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Chapter 3

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Title- Out of Place and Under Dressed
Pairing- Brendon Urie/ Ryan Ross
Summery- High School
Disclaimer- fanFICTION i do not own or know anyone in Panic! at the Disco, nor am I claiming any of this happened. Title also belongs to Panic!.

Ryan's POV

Ohmygod! Oh god my mind couldn't even form coherent sentences! Brendon Urie, aka, my crush of three years just walked in the door. And of course because of my lack of being able to think properly I run right into him.
Good job Ryan, please note sarcasm.

We both fell to the ground, his books and papers flying everywhere. Ugh! I hit my head pretty hard.
I opened my eyes to see none other then Brendon himself standing over me. I braced myself, ready for him to start yelling at me, and was quite confused when it never happened.

Instead I heard this, " Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I should have been watching where I was going, but I didn't see you and, I was just thinking, and well.....I'm so sorry! "

Wow, i didn't see that coming. Is the infamous Brendon Urie rambling? I was slightly taken aback by this until I realized he was just awkwardly standing there a slight tinge of pink gracing his pale cheeks.

" No no, my fault, I wasn't paying attention either." I stated, and he looked slightly relieved at this.
We both burst out laughing and helped each other up, he collected his many books and papers 'with my help of course, I'm quite the gentleman you know.'

I handed him the books and we both walked into the room. Mr. Anderson sat behind his large mahogany desk, with a red pen grading papers. He looked up over his glasses that lay on the bridge of his nose at us and motioned to two empty desks near the back of the room.

I opened my literature book and started to pretend to be doing homework. I can't believe Brendon was so nice, or that he actually talked to me without insulting or throwing gay jokes in my face. So you can imagine how surprised I was when a little folded up note landed on my desk.

I looked over at Brendon who had his head resting in his arms on his desk, and then back at the note.
I unfolded it and read the beautiful script inside it.

" why are you here? " was written in slightly slanted writing.

It took me a minute to register what he meant by that, oh! He wants to know why I'm in detention!
Good going sherlock! I thought to myself and managed to blush though I knew no one could see it.

Hmmmm, why am I here you ask? Well I was to busy daydreaming about Brendon to pay attention, there for making Mrs. Salsbury mad, and getting sent here.

" Wasn't paying attention. " I handed the note back to him.

Ok, so I left out the ' daydreaming about you part' but come on, like I'd tell him that! The note landed back on my desk and I read his reply:

" Same here, do you hate me?" Wow. That was unexpected. But I was quite curious to know what would provoke such a question. I shot him a quizzical look only to realize his head was still hidden in his arms.

" no. why do you ask? " I lightly tossed the note back to his desk.

He had definitely spiked my curiosity now. Why did he think I hated him? Why would he care? He has ton of friends why would he care what I think? My thoughts were interrupted when, once again a note landed softly on my desk.

I quickly and anxiously opened it.

" Well, I tried to talk to you before but you tend to shrug or ignore me. " I pondered this for a moment and felt a nagging pain of guilt when i realized he was right, I was an asshole to him, but I never took the time to think he would care what someone like me thought.

I thought briefly about this before continuing reading the rest of what he had written.

" It really is nice to know you don't hate me, I always wondered why you did. "

It's hard to imagine but it seems my opinion really does matter to him, Oh great, more guilt. It really did mean alot to me that he cared. And I also wondered how long " always " was.

" sorry I gave you that impression, I just never thought you cared what I thought anyway. "

I folded the note and passed it back. It was returned to me soon after.

" Jesus Ryan, I'm not that shallow. I'd really like it if we could be friends."

Wow, the guilt doesn't stop does it. But it was almost drown out with the joy that Brendon Urie wanted to me my, Ryan Ross's friend I was about to reply when the detention dismissal bell rang so instead of replying, as I grabbed my books I gave him a large smile and a thumbs up sign before making my exit out of this hell hole.

I couldn't wait for school the next day to see if Brendon truly meant what he said.Friends. Just the word made me feel giddy.

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