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I woke up earlier then usual, looking around my empty and now unlocked room. I glanced at my clock
that read, 11:30 and a note next to it.

We all went out for breakfast and do some other junk...maybe see a movie, we tried to wake you up
but you wouldn't budge, see you later.


I put the note down and went into the bathroom, I stripped out of my clothes and got in the shower
letting the hot water run over my cold body. I got out and dried my hair, and putting it in a messy
bun then heading to my room with a towel around me. I pulled out a black corset, black yoga pants
that say 'I Hate You' cropped on the back, and black converse. I grabbed a granola bar and grabbed
the keys to the car that Benji also got me, and I drove off to Caribou Coffee. Once I pulled into
the parking lot, I popped the trunk and grabbed my notebook filled with staff paper and walked in.

"What will it be?" a man asked.

"White Chocolate Mocha please."

"Sure." He started fixing it and I waited until I had to pay him. "My name is Aaron."

"Umm, Anna." We shook hands and I paid taking my drink and sitting on a couch, keeping my drink on
the table in front of me. I opened my notebook and started working on lyrics that I had already
started, it was a song on the piano and I already had the notes put down. I just needed to finish
the song idea I had.

"Hey," Aaron smiled sitting down next to me.

"Hey," I replied with the same smile, "you on break?"

"You're smart! So what are you doing?"

"Writing a song that I've been working on, I'm just thinking of a title."

"Can I read it?" I handed him the notebook and he was reading it, over and over. "I really like it,
you have talent."

"You think so?"

"Yup, I know so."

"Aww, thanks." We laughed and I set the book down and started drinking my mocha again. We were
talking about random junk and I had told him about my accident, he was very nice about it too. I was
looking at his tattooed arms and neck, thinking he must be punk outside of work.

"Mixed," I said then Aaron looked at me funny, "that's the perfect name for the song."

"Yeah, I guess. I'm not all that good with romance."

"Well you will find someone, I can tell you that." I smiled and glanced at the clock on the wall. "I
have to go." I stood up and grabbed my notebook and drink.

"Wait!" I turned and saw Aaron catching up to me. "Here." He handed me a paper with his number and
then went back inside. This is going to be interesting!

I walked into the empty house, and went straight to the music/band practice room and sat by the
piano, playing through the song singing the words in my mind. I decided it was good and went through
it again, out loud.

I like me for me,
Nobody is going to tell me who to be.
I love you, I hate you,
We're going in circles can't you see?

Here I am this is me
As perfect as I'm ever gonna be.
I'm not the girl you'll want to leave
Yeah you'll see this is me.

You want me so you're messed up too
Love me for me.
But my heart is in the right place,
If only you knew what I've been through.

I've been waiting all my life,
So I can push you away.
I've been waiting all my life,
To let you stay, you'll see.

Here I am this is me
As perfect as I'm ever gonna be.
I'm not the girl you'll want to leave
Yeah you'll see this is me.

I've been down,
Every time I see you.
I've been down,
So I guess its right.

Every bit if air you're breathing in, lift's me up.
So I'm alive, when mountains fall I'll still be here,
Holding you till the day I die.

This is me.

"Great I loved it!" Benji clapped behind me.

"You hated it," I sighed, "do me a favor and don't talk to me unless you have something to say!" I
stormed off leaving my notebook behind and then I hid in my room writing my hate song about Benji,
just like the last song. I have a major crush on him but he just can't see it.

~Benji's POV~

I stood in the doorway listening to the beautiful voice of Anna. I looked at her finger move across
the keyboard, and her lips move to the beautiful sound that rang the house.

"Great I loved it!" I clapped while smiling.

"You hated it," she sighed what? No I don't, "do me a favor and don't talk to me unless you have
something to say!" She stormed off and left her notebook behind and slammed her door for the second
day in a row and I didn't want to climb up that tree again just to not be noticed. I sat down and
looked at the notebook then went to the next page writing something down for her.

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