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Chapter Sixteen

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Gerard gets some alone time with Scarlet. Scarlet loses control.

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Chapter Sixteen
'Ok, there should be a mirror under your seat." Gerard said jumping into the driver's seat of Bob's car.

It had started to rain rather heavily since either of the pair had last been outside and they were now soaking wet as they had preferred to twirl and dance in the rain rather then race through it to the shelter of the car.

"Ah, yep. Here it is." Scarlet replied reaching under the seat and grabbing the mirror before handing it over to Gerard.

Gerard took the mirror and placed it in his lap while he reached into his jacket pockets to retrieve his wallet and his bag of coke. He quickly located his bag but couldn't find his wallet. Drops of water began to fall on the shiny surface of the mirror from Gerard's long black hair.

"You may wanna dry your hair you know." Scarlet laughed for no particular reason.

"Fuck! Uh.... hmmm this will do." Gerard said scanning the inside of the car before laying eyes on a black hoodie on the black seat.

He rubbed his hair dry with bob's hoodie before carefully wiping up all of the water droplets on the mirror. Gerard then continued his search in the deep dark depths of his jacket pockets try to find his coke and wallet, which just wasn't happening. He had the coke in his hand a minute ago but thanks to his intoxication, he had misplaced it already.

"Here, you can go first. Will you be alright?" Gerard asked passing the mirror back to Scarlet.

"Yeah, should be. I have done this before. But cheers for your concern." Scarlet said taking the mirror and placing it on her lap.

She pulled her bag of coke from the side of her boot. Asha always kept hers tucked safely in the side of her bra, but Scarlet thought the whole idea of keeping items in your bra was extremely tacky and somewhat whore-ish. Scarlet examined the contents of the bag before carefully opening it and pouring a rather large amount of white powder onto the surface of the mirror. She again reached into her boot and pulled out her id and began to arrange the powder into numerous fat lines.

"You got a note?" Scarlet asked after forming three perfect lines.

"I think I left my wallet inside. I'll be right back." Gerard said as he opened his door and carefully closed it, ensuring that no loose powder was sent all over Bob's car. He began to make his way back into the club, this time not stopping to twirl and dance in the rain. He needed lines, and he needed them now.

Scarlet began poking around Bob's car looking for anything she could possibly use to snort her lines with. She was in desperate need of a buzz and was finding it hard to control her craving. It didn't take her long to find an old McDonald's straw in the glove box. She checked to see which nostril was the most clear, and after deciding the right one was the way to go, she put the straw up her nose, lowered her head to the mirror and began to snort the drugs. She took no time to finish the first line, which was quickly followed by the second and third.

Scarlet threw the straw onto the driver's seat along with the mirror before laying back into her seat. She could feel the buzz beginning, her nose and most of her face was numb and her eyes began to roll into the back of her head. Scarlet smiled at the amazing feeling that had begun to take over her. She felt like she could do anything. The good feeling was unfortunately only short lived, as she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her stomach, which caused her to double over in pain. Scarlet suddenly didn't feel so good with nausea and dizziness plaguing her. She began to sweat profusley and it wasn't long before she felt a warm liquid dripping down her face and onto her hand. She looked down to see splashes of crimson covering her hand. Her nose had started bleeding like there was no tomorrow. It freaked Scarlet out and turned her stomach upside down. She was going to be sick.

She fumbled with the door, opening it just in time. Scarlet began to vomit violently onto the parking lot gravel. Her body was now too heavy for her to hold up, causing her to crash onto the pavement, missing her vomit by only inches. She couldn't move. The rain on her face and the cold wet ground beneath her was somewhat comforting to her. She watched her own blood and vomit mix with the rain and disperse on the pavement in front of her.

"What the hell is going on?" She thought, she was utterly terrified.

Had she overdosed? Was she going to die like this, in a crumpled wet heap in a parking lot? A tear left her eye as she began hoping to hell that Gerard or someone would come and find her before it was too late.
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