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Chapter 4

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High school

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Title- Out of Place and Under Dressed
Pairing- Brendon Urie/ Ryan Ross
Summery- high school
Disclaimer- FanFICTION, I do not wish to be sued, I do not know or own anyone in Panic!
Title also belongs to Panic!

Brendon's POV

Gah, I'm so bored. After my parents found out about my detention they, of course grounded me.
So that's why I'm sitting at my computer and staring at the screen. Because I really have nothing better to do.

I was staring intently at my screen, taking time to look at every little pixel when a small light blue window popped up. I jumped a little in surprise and noticed it was an AIM chat window. Oh dear lord not another 80 year old cat woman pervert, please!

I decided to accept in hopes it was one of my friends from school and not an online predator. That would be unpleasant. I decided to actually read what they wrote.

givexmexmalice- hey

Ok, so didn't say much, I replied:

frickenxawesome- hi, do I know you?

givexmexmalice- yeah, it's Ryan
givexmexmalice- this is Brendon right?

I stared eyes wide and mouth agape when I saw his reply, and I swear my heart is beating loud enough for Ryan himself to hear. I quickly tried to compose myself and started typing.

frickenxawesome- yeah, this is Brendon
frickenxawesome- how did u get my screen name?
givexmexmalice-Brent gave it to me

Hmmmm, Brent can't stand Ryan, I wonder why he gave him my screen name. But damn, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jumping with joy, an inch from fainting.Now I remember why I like Brent!

givexmexmalice- is that ok?
frickenxawesome- yeah! of course
frickenxawesome- just surprised
frickenxawesome- glad he did.

Oh great. I can't even stop rambling online. I must look like such a retard, and in front of Ryan, aka, crush of three years.

givexmexmalice- oh, ok, good then
givexmexmalice- i wasn't sure if you were being serious or not
frickenxawesome- srs? about what?
givexmexmalice- about wanting 2 b friends
frickenxawesome- why wouldn't I be?
givexmexmalice- i dunno, guess i just thought you were the typical jock

It really does hurt that he thinks so little of me, that I wouldn't want to be friends because were not in the same clique. But I guess that's my fault. If i didn't act like the stereotypical jock he wouldn't think I was one. Well, I guess I'll have to prove it to him I'm not.

frickenxawesome- well I'm not
frickenxawesome- u gotta understand I really do like you
frickenxawesome- and want to be friends.
givexmexmalice- um...thax, Im sorry
givexmexmalice- I like you to
givexmexmalice- more then u know.
givexmexmalice has signed off.

What?! More than I know? What does that mean, does he like, me like me, or as friends? Oh god I am so clueless. Until today I thought he hated me and now he may like me? Oh god I hope so!

I heard a knock on the door " it's open! " I shouted

Karen ' my sister' came in. I know it sounds really corny but she's basically my best friend. We tell each other everything, including me being gay. She's the only one I've ever told and swore her to secrecy.

" What are you so god damn happy about? " She asked, giving me a knowing smirk.

It was only then I realized my grin practically reached my ears. I let out a long, but content sigh.

" Oh my god! Does my little Brennykins have a crush? " She asked raising her eyebrows and taking a seat on the edge of my bed.

" maybe. " I replied in a singsong voice.

She gasped loudly and started with the questions.

" Oh my god! who is he? Do I know him? It is a he right? It's not that nasty Ashly girl is it?"

And yeah, she basically managed to make all of that into one long sentence.

" No it's not Ashly, yes its a boy, no you don't know him, his name is Ryan, and he's gorgeous.

" Awe! Bren! I'm so happy for you. Is he gay? " I nodded my head in response.

" Are you going to ask him out?" My eyes widened and I let out a deep sigh.

" Karen." I started. " you know I cant do that, If mom and dad find out I'm out of here."

" Then don't let them find out " She winked. And with that she left my room softly closing the door behind her.

I checked the time and decided to go to bed. I lay in bed, pondering the days events until unconsciousness finally took over.

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