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Time to Say Goodbye

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She's dead. He must be taking this hard. I looked up and saw him standing in the muddy driveway, rain pouring down.

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Lightning thundered overhead as I sat on my porch, humming a lost tune. The old dirt road to my house was nothing but mud now, and the creek running alongside the aged wooden paneling of the farm had risen. My mind was drifting back to the events of yesterday, ones I didn't wish to relive. I had woken up to a sunny, warm ray of light creeping in through my curtain and onto my bed. It was April 17th, a day I would never forget. I was making coffee when she called. My mom. The phone rang, and I rushed to get it in time, burning my hand with the steamy drink. "Hello?" I said into the receiver while balancing my mug and blowing on my hand.

"Kristen? It's mom. I have some bad news." Oh, God. Conversations are never good when they start out like that, are they? She continued. "Your sister, Ana, was in a car accident." My heart started racing and I dropped the mug, shattering it into little pieces on the hardwood floor.

"She's okay though, isn't she? I mean, she has to be okay." I started, thoughts segmented as they come rushing out of my mouth.

"No. I'm sorry. Kristen, she's gone. She died on impact." I could hear my mom crying and I didn't want to believe it, so I threw the phone across the room. She couldn't be dead; I just talked to her last week. We were going to go to the beach when she came down next month. It was true, though. I knew my mother wouldn't lie to me. But I just could not grasp that. Instead, I walked over to my cell phone and shakily went to my contacts list. I scanned down the list until I found her name. Ninja I laughed and wiped away a tear. She's the one who got me this phone. I didn't want one, but she insisted that I have another way of talking to her instead of my old phone that didn't even have caller ID. So she programmed herself in as Ninja. She's always doing stuff like that. I pressed the call button and sank into the couch, waiting for her to pick up and say this all was a joke. Still ringing, I started to get nervous. When all I got was her answering machine, I knew it was the truth. She always had her phone, always answered it. So I did the only thing I could think of. I ran upstairs and hid under my comforter, sobbing so hard my bed shook. I eventually fell asleep that way, exhausted from all the crying. Then I woke up this morning to a storm beating down on my roof. That is how I ended up on the porch. The rain always seemed to calm me; only today it just made me want to cry. I knew I needed to get back to New Jersey to see my family. I needed someone to talk to. I started whispering the lyrics to Helena to myself. "Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate..." Something just seemed wrong, Ana didn't deserve to die. She was only twenty two. She was kind, and she was in love. She loved Gerard and he loved her. I had to imagine how hard he was taking this. I got off the rocking chair and kneeled down on the wet wood of the stairs, tracing circles in the water. I looked over at the creek and noticed something glimmering in the mud. Turning to grab an umbrella and boots from the mat by my door, I went to investigate. I saw something shiny in the mud, and I kicked at it with the toe of my boot. When it wouldn't immediately come up, I kneeled down and used my free hand to pick it up. I stuck the object in the water to wash the muck off of it, and gasped when I saw what it was. A ring, just a plastic ring from a quarter machine, but I remember it. I bought it when I found a quarter on the ground and Ana said I should bury it. She said to make a wish and when the next flood came, it would wash it away and my wish would come true. Yeah, well that worked, didn't it? I snapped the ring in half and threw it in the dirt, stomping it into the ground with my boot. Somewhere during that I had started crying again, and I made my way back to the porch, collapsing onto the stairs in hysterics. I heard a car engine, but didn't bother look up. Who ever was here, I didn't care. I just don't want to talk.

"Kris!" I heard a voice call. I knew that voice, but I couldn't place it. Hearing a car door slam, I looked up. Standing in the middle of my driveway, soaking wet from the rain, was Gerard. I ran out into the muddy ground barefoot and over to him.

"What are you doing here?" I yelled over the thunder.

"Ana is dead and I had nowhere else to go. Well, I could've gone with the guys, but I had to make sure you were okay." He said, looking at his feet. He must have driven through the night to get here. I looked up at him, his black hair now hanging limply in his eyes. He was crying, I could tell, even in the rain. I hardly knew him, but if Ana liked him, he must be okay.

"Well, do you want to come inside?"

This is my first MCR fic, and there will be more of the characters, this was just an intro chapter that I thought up. I heart reviews. Whether you like the story or not, I appreciate them.
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