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Chapter 10 - No One Loves You

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Beware it's a bit gory in this one but not really... just read!

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Jane's P.O.V:

Mikey and Alicia just looked at me in awe. Finally Mikey took my hand awkwardly and shook it.

" You're... you're," Mikey stammered.

" The most beautiful creature i've ever laid my eyes upon. Aside from Mikey of course," Alicia giggled.

" Well I should put these away before anyone sees. Please keep this a secret I don't want anyone to know except for you guys," I said while my wings were folding back into their secure hiding place. Then sat back down on my bed taking another glance at my photo.

" Continue now, if you think you can," Alicia quietly said. I took a deep breath before continuing onward.

" About a week before our wedding Anothony and I were at my apartment with Holly and the guys. They knew I was going to tell Anothony tonight so they went outside to grab a smoke. When they were gone I finally got the chance to tell Anthony. The guys drank some that night and he thought I was drunk but I didn't know he thought that at the time. I had some problems with drugs and alcohol but I stopped all that when I met Anthony. I told him all about me having to go out and kill so I can stay my usual form and it seemed as if he were okay with it so there was alot lifted off of my shoulders that night. Something in my head didn't think he took it seriously but I was too happy to really notice. The night before our wedding I was in need of blood so me and the guys loaded up the van and headed down the road." I paused thinking back to that dreadful night that changed my life forever.

" I found an old lady as a victim because I sensed she only had some time left to live. Little did I know It was across the street from Anthony's apartment. He was walking a girl back out to her car is what I understood. He was cheating on me for the last 3 months leading up to that. I didn't notice where I was or if anyone else was around and neither did the guys. He told me a couple times that he didn't enjoy me as much anymore and that I was getting old and boring for him but I thought he was joking around. Guess I thought wrong." Fresh tears were falling from my bloodshot eyes as I told them.

" We went back to my apartment and the others wanted to go and get some stuff to bring back to celebrate. They asked if I wanted to go too but I said i'd wait and they left saying they'd return within the hour. About 10 minutes after they left, Anothony came into my apartment using the key I gave him. I asked him why he was here because it was the day before the wedding but he didn't respond. I looked into his eyes and saw that he wasn't the man I fell in love with. It was pure evil. Fear was coursing through my veins as I went up to him and asked him what was wrong. He didn't respond so I put my hand against his cheek but..." I breathed in a large gulp of air before saying the next part. " But... he knocked me onto the ground and asked me why did I kill that woman earlier. I was shocked by what he just did but responded telling him that all I said that night was true about me being a Haroquel and how I need mortal blood to survive. I took out my wings but I think that was a wrong move because he seemed engulfed in anger and hatred looking at me. He said..."


" I don't drink and I never will again you know that," I answered. A single tear rolled down my cheek. Then, in barely a whisper I said, " Just tell me you love me and that you'll never leave me." He kneeled down onto the floor beside me and it seemed as if he was back to normal. But he was far from it.

" Do you really think I ever loved you? Why would I? You're a little fucking freak with wings who fucks anything she sees!" he spat in my face. " No one deserves someone like you. You're just a fuckin sideshow freak who kills. You think anyone would want you? Huh? DO YOU YOU LITTLE BITCH?!" He started to punch me and kick me as hard as he could. Then he started unbuttoning my shirt and taking off my pants. I layed there feeling helpless and replaying what he said in my head. Then as hard as he could he thrusted into me without warning. I started to scream in pain but no one could hear me and even if anyone did, they wouldn't care. No one ever did.

After he was done with that he took a knife and dug the blade deep into me cutting into my back. he did the same on my stomach. Black blood came out into a large puddle around me. All that time I layed there balling my eyes out. Then he stopped cutting me and got up off the floor.

" No one wants you. No one cares that you're hurt. So why sould anyone care if you're dead? It would be better off that way, don't you think?" he asked as if it was the simplest question ever. " What did you say? I didn't hear anything," he said.

" Yes," I whispered.

" That's what I thought. You'll never be loved. You never were and you never will be." As he was about to stab the knife into my heart...

*A/N: Cliffhanger! They're always fun to make! Next chapter will be out soon! --Christiexox¢¾
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