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Where are we?

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two parties are split up. Where are they?

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Hik "Ready?" Rufus asked as the Turks finished checking weapons and standing near the gates down. Reno was leaning against a post watching and looking eager to see action. Rude, well, as always it was hard to tell what he thought. Tseng adjusted the katana on his side and motioned Elena and the others down.

At the bottom of Sector five they headed to where the strange gate had opened. They said it was a portal of some kind. Tseng wandered forwards and looked at it. Whatever it was a cold wind was flowing freely out of it. It looked like a tunnel but there seemed to be no end in sight and it tapered off to darkness.

"Listen." Rude said after a while.

As he pointed it out and the group held their breath it became a little obvious that something strange was afoot. The group heard noises like things in the distance crying and wailing. Elena slowly moved closer to Tseng who was curiously mesmerised by the pitiful noises.

Rufus moved towards the tunnel and Rude nudged Reno to remind him he was supposed to be looking after the President. Reno was so intent on watching the situation too that as Rude nudged him he fell in to Rufus and both of them tumbled in to the black hole.

"Two minutes if they are not back we have to go in." Tseng said moving cautiously towards the hole with the two remaining Turks.


Meanwhile Rufus had landed on something soft and that something was Reno. Reno groaned as Rufus landed and waited to see if the President would move. Eventually the white clad man got up and dusted himself down. Reno collected himself up from the filthy ground and moved to his hands. The ground was sticky.

"Reno where are we?" Rufus expected him to know every area of the slums and this place seemed to be an extension of that.

"No idea boss." He said looking around. "This is grim." He declared as he wiped his hands down his jacket and then realised what he was wiping off. "Oh Jenova's tits that's blood!"

"Language." Rufus looked at Reno and wondered how blood would bother a Turk but then he realised the extent of that blood. Wall to wall, ceiling and floor. They regarded each other's surprised expressions. "Where are we?"

"I told you sir. I don't know." Reno said as he looked at rusted iron grates and tentatively picked a booted foot up. It was gross and he wasn't afraid to point it out but he decided he'd probably pissed Rufus off enough already.


"Well it seems they are not coming back. Rude, Elena time to move." Tseng said and dived in to the strange tunnel.

The other two followed ending up in what looked to be some kind of abandoned school. The Turks could see daylight filtering in and looked around. Rude stepped on a large bug and groaned as he lifted his boot. Elena yipped some kind of girlish warning as she realised there were hundreds and for some reason they were all heading their way.

"Move." Tseng barked his order and they headed to the first open room and shut the door. "Where are we?" Tseng asked as he looked at the obviously abandoned room.

"Sir," Elena pointed to the desk and walked over, "it says on here, Silent Hill School."

"Rude where is Silent Hill?" Tseng asked.

"Not from our world Sir." He said and looked at the room. "Looks a bit, crappy."

"Yes well personal feelings aside Reno and Rufus are here somewhere. We best find them." He said.

"Who will kill who first?" Elena smirked and whispered under her breath her comment.
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