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Bath Time

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The fresh crisp breeze hit my soft, baby face and woke me up. My eyes shot open letting me see the
dark blue room I called my own. As I rolled onto my back a horrible pain shooting through it from
our mini party after the movies. I had fallen backwards into the pool and hit my back on the edge.
Some bitchy friend of Benji's did it; she pushed me after she knew my name, why? Well one thing for
sure Benji got pissed at her. I looked up at my posters of The Used, and Simple Plan and a couple of
Slipknot. Sighing I thought about Benji, why? So many questions ran through my mind it confused me
and stopped half my motor functions at times. It was so fucking annoying. I flipped onto my side
looking at my closed blinds that hid the sun from my room keeping it pitch black at all times it
calmed me so much, I don't know why. I sat up rubbing my eyes and pulling my covers off. I walked
down the quiet hallway pushing the wooden brown door open and kicking it closed with my foot. The
white tiles were so cold against my once warm feet, and sent a chill through my body. I looked at my
displeasing Italian blonde hair; it was a bit messy and kind of wavy from sleeping with it wet. I
ran my fingers through the ends trying to straighten it a bit and wiping away my smeared make-up so
it disappeared. I striped out of my gray yoga pants and black camisole, then hopping in the shower
letting the warm water slowly flow over my cold body.

"Anna!" Benji yelled pounding on the door, I jumped and looked toward it then sighed a little upset
from my disturbed peace.

"Yeah!" I called back to him closing my eyes and sticking my face in the warm water, pulling away
from the heat that kind of hurt my face.

"I need to use the potty!" he whined while I let out a little chuckle.

"The door's unlocked!" I told him while wetting my hair, "why don't you use the other bathroom?"

"Joel's doing his hair." I just nodded even though he shouldn't be watching my shadow. I lathered my
hair and then rinsed while ignoring Benji for whatever he was doing while I was just sitting here,
he could look at me any second and I wouldn't be prepared. Why didn't he? It's not like I want him
too, but he could if he wanted to...uh, never mind. I put conditioner in my hair and let sit there
for a minute while I took the soap bar and started cleaning my body and shaving. Once I rinsed my
hair I turned off the water and noticed Benji was still in here. I peered through the curtain
glaring at him.

"Um, I kind of need to get out now. What are you doing still in here?"

"Eh, there's a naked girl in the same room as me. I was debating if I should look or not."

"Get out pervert!" I screamed at him then grabbed a towel once he left closing the door behind him.
I locked it and then started combing my long hair and blow drying it. I wrapped the towel around me
and walked out placing my feet on the grey carpet one after another watching where I was going and
turning into my room, closing the half black and brown door. I flipped the light switch and pulled
out my outfit for the day, fishnets, a black polo, and jeans with writing and a big hole in the knee
that was also torn at the bottom, with my black and red etnies. I put on my black bra and boy
shorts, then my fishnets and polo. Then I slipped on my jeans and shoes glancing in the mirror
thinking of what else to put on. I dug through my jewelry box looking for my purple diskette dangly
earrings, and a different bellybutton ring. I picked one with silver stars hanging on it then lifted
my shirt up a bit switching the bellybutton rings. I stuck my earrings in keeping all my studs in;
it was only my first piercing I changed. I grabbed my hairbrush and a black hair piece then pulled
my hair in a messy bun, and dumped my make-up on my vanity table and picked out what I wanted on. I
chose black eyeliner, denim blue eye shadow, and clear lip gloss. Then I put my Good Charlotte
trucker hat on pulling my bun through the hole in the back and grabbing my car keys, from Benji and
Joel, and then ran downstairs and to the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Billy asked as I jumped, I wasn't expecting him to be here.

"Um, friends house," I sighed relieved. I stuck a piece of white bread in the toaster and pushed it


"Jen, you don't know her." I grabbed my now toast and set it on a paper towel. I pranced over to the
fridge and pulled out the grape jelly.

"Why are you going to hang out with her when you can hang out with us?" Benji asked walking in the

"Because you interrupted me while I was in the shower!" I started to spread the jelly across my
toast and took a bite before putting the stuff away, "and you didn't leave!"

"I did when you told me to." Billy looked and me almost on the verge of laughter.

"Oh shut up William!" He wiped away his smile and then took a while to process that I called him by
his full name.

"Hey don't call me that!" Billy defended hitting the table with his fist, while Cash popped his head
up startled by the sudden noise.

"Ha-ha she called you by your full name!" Benji teased and pointed. I felt a little bad for Billy
who was being picked on by two people.

"You too, Benjamin and for now on that's what I'm going to call you." I grabbed my toast, turned on
my heel, and then got into my car leaving for Jen's.

~Benji's POV~

I watched Anna walk swiftly out of the house and drive out of the driveway moments later. I slowly
turned back to Billy and he was cracking up, and I didn't know about what.

"What?" I asked with a harsh tone setting my glass of water on the counter.

"You went into the bathroom while she was in the shower!" Billy laughed practically yelling it loud
enough for everyone to hear. I blushed a little bit just as Joel and Paul entered the room along
with Dean.

"Why is Benji blushing?" Dean asked. Trying to look me in the eye but it was hard when my head was
down, and being as short as I am.

"Yeah you never blush!" Joel commented as Paul started shoving food in his mouth.

"He was in the shower with Anna," Billy laughed again pounding his fists on the table and almost

"Wait you were in the shower with her!!!" Joel yelled startled.

"Ew," Paul murmured with his mouth full.

"No I wasn't, I was in the bathroom while she took her shower," I defended.

"Sure whatever you wanna say," Dean nodded and sat down at the table. Bastards.
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