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Chapter one

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A new weapon has surfaced, but the girl doesn't even know her destiny yet! The titans have to race against Time to find her, and if they do, it will be a shock to one of the team members, for this ...

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WARNING: Sooo... uh there will be swearing, drinking, partying and sex in this fic.... uh if anyone is averse to any of this, I am terribly sorry, but think of something before telling me I corrupt the characters... they are all teenagers, their ages' ranging from about 16-18 (or so we are lead to believe), right? And what do most teenagers that age think about? Drinking, Sex and Partying (lol I should know... I'm at that stage! ;P) So from my perspective, I'm just putting these guys into more flesh and blood roles of the average teen, not that they are average, by any standards!!!

Okay I have all of that off of my chest!!!

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT OWN.... so don't sue! lol I only own my O.C.'s.... sooo now that I'm absolutely depressed at the thought of not owning CoTT, we can get on with the story!


Soft muted noises drifted into the young girl's bedroom and woke her up gently. She opened her light blue eyes and glanced around the bedroom, wondering at what dream she had had, for she couldn't recall, all she remembered was seeing a blur of red and a flash of orange, and her brother fighting off some weird looking thing...

Amelia yawned and slowly climbed out of bed, her body feeling unusually sluggish. It had been a week since that disturbing dream of those glowing red eyes, yet she could still feel their weight, almost as if the eyes could see her.

The teen shook her head to get rid of the ridiculous notion of red eyes following her around. "Oh man, Mel, you really need to stop eating all that junk food before going to sleep!" She gently berated herself as she walked down the hallway to her bathroom.

She stopped at the landing however when she heard laughter floating up the stairs. She quietly padded down the staircase, and poked her head into the kitchen, and her eyes widened at the sight of her mother flirting with some strange guy and feeding him... ugh, were those... strawberries?!?!? 'Kill me now', she thought in disgust, gagging slightly as she hightailed it back to her room and quickly logged onto the computer, for the moment completely forgetting the shower.

She sent an e-mail off to her brother who lived in New Olympia with a bunch of friends.

Hey Arch...

I'm just sending this to check up on you guys..... lol and to see if you have told her that you like her yet!

Hmmm.... well none of that matters, right now of course, cuz I'm sending out a mom S.O.S..... Arch, you gotta help me!!! She is feeding this dude strawberries gag in our kitchen!

You can usually talk her out of any stupid thought she gets in her head, so please, you HAVE to come and help!!!!

Talk soon 'k?
Love Melly.

Amelia re-read the e-mail and nodding in satisfaction, she clicked the 'send' button. She quickly logged off and hurried to shower, walking out of the house twenty minutes later, slamming the door behind her with enough force to cause their neighbours to glance out of their windows.

An older couple sitting on their front porch turned and glanced at the Winter's house, the old lady giving a delighted grin upon seeing the younger girl "Amelia, darling! How are you?" She queried making Amelia smile for the first time that morning.

"Good morning Mrs Alathea! I'm doing okay, how are you and Mr Alathea? The autumn treating you alright?" She asked slightly concerned for the older couple that lived next door to her family, and had become surrogate grandparents to Archie and herself.

"Oh pish-tosh child! Henry and I are doing fine! Why we almost thought that our young Archie was back, the way you slammed that door!" The older woman gave Amelia a smile as she flushed in guilt. "It would have done him proud!" She winked at Amelia.

Amelia just grinned in return to the comment, but before she could carry on the conversation, her friends pulled up in their car "Well, enjoy the rest of your morning Mrs Alathea, I'll see you after cheer practice okay?" She called as she climbed into the dark blue car that her friend drove.

"Enjoy your day dear! Behave yourself, you hear me?" Amelia gave a large grin as she heard the old lady call out the warning as they started off to school. She swivelled in her seat to wave good-bye, and then settled down in the passenger seat with a sigh, hoping the day would fly past pretty quick.


Archie grumbled for what seemed like the thousandth time that afternoon about the practise that Ares wanted them to do.


He sighed and glared at his team mates as they happily splashed in the water, for all intents and purposes acting as if they were on the beach, instead of training. Although, he perked up slightly, as a certain redhead climbed out of the pool, her toned body dripping wet, the material of her bikini clinging to every curve and becoming more revelling than covering anything up.

He stared at the goddess as she approached him, her hips swaying in a subtly motion that she wouldn't have noticed, but which screamed of femininity and sex appeal. Archie groaned as his dream from a few weeks ago rose up and taunted him, just altered slightly this time.

