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My Life Now

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"Can you believe this?" Genevieve asked. I looked at her looking in some article.
"What?" I asked taking the paper.

On June 6th the rebellious 19 year old punk, Anna, turned into party girl. She was seen with
boyfriend, Benji Madden, and the guys from Good Charlotte. She showed up at a local club Zero
Gravity and partied like there was no tomorrow. She showed up and only 20 minutes in she disappeared
from her boyfriends sight. Cheating or Truthful? The group, Fallen Angels, will be interviewed on
MTV. Tune in Sunday 3/4c.

"Is that true?" Dawn asked, "are you a cheater?"
"No!" I yelled, never would I cheat on Benji. Even if I haven't lived this life my whole life I knew
about it. I had dreams about it the past week I knew all about my own life.
"Ok cause it doesn't even seem like you," Kate laughed. We were heading to L.A for a concert. We
were going there with GC, they were our great friends.
"Hey baby," Benji smiled walking to the back of the plane where we were.
"Hey," I cheered, giving him a peck on the lips.
"So what songs are you guys doin?" Benji asked.
"Umm...Alone, Freedom, Live to Love, and Date with Destruction," Dawn said. Once we got there we
acted like kids who first learned how to walk.
"Finally freedom!" Kate yelled running out of the plane. We all laughed and walked out behind her.
"Okay we have sound check, so...we will see you there," I told Benji. He nodded and I gave him a
peck on the lips.
"Come on love birds!" Kate dragged me away. We got there and did sound check, and other junk then it
came time for the concert.
"Get your guitar!" Bree yelled. I grabbed my guitar and went out behind them.
"What's up L.A!" Kate yelled in the mic, "we are gonna start with Live to Love! So here we go."

Open your eyes,
Take a chance with the lies.
Tell me I'm wrong,
And you're right!

I'm gonna prove you wrong,
Tell you wrong from right.
Tell all the lies,
Livin' love!

Give me a kiss good night.
Take me home at night.
Take me back to your house.
Life is always good, Livin' to love.

Take me out on a date,
Reel me in with some bait.
Leave me with the thought,
I love you forever and ever!


Leave me with an impression

Live to Love

Say no lies.

Live to love


After the concert I went back stage to a handsome Benji.
"Umm...I have some bad news..." Benji whispered in your ear.
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