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Cha[ter Seventeen

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Gerard finds Scarlet

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Chapter Seventeen
It didn't take long for Gerard to relocate his coke, which was in his jacket pocket as he stumbled back into the club towards his friends.

"A ha!" Gerard exclaimed grabbing his wallet from the table and holding it high above his head like a trophy.

"What's going on Gee man? Come to get a condom outta your wallet so you can have your way with Scarlet?" Frank slurred, raising an eyebrow.

"Not in my fuckin car, you're not!" Bob yelled.

Mikey and Ray just sat giggling like little school girls watching the events unfold before them.

"Fuck off dude. You know I would never do something like that. And besides.... I'm too drunk, I won't be able to get it up." Gerard replied with a cheeky grin.

"You're so lucky I'm maggot right now cause otherwise I would beat your ass!" Mikey said pointing a thin finger at his brother, slightly swaying from intoxication.

"Mikey, I'm kidding. Wait, maggot? What the fuck is maggot?" Gerard asked looking a little puzzled.

"It means drunk. According to Scarlet, it's Aussie slang." Mikey said a-matter-o-factly.

"It's true." Ray piped up, Bob nodding in agreement.

"I needed a note to snort with." Gerard said finally answering Frank's original question.

"Dude, there's a straw in the glove compartment." Bob said.

"Oh, I didn't even think to look. Fuck I'm way too drunk. I need a line to sober up before I go back out there." Gerard said before picking up his belongings and staggering towards the men's bathroom.

Once inside Gerard made his way into a free cubicle, locking the door behind him. He put the toilet seat and lid down and squatted in front of the toilet. The cubicle way absolutely disgusting, the floor was covered in toilet paper, urine and chunks of what appeared to be vomit. It looked like it have never been cleaned but Gerard was too drunk to care. He reached for the toilet paper and wiped down the lid, not that that would make much of a difference. He had contracted way too many nasal cavity infections from snorting lines off of dirty toilet lids in clubs but sometimes desperate times called for desperate measures. Gerard pulled out his wallet and bag of coke and carefully poured some onto the toilet. He then pulled out his licence and began to arrange the fine white powder into a line. He then took out a $20 note, tightly rolled it up i9nto a tube, stuck it up his nose and inhaled sharply.

The stuff was good. Pretty pure by the standard of coke recently anyway. He instantly felt charged. He had more energy and a lot more control over his movements. His face was a bit numb but other then that he felt amazing. He quickly packed up everything and walked out of the bathroom feeling and acting like a completely different man.

Gerard once again left the club and seemed to almost have a spring in his step. He smiled to himself at the thought of hanging out with Scarlet, just the two of them. He didn't want anything from her but her company. Sure, she was stunning and Gerard found her extremely attractive but she made him feel wanted and at ease. She just seemed to have that effect on people. Of course Gerard wanted more from her, much more but Scarlet didn't seem to be as into him as he was to her. He was simply happy to befriend her.

Gerard neared Bob's car when he noticed something shining from in the shadows by the passenger side door. He stopped to think for a moment. Was Scarlet wearing a bracelet tonight? Did she maybe drop it on the way to the car? He couldn't remember. As Gerard neared the glistening object it became clear that it was a buckle, which was attached to a boot, that was attached to...

"Scarlet!" Gerard screamed finally realising he knew the body that lay in front of him.

He rushed to her side and sat her up, laying her head across his lap. She didn't respond, she was breathing but didn't move or make a sound. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and her make up was running everywhere. Blood covered the lower part of her face. She was messed up.

"Scarlet, can you hear me?" Gerard asked shaking her lightly, he was terrified and didn't know what to do.

Scarlet groaned softly but still didn't move.

"Scarlet, look at me. Open your eyes. Are you okay?" Gerard was becoming frantic.

After a few moments her eyes began to flutter and Gerard could once again see her piercing grey eyes staring back at him.

"Gerard?' She asked in a rough voice.

"Yeah Scarlet, it's me. It's ok, I'm going to take you to the hospital and everything will be just fine." Gerard replied attempting to reassure not only Scarlet but himself as well.

He quickly turned and opened the passenger side door before scooping Scarlet up in his arms and putting her in the seat. He adjusted the seat so she could lie back and be more comfortable and then reached over to put her seatbelt on. He then raced around the other side of the car, jumped in and took off towards the hospital. He reached into his pocket, fumbling with his phone until finally he was able to dial Bob's number.
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