He envisioned the girl smiling sweetly, her eyes growing darker as she moved closer to him, her seductive smile curving her soft pink lips. And as she neared him she slowly reached back and undid the shoe-string lace that held the bikini to her body, letting the material slide gently off her revealing pert breasts that seemed to beg him to touch them and she smiled and opened her mouth "Archie.... Arch..." He couldn't make out what else she was saying as she neared him, her body trembling, crying out for his, and as he reached out...

WHACK! Archie jumped a mile high as he was forcefully pulled out of his daydream by a stinging sensation on his arm. He blinked a couple of times before glaring down at the girl beside him "What the fuck was that for?" He demanded his cheeks heating up with lingered embarrassment at his male thoughts still racing through his mind.

"You were ignoring me!" The pretty little red head pouted for a second, but then an unholy grin lit her pixy features "C'mon Arch, you heard Ares, you have to swim!"

Archie glared down at his tormentor "Nuh-uh. No way, no how will any of you get me into the pool!" 'Not even you' He said that last part to himself, silently, not willing to have the sweet girl in front of him knowing what he felt. Not yet at least.

"Arch!" Jay, their leader, called from the pool "At the very least just dip your feet in!" Archie heaved a sigh, slowly making his way to the pool muttering all the while muttering about wanting to be anywhere but there.

The small redhead giggled in delight as she took his hand and led him to the corner of the pool. She gave him a saucy grin before diving in and splashing him slightly as she went. Archie spluttered but gave a grin as he wiped the water dripping off his face.

The others stopped what they had been doing and all watched as the violet haired boy carefully sat on the pools edge and dipped his feet into the water. They all grinned and cheered causing Archie to blush and give them all a death glare. Soon enough though they returned to splashing in the pool.

Neil, the pretty boy was laughing and splashing with the others, for once not really caring whether his hair looked good or not. Odie, their resident genius, was attempting to dunk Herry, the brawn of their little rag tag group. Archie sat and looked at these people whom he called friends, and whom he would entrust his life with, actually he HAD done so, on numerous occasions.

Archie's eyes skimmed over the occupants in the pool, grinning slightly as his gaze landed on the couple flirting silently, while pretending not to. Their leader Jay and the resident psychic Theresa were making googly eyes at one another, completely ignoring the antics of their other friends as they spoke to one another, talking too quietly for the others to hear what they were saying. Jay grinned and reached across, tugging gently at Theresa's hip length strawberry blonde hair, a naughty twinkle in his eye.

Theresa gave a gasping laugh and lunged at Jay, taking the young descendant of Jason by surprise, sending both of them under the water with the force of her launch, and causing the pretty redhead to shriek in surprise before they both went under.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, staring at the spot where the two had disappeared. Both came up spluttering and laughing, Jay holding Theresa in the protective circle of his arms.

The others all grinned and whistled as they saw the couple look deep into one another's eyes. Theresa and Jay both blushed and pulled away from each other, stammering out an apology and glaring at their friends all the while.

Archie grinned and shook his head at his best guy friend's actions, knowing how much Jay cared for Theresa, but also knowing how his friends mind worked, and how he thought that by not telling Theresa how he felt about her, he was doing her a favour and keeping her alive, for if Cronus found out about his feelings for her, then Cronus would use her to get at Jay.

Archie sighed as his gaze landed on the only other girl in their team, his heart contracting in pain as he thought of Cronus harming a single vibrant red hair on her head, and he knew that he would literally give his life up to protect that gorgeous female.

The rest of the afternoon was passed with giggles and chuckles, all enjoying the water, even Archie actually got into the water, coaxed by Atlanta, but he soon got out when Neil decided to splash him. Atlanta turned a murderous look on the blonde descendant of Narcissus, moving in to dunk the idiot and totally ruin his hair.

Neil gave a terrified scream, and both started a cat and mouse game, with Atlanta stalking him, and Neil's luck just barely letting him escape.

The others laughed at their friends antics for a while, but they soon stopped for Jay reminded them that they needed to get home and do their homework, which put the rest of the group in a bit of a bad mood.

Atlanta made a funny face behind his back and Archie snorted in laughter "Atlanta, it's not nice to pull tongues at people behind their backs" Jay sighed wearily, secretly smiling

"Yes /mom/!" She grumbled "Hey wait, how did you see that?" She peered at the Greek boy suspiciously trying to find out how he knew about her pulling the tongue

"I have eyes on the back of my head!" Jay swung around and gave a naughty smile, he loved teasing Atlanta, she was like a little sister to him.

Atlanta scrunched up her nose and stuck her tongue out at him again "You so do not!"

"Do too!" Jay countered, getting ready for a little fun with Atlanta
"Do not!"
"Do too!"
"Do Not!"
"Do Too!!!"

