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Chapter Ten - The tease

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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"We're going to lunch, who's coming with us?" Andy asked half an hour later as he, Pete and Dave were ready to leave.
"I'm coming... I need to try and call Sar..." Ryan announced standing up.
"Ele, Brendon?" Pete called out.
"I think I'll stay behind, I need to finish something up..." Ele replied, going back to her papers.
"And I think I'm gonna stay behind with her..." added Brendon.
The others just shrugged before leaving the studio.
As Ele kept writing stuff on the papers, Brendon looked around the room. "You got a nice studio, here... it's much better than ours..."
He waited about five minutes for he to reply, but since she didn't say a thing, he started to worry.
"Ele, what's wrong?" he asked softly, crossing his arms on the table and leaning his head on them, to be able to look at her even if she was writing.
"Brend, I really like Ryan, I do, he's a nice guy and everything, but when someone says no, it's no..."
Brendon sighed. "Well, that's Ryan when he's in his creative mood. But I honestly don't see where the problem is... it's a good song, it has a lot of potential... and you have a powerful voice, it's gonna be worth it... now, I don't know about Sar, but she must be really good from what I've heard..."
"You're right, but... we're gonna get a lot of criticism, do you realise that?"
"Who said I care about critics?"
Ele sighed, rolling her eyes. "You're not gonna let me leave this down, right?"
"Not until you finally come to realise that this song it's gonna get both you and Sar the credibility you were talking about." Brendon said looking at her, pouting.
She laughed, playfully pushed him as he laughed as well. "Alright alright, if you put it like this I guess I don't have a choice..."
He shook his head. "Nope... now come on, I'm starving, let's go eat..."

Sarena ran in the bathroom of her dressing room, sighing happily as she was finally alone, with no cameras following her. She closed the lid of the toilet and sat on it, taking out her sidekick and punching in Ryan's number.
"SAR!!" he shouted enthusiastically.
"Hey Ryry... we can talk, I'm alone now... thank God!"
Ryan let out a small laugh. "Finally! When do I get to see you?" he asked.
"I've got good news. My manager said he got a call from MTV's producers and they said that this past month they got enough material for the episode already so hopefully I'm gonna be free by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow... I can't wait to see you..."
"Wow, it's about time... and I cannot believe we've been together for a month already, it feels like years now..." he joked.
"Aww that hurt!" she exclaimed, joking as well.
"You know what I mean..." he told her softly.
"And I also have amazing news!"
"Really? About what?"
"We went to Ele's studio today, since me and the guys decided to take the week off... well, we had too, since Jon had to go back to Chicago... anyways, Ele showed me the song you guys wrote together..."
"She 'showed you'?" Sar asked not really believing it. Ele was very self conscious of what she wrote, and she made a big deal every time Sar asked to read something.
"Well..." Ryan let out a nervous laugh. "The paper was there and I just took it..."
"Ok, and the big news is..."
"Panic is going to produce this song, and Sarena and Ele are going to sing together..."
Sarena didn't say anything for a minute. "Sar, are you still there?"
"Are you crazy?? Me singing a song that you are going to produce? No 'f-word-here' way!"
Ryan rolled his eyes. "What is up with you and Ele today? That's pretty much what she said to me, but Brendon managed to talk her into it... so let me use my wonderful boyfriend power on you, say... tonight at your house, and I can guarantee you're going to be just excited about this as I am..."
Sar smiled. "Alright..." she said but was cut off by the door to her dressing room opening.
"Sar? We need you right now!" her manager called out, so she quickly got out of the bathroom.
"I'm coming Stan..." she said waiting for him to get out. And when he did, she whispered "I gotta go Ry, see you tonight..."
"Alright, bye baby..."

That night, as Ryan and Rena decided to chill at the girls' apartment, Ele and Brendon were on their way to The Viper Room. Once they got there, it was just the two of them, seeing that Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy were back in Chicago, while her brother was probably around with his girlfriend.
They got something to drink and then danced for about two hours. They tried to avoid kissing on the dance floor with all those people around them. So when they couldn't hold it any longer they ran hand in hand in the VIP restroom, where Brendon backed her up against the wall, attaching her lips as soon as he had her trapped exactly where he wanted her.
They kept kissing for a while, until they heard someone clear their throat.
Looking up, Ele noticed Nick and she rolled her eyes at the other guy standing beside him.
"Hum, I'm... I'm very sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt you..." Nick said.
"It's ok... Brendon, you remember Nick, right?" Ele asked as Brendon nodded, shaking his hand.
"I'm Aaron..." the other guy spoke up, giving Brendon the death glare.
"Brendon..." he said.
"It's kind of late, we were just about ready to leave so bye guys..." Ele said taking Brendon's hand and starting off the stairs of the VIP rooms. When they were safely seated in Brendon's car, still parked in front of the club, Ele let out a loud sigh.
"Why do I have the feeling that this Aaron guys totally ruined the moment?"
"Because he's an asshole..." she said looking out of the window.
"Ok, and he's an asshole because...?"
"Because we used to be together, but since he kept trying to hit on Sar every time I wasn't around we decided to get rid of him, and we did..." Ele explained, turning her face to look at him.
"Ok, so that explain the stare... but I don't understand why is he still around?"
"He's Nick's brother, and even though no one can stand him, Nick can't really do anything about it... it's his brother after all, what would you do?"
"Yeah..." Brendon said, and for a minute neither of them spoke, until he decided to lighten the mood. "Anyway, I think I need a cold shower after that make out session we just had..."
Ele laughed. "Aww, my Brenny is horny?" she asked.
Brendon just stuck his tongue out at her. "Meanie... and don't think you're gonna get any after what you just said!" he pretended to be mad and that only caused her to laugh harder.
"Alright let's go home Brenny!"
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