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Don't Leave

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"Umm...I have some bad news," Benji whispered in my ear. Oh please be something good!

"Y-yeah," I stutered. He sighed and hugged me.

"I'm gonna be gone on the road for a few months...about 10," he told me.

"That's over half a year and we won't be able to spend new years eve together and christmas with your family, and thanksgiving with my family, and have dates, and be together and-"

"Baby we have next year to do those things, besides go with your family for Christmas."

"But I feel very uncomfertable with them."

"Then go with my mom for Christmas, it's very hard on us around Christmas you know that and I'll be working."

"But you don't have to you can cancel the tour."

"I know it's work...and the guys are doing it too."

"When are you leaving?"

"Next week."

"Alright but you better make it up to me!" He smiled back at me, I didn't really care what he does for me...or with me but I just know that I'll miss him.


It's my last night with Benji and we are doing nothing but watch a movie, have pizza, and being ourselves. Were me and Benji growing apart?

"Baby, let's go to bed I know something really fun we can do...if you want to," Benji grinned.

"Okay," I laughed. We headed upstairs with eachother and climbed in bed.


I woke up in the morning hoping to still see Benji but he wasn't there, last night was amazing. I knew Benji was good but I didn't think that good.

"Hey sleepy!" Robin called from the kitchen.

"Robin?" I asked, "why are you here?"

"Oh Benj gave me money and asked for me to keep you company."

"Aww he's always thinking of me!"

"I guess, you and cash are probaly his insperation."

"Yeah he loves me...and cash." Cashdogg lifted his head and stared at me.

"So what do you want to do?" Robin asked.


"Yeah if I don't cramp your style."

"Would you ever cramp my style!?!?!"

"No!" We laughed together. I loved hanging out with Benji's mom she was super cool and fun. She tells me she used to be much different before she met me, in a good way. I got dressed in a black and red striped shirt and jeans. Nothing special.


"Were should we go first?" I asked walking in the mall.

"How about...Sam Goody?" Robin suggested.

"Yeah!" We walked across the mall and to Sam Goody, I grabbed a discman, MCR, The Used and some other CDs.


"Yup!" We paid for the stuff and left, just hanging.

"You know," Robin started, "I really happy Benji started dating you, your respectful, nice, and very funny may I add."

"Thanks," I blushed. I'm not to used to people complimenting me.

"And if he ever breaks your heart...I'll beat his ass!"

"Me too!" We laughed and I made a sad face or attempted at the moment. Ring Ring! "Hello?"

"Hey baby!" Benji laughed on the other end.


"How are you?"

"Good just shopping."

"With the band?"

"No...your mom."

"Ah, girl time."

"Yeah, I love your mommy!"

"Well she loves you too!"

"I know cause I'm special like that." We laughed.

"Okay just wanted you to know that I love you and I'm now in Charlotte."

"Okay, bye."


"Benji?" Robin asked. I nodded, we finished shopping and left packing all our junk in the trunk and headed to a resterant.

"How many?" a young blonde woman asked.

"Two," I replied.

"Smoking or non?"

"Non, please."

"Okay right this way." We followed her and sat down."The waiter will be right with you."

"Thank you," Robin replied. I looked through the menu and found a section for vegietarians.

"Veggie burger, made of 100% fake-meat includes tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheese, and olives. Side dish of your choice!" I impersonated. Robin started laughing. I flipped to the drinks and started looking for something I could make fun of. "Hmm... any fountain drink of your choice mixed with syrup flavoring...of your choice AMAZING!"

"You are a strange kid," Robin laughed.

"I know," I smirked.

"Hello my name is Mark and I will be taking your order today, can I start you off with a drink?" Mark asked.

"Yeah I'll have Ice Tea," Robin replied.

"And I'll have Coke," I sighed.

"Okay are you ready to order now or do you need some time?" he asked.

"Now," I told him, "I'll have the Veggie burger with fries."

"I'll have the spagetti, with a salad and garlic bread," Robin smiled. We talked for a while and ate untill.....
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