"Children!!!!" Theresa scolded in a motherly voice, hiding the giggles that she was trying to suppress at their team mates childishness. "Enough! You're giving the rest of us a headache!!! If you don't behave the rest of the way home, you will go sit in your bedrooms in time out!!!!"

Jay and Atlanta gaped in horror at Theresa, for they had truly never thought that she would ever be like that.

"But Terrie!!!!" Atlanta whinged, a mischievous smile lighting her face as she got into the game that they were playing "HE started!!!!"

"I don't care who started it!" Archie jumped in, filling in the role of 'Father' "I will finish it!" He grinned evilly, 'Might as well try and get Jay a little jealous while I'm about this!' He thought and put an arm around Theresa's waist. He smirked at Jay, as their leader's eyes fell to Archie's hand, and where it was placed.

Theresa gave a delighted giggle and leaned into Archie, loving the game that they had started, it was so unusual to see Jay actually relax for once. Odie, Neil and Herry decided to spruce up the conversation by becoming other children.

"I want an ice-cream!" Herry whined, looking hopefully to Theresa, who laughed

"I want to go home, NOW!!!!" Neil stomped his foot for effect, causing the others to roll their eyes.

"Atlanta pulled my hair!!!!" Odie came up to Theresa, fake tears in his eyes
"Did not!"
"So did too!" Odie nodded his head emphatically
"DID NOT!!!!!" Atlanta shrieked

"Kids, why don't you go play, and let mommy and I have some 'grown up' time Hmmmm?" Archie was trying his hardest to not snort with laughter at Jay's face, the way it slowly grew blacker and blacker as Archie kept talking.

"Oooooo, they are gonna, make o-u-t!!!!!" Atlanta sang in a sing-song voice, feeling slightly strange at the idea of Archie and Theresa making out, but she pushed the feeling away, it was kinda like Theresa and Neil making out, she let that thought sink in, but that feeling didn't re-appear when she thought that 'Huh, strange' she shook her head, coming back into the conversation.

Archie had playfully winked at Atlanta, "Yup, mommy and I need some 'alone time'" And with that Archie turned to Theresa and gave her a sound kiss on the lips, causing her to giggle even harder. Jay snarled low in his throat as he saw Archie do that, and Herry had to hold the descendant of Jason back so that he wouldn't try and kill Archie.

The gang all finally pilled into Herry's truck laughing and joking with Archie and Theresa. The only two who kept quiet the whole way home were Atlanta and Jay, both too peeved with the others that Theresa and Archie had actually kissed that they felt they had nothing to say.

Archie sighed as Atlanta stalked to her bedroom door and slammed it shut, causing everything to shake. He had just been playing, and he had warned Theresa before he had kissed her to expect it, but he never knew that he would piss Atlanta off so royally. 'She wouldn't be cheesed off with you if she didn't like you' his inner thought popped up randomly.

He just ignored his thoughts, not willing to go down that road and end up killing a great friendship as well as never having Atlanta as a girlfriend. He walked down to his basement room, Odie heading off to a different door. He waved briefly, and shut his door behind him, heading straight for the computer and his e-mail.

'PING' his e-mail message alert went off.

He grinned as he saw who it was from, but when he opened it, the smile slid off his face. He growled low in his throat at the thought of his baby sister dealing with this jerk by herself, but he couldn't leave the others to fend off Cronus alone to go deal with his mothers' errant love life, so he did the next best thing that he could do.

He sent his sister an e-mail.


Amelia sighed as she bounced into the kitchen, the heady rush of a great work out still humming gently through her veins. She grabbed a glass of apple juice, and then headed up to her room, intent on starting a project before the weekend, so that she could at least go out without having to worry if it was going to be completed in time.

She booted her computer up, and once it was on, she realised that she had an e-mail from her brother. She grinned, excited to read that he was going to come home and help her deal with everything. She opened the digital letter and started reading.

Hey Melly....... ;P

Everything here is great, I love teasing my friend Jay, and I think that this time I did a bang up job of getting him to admit to his feelings for Theresa!!! (",) I'm evil......... worship the ground I walk on! PIMPL

Hey listen Mels, I can't make it there, not this time sweeting. There is just too much happening over on this side that there is no possible way I can leave........ I'm sry, maybe next time????

Still haven't told her, thank you, but maybe soon, hmmm....... maybe.

If you wanna deal with mom, just talk to her, it's what I always did, and she seemed to listen! Get back to me with what's happening ok?

Love you millions, Arch XOXO

Amelia rocked back in her seat, stunned and confused. Her brother wasn't going to come? But he always came when she called.......

The pretty brunette felt her world slowly crumble.

She was now truly on her own........



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