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Winning a Dinner

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I feel bad about lying, I mean to the guys of all people. Yeah right I was going to Jen's, she never
called me anymore I claim that she is just jealous and can't stand me. It didn't matter I had six
friends, Benji, Billy, Joel, Dean, Paul, and Chris. Sure Chris was never around but at times he came
to visit me, he hung out with the guys but he said it was me he needed to know. I opened my car door
and looked at the shop in front of me, and then at the money I had from Benji, and the credit card
he gave me. I opened the door and stepped inside the coolest looking shop, a piercing shop. I had no
piercings so why not get one right?

"Can I help you?" a lady asked. I nodded and took a deep breath before selling my un-pierced body to
a needle.

"I want two piercings today," I smiled keeping my thoughts of what to do first.

"Alright, where?"

"My tongue and nose." She nodded and pulled me off into the back room pointing to a chair she
started to set up a little gun thing. I sat down and watched her closely, butterflies flying through
my stomach, don't chicken out now. The girl turned to me and walked over.

"Open your mouth; we'll do the more painful part first so it's over with." I laughed and stuck out
my tongue. She didn't tell when it was going to happen, then a shot of pain went through my tongue
and it was over...that actually wasn't bad. She changed the gun again and went to my nose yet again
not warning me, then I felt it again and it was over. There I did it, and in a few weeks I'm doing
more that was We walked back out front and she put the prices on the register and I
paid and left. My day was better, now I'm gonna get my first tattoo. I got into my car driving to my
next destination that was a few blocks away, and walked in looking through the books of tattoos.

"Are you ready to choose?" a man asked me. I nodded and settled on my first choice, a black rose
that was dripping blood on my left breast.

"This one," I claimed pointing to the picture. He nodded and dragged me off to the back, sitting me
on the chair and setting up his stuff.

"Where do you want it?"

"My left breast." He smiled and I rolled my eyes, god he must love this job. Then he started to
stick the needle in my skin, permanently staining it...too late now. Once that was over I had to
wear this gauze pad over it for 24 hours. I hopped in my car sitting there for a while and then
driving back home, smiling to myself for this change...I wonder how long it will take for people to
notice it. I walked through the front door and didn't see anyone, then heard them from the T.V room
obviously playing some game system. I went into the band practice room only to find Benji there
alone writing a song. He looked up and sighed closing the notebook, then looking me up and down.

"Hey, nice piercings and can't wait to see your tattoo," Benji smiled at me.

"Hey Benj-a-boo, what ya doin'?" I asked sliding the notebook toward me but he stopped me.


"I never see you writing songs without Joel so what's up?"

"Just's a love song."

"About who? William?"

"Ew! No! I'm not gay!"

"I'm just joking, but who's the lucky lady?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay, it's not my business anyway." He looked at me funny and then loosened up and smiled at me. I
smiled back and still tried to get the notebook, his hand grabbed mine and he pulled it off...but
not letting go right away. I looked down at my hand and then back at him. He jerked his hand off and
started blushing and looking away from me, it was silent and I needed something to change the
subject. "Hey Benj."


"You know my notebook you took when I got mad at you?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, you wrote more music in it...for guitar and I wanted to hear it...if you don't mind."

"Sure." He smiled and grabbed his guitar that was at his side, then I handed him the notebook that
was in front of the piano. He flipped to the next page and started to play an intro, then stopped
halfway through. "You want to play piano and sing to it?" I nodded and ripped off my page, then
trotted over to the piano. My intro was first and then Benji joined in. I started singing and kept
playing through the song, although I could swear someone was in the doorway and was backing off now.
Once the song was over I looked at Benji who was finishing the guitar parts, and then he looked over
at me.

"Wow, it was totally with the piano, but how did you know?"

"I had Billy play piano for me while I wrote down notes, just to see if it would work but most of it
I got on my own."

"See now your just being a show off! I wish I could play guitar."

"Well maybe I'll start teaching you after tomorrow."

"Why what's tomorrow? You're leaving me again?"

"Nope, it's a surprise and I planned it."

"...Show off..." Benji looked at me and then started to chase me. I ran out of the band practice
room and dashed to the T.V room hiding behind Billy and Paul.

"Hey Anna Banana," Paul teased.

"Is all you think about is food?" I asked curious, getting in his face while he paused the game.
"Damn Pauly you're losing really badly."

"Teaches him never to challenge Billy to any video games," Joel laughed looking at the score.

"If I take over and you win, you owe me dinner tonight...just you and me," I told him and he handed
me the controller.

"Do you know how to play?" Paul asked.

"Yeah I've never even seen you play video games," Joel added.

"Just let her play!" Both Billy and Benji yelled at the guys.

"At least I have two friends in this house," I grumbled that only Billy could hear and he started
laughing. I un-paused the game and started playing, first I scored twice then Billy once, then I
scored again, then Billy...and you get it. After a while, it was the last minute of the game and we
were tied, then we started again and...I won!!! Yes dinner with Paul! "In your face!" I yelled at
Paul and started doing my victory dance.

"Where do you want to go?" Paul asked grumbling.

"You're the gentleman, you choose," I looked at my watch it was going on five, "I'll be ready at
six, come and get me from my room." I skipped upstairs and shut my door shortly behind me, and found
Cash...sleeping...on my bed. I laughed and started to spiral curl my hair then searching for
something date appropriate. I pulled out a corset, black and white lace skirt, mesh tights, and my
boots. I put them on then headed downstairs for a glass of water and sat on the kitchen counter. I
looked at the gauze pad that was showing then peeked underneath it, I wasn't bleeding anymore so it
was safe. I threw away the gauze pad and admired my tattoo before starting to drink. I looked behind
me to see Joel and Billy looking back at me, I pulled the glass away from my mouth. I jumped off the
counter and stood on the other side of it so they could see me.

"Benji's gonna love seeing you," Joel teased.

"Too bad he's not the one taking you on a date," Billy added. I rolled my eyes and took another sip
of my water.

"I'm gonna go do my make-up," I sighed setting down the empty glass.

"Yeah that will make him happier! And think you're hotter!" Joel called after me. I flipped him off
and headed to my room sitting at the vanity table pulling out my make-up. I put on black eyeliner
making it thicker on the bottom, and then I put red eye shadow on to match my corset. I pulled out
my red lip gloss and put it on, afterwards jumping at the pounding at the door. I shook my head and
opened it leaning against the frame, looking Paul in the eye.

"You ready to go?" Paul mumbled with anger in his voice.

"Not with that attitude, you know what Paul I'm gonna give you dating lesson's tonight," I smiled
evilly. The guys all laughed at him.

"Ugh, is this gonna be bad?"

"If you don't treat me right, you're gonna get the worst." He held out his hand for me to take.
"That's better."
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