right back into his story "The past month and a half have provided better results, as the mages power has obviously been growing, and we have found that the powerful pull of magic is coming from somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area." Archie's head snapped up at Hermes revelation, his gut screaming to him again that something was up with Amelia, and that she was connected to all of this somehow.

At this point in the conversation Hera took over "We need you to go to San Francisco and try to locate the mage, before Cronus does" All glanced at one another, knowing that if Cronus ever got his hands on something as powerful as The Key, then the whole world would be doomed.

"Hera, I was actually wanting to talk to you..." Archie started hesitantly, not knowing how to actually ask the Goddess if he could go to his mother's house that weekend.

"Yes Archie, what is it?" Hera turned her all-knowing eyes on Archie, seeming to know what he was going to say before he even had a chance to blurt it all out.

"Well, you see, my mom is getting re-married and she asked me to go to San Francisco for the weekend. Well why don't you send me? We will be killing two birds with one stone, no offense, and that way we won't have to send the whole team up. I can look around and find out if anyone has seen anything unusual, or something like that." He felt terrified, wanting to believe that Amelia wasn't mixed up in any of this crazy business, but hid it well behind a wall of seeming sarcasm.

Hera stared at the Warrior sitting opposite her "Very well, that would be an excellent idea! You can leave during the evening on Thursday, and come back on the Sunday, which should give you enough time to find out something."

All stood up to leave but Hera's soft voice delayed them all and sent shivers of foreboding down the teens spines "Be warned Hero's, Cronus will stop at nothing to get The Key, for it is the surest way to defeat all of you and come by his rule over the earth once again very quickly."


He hated flying.

Almost as much as he hated water, but not quite. Water still ranked up there as his most horrifying nightmare that he could ever be asked to endure, but Odie had ruined his love of flying for good.

He was on his way to San Fran and he was going to get down to the bottom of his sisters strange behavior, if it killed him. She had been slightly more enthusiastic when he had called to let their mom know that he was able to make it, and she was going to meet him at the airport.

Archie gratefully sighed as the plane touched down. He got off and collected his bags in record timing. He headed for the exit terminal; trying his hardest to spot his sisters tousled head in amongst all the others. Archie finally spotted her, head bent as she stood talking to an unknown person. He quickly called Atlanta to tell her that he had landed, but his voice faded as he reached his younger sister and the person that Amelia was talking to lifted her head.

Shocked steel blue eyes met slightly bemused blue-grey ones. Archie tried to suck air into his lungs, but nothing happened. He could hear Atlanta calling to him over the line, her voice getting a little worried when he didn't answer her, but he just couldn't. Not even if his life depended on it.

He felt as if he had just run into a solid brick wall. And the person standing in front of him was the sole reason why.

A slender body that was perpetually encased in dark clothing, the beauty before him now wore a pair of hip hugging black pants, and a black top with blood red stained patterns across the chest. The top dipped low enough for the purple haired Warrior to notice the black puzzle piece tattoo just above her heart. The sleeves of the top had artful rips in them showcasing another tattoo, a thorns and roses arm band, as did parts of the lower half, showing off a toned tummy that had a navel ring.

His eyes slowly traveled up, they passed the double earring holes in each ear, past the eyebrow ring and tragus ring to the soft blonde hair that was longer than when he had last seen her. She had also dyed the right side of her bangs to a black as dark as a starless night.

The girl in front of him grinned, giving him a glimpse of her tongue ring. "Archie"

Archie felt his whole world spin, Atlanta momentarily forgotten, he muttered one word...



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