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Rock Bouvier

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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-06-22 - Updated: 2007-06-23 - 791 words

I woke up excited for my surprise from Benji and the guys. I had been
guessing forever but no, they won't tell me!!! I jumped up my feet
hitting the clean carpeted floor as I dig through my dresser looking for
some clothes.

``They said dress casually...Cash, what do you think about this?'' I
leaned down showing Cash the clothes; he sniffed then barked and wagged
his tail. ``I was thinking that too.'' I exchanged the shirt and get
dressed. I had on torn up jeans with writing, a white wifebeater, and a
black shirt that I cut up. I cut the collar off so it hung off the
shoulders, and cut the sleeves into short sleeves. ``Does this look good
Cash?'' He started wagging his tail and I smiled patting him on the
head. I did my hair and ran down the stairs Cash right on my heels.

``Some one has energy this morning, why can't you?'' Joel asked Benji
pointing to me; the eager idiot jumping on the counter.

``I'm tired okay? And if you are a morning person,'' Benji pointed to
me, ``you are leaving!''

``NO! Benj, please! I don't wanna!'' I jumped about three times then
threw myself to the ground fake crying.

``It'll cost you a kiss.'' I groaned and gave Benj a little peck on the
cheek, ``Is that the best you can do?''

``You want to see the best I can do?'' He nodded with a huge grin on his
face. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine sharing
a passionate kiss-that meant nothing to him. My lip grazed his bottom
lip and he granted entrance, I explored then pulled away, pushing his
head back.

``Well, you really are good when you want to be.''

``Fuck you!''

``That's right...fuck me.'' I stopped trying to get the message through
my head, ew!

``You pig!''

``Guys, guys, stop fighting!'ll ruin Anna's surprise if you
keep this up.'' I snorted and walked around the corner still listening
to their conversation...nothing interesting.

``Anna?'' Paul grumbled. I jumped and turned to see him standing with a
huge grin on his face, ``What are you doing?''

``I'm...uh...nothing...just ya know hanging out?'' I kind of asked,
anyone could tell I wasn't telling the truth.

``Really? Not eavesdropping?''

``No defiantly not eavesdropping, I mean I'm only standing here in
complete silence after leaving conversation with Benji and Joel, and
really want to know what they are now talking about...and I'm so not
eavesdropping!'' I rolled my eyes and stomped up to my room. Why am I
even angry? Just an emotional girl cooped up in the same house as her
crush and doesn't have the courage to tell him.

``Ready?'' Benji asked opening my door, I stood up from my bed and
followed him out to the car, watching his feet...okay checking out the
great ass he had! I got in the car and stayed in complete silence, I
wanted to apologize for what I did earlier...but I was worried about
what would come out instead.

``I'm sorry Benj,'' I blurted out all of a sudden it was even unexpected
to me, ``I'm sorry for being a bitch earlier.''

``Great,'' he glanced back at me, still not to happy. I was about to
cry, what the fuck did I do? ``We'll talk about it later.'' I looked
back at him, he still wasn't too happy.

We arrived at a restaurant, Billy opened the door for me and I followed
him in. The place was huge! It was nothing that I've ever seen, or could
even afford in the past.

``We have a reservation under Bouvier,'' Joel told the
hostess...wait...Bouvier? As in...

``Let's go!'' Billy cheered breaking my thoughts and dragging me off to
a table full of guys I've never met...but knew. I stopped dead in my
tracks, breathless, speechless, and...thoughtless. ``Anna?'' My mouth
stayed open slightly as I stared at Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck, and Jeff.
They all stood up and came over to me.

``Well...I guess you know us?'' Pierre kind of laughed. I nodded still
just as stunned as before. I finally came to my senses, and shook hands
with them. We all sat down and started talking.

``I finally get to meet the famous Rock Bouvier!'' I finally exclaimed.

``See David! I told you that people called me that!'' Pierre yelled
pointing at David.

``Actually...I only called you that because you said that on your DVD,''
I shrugged.

``Ha! I win!'' David laughed at Pierre. I laughed with him then stopped
after I saw Benji glaring at me...I apologized what else does he want?!
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