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Lucy in the octopuss's garden of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with Lady Madonna

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Mazel tov!They're having a wedding!And it's not a Jewish one!

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Scene 3:Girl and Author

Okay,here are the new names,Girl,so take your pick;

- Jessicka Stimpson
- Yahoo
- Breastalicious
- Eve N'Ning
- ;-D
- Cunt Skankula
- Breastenstein
- GoGo the Crown
- Mrs. Doubtfirecrotch
- Gee Spot

"Er,you keep trying.Oh,look!There's my boyfriend!"

"Hye,Girl.Listen,I haf to talk with you.You see,we've been together for 6 months,which was actually 2 chapters,but none-the-less,I wanna ask you somethin'"

"Really?What is it?"

"Girl,me marry you will?I mean,will you marry me?"

"Oh,Grimmy,YES!!!!!!I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hoooray!Let's see the wedding planner right now!"

"Okay!As long as it's not Jennifer Lopez.She's annoying."

Scene 4:Grim,Girl,and the priest(including their families,duh)

"Will you,Grim Reaper,marry this unnamed slut?"

"I do."

"And will you,unnamed slut,marry Grim Reaper?"

"I will."

"You're supposed to say I DO,you stupid dolt!"

"Oh,I do,you stupid dolt!"

"I now pronounce you the world's most annoying and most bizarre couple,right after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes,but since the Author is gay,and likes Tom Cruise,I'll have to say right after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's lesbian grandmother.You may kiss the whore."

And right after the wedding,grim and Girl went to their honeymoon in San Francisco,just in time for the gay parade.

"Oh,look honey it's the gay parade!"

"The gay parade?I'm surprised them Author isn't here!"

Watchoo talkin' 'bout reaper!I was never at ANY gay parade,and i CERTAINLY wasn't dancing in my latex boxers on the float to the tune of "Barbie girl" ! ....twice.....

"Girl,look!Some fat lesbians in animal outfits are giving out pocket books about kinky marriage sex!Do you think we should get one?"

"Sure,it'll spice up our mariage instantly,and wouldn't have to worry about impotency!"

And so,Grim and Girl took one of the lesbians's books,and found an amazing unearthly amount of kinky sex,and only on 52 pages!

"Wow,look at this honey!Do you think we should try f*king in food costumes?"

"No,we'll get all sweaty!If we want to have children,we'll haf to find something less exterme.How about whippping and whipped cream,while singing nursery rhymes?"


What followed was too shocking,and too NC-17 to tell,so you'll have to listen to the Author rambling about something.KIDDING!!!





Stick around Reader,for much more!

Looks like I'll have to bring a barf bag next time.
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