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So what really happened to Izzie? And what surprised visitor tries to comfort her?

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Brendon's POV

Will and I rushed to Izzie's side and Di was trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

"Will, was she complaining of any pain or headaches today?"

"No, but she kept rubbing her side. I thought she pulled a muscle."

"Which side!? Will which side?!"

"Her right side." Di felt Izzie's forehead and shook her head.

"She is running a high fever and she need to go to the hospital for emergency surgery."

"Di what's wrong with her?" I asked pleading she would respond.

"Nothing can be confirmed until she is at the hospital."

The ambulance came and took Izzie to the hospital and Will and I were there to get stitches for all the cuts we gave each other. A few hours later Di came out wearing scrubs to inform us how Izzie was doing.

"She had appendicitis and when she collapsed it burst. The doctors were able to remove it and there was no severe damage. The reason why she was having little spurts of pain is because she had so much adrenaline pumping through her blood she felt no pain." Di then looked down and looked back up. "Also when they were performing the surgery they notice her vitals weren't stable and she was losing a lot of blood but couldn't find out from where. The doctors found out she was going through miscarriage and the doctors weren't able to save the baby. She should be awake in a couple of hours." I looked over at Will who was in so much disbelief he punched a wall. Di attended to her mother who was sitting down next to Pete.

A couple of hours passed and Izzie was awake. Everyone went to see but me because I thought it wasn't my place. I went back to the hotel room and started to throw things around. That was supposed to be my kid not Will's! What the hell? I popped two pain killers and went to bed.

Izzie's POV

I woke up to the sound of a heart monitor beeping and doctors checking my stats. They informed me that my sister will be in a minute to tell me what had happen. I nodded and waited. Di comes in by herself and sits on my bed. I could tell she has been crying and I look at her to tell me what is wrong.

"Your appendix burst and the doctors were able to remove it and fix any damage. But there was a complication. They noticed that you were bleeding out and couldn't figure out from where. Then they realized you going through a miscarriage and were not able to save the baby. I am so sorry Izzie." She leaned down to hug me and I began to cry. Sure I may have been too young to have kid but the very fact my own body rejected my kid is another thing. My mom, Pete, and Will came in soon after to check on me. Everyone gave me and Will time to ourselves. He sat at the edge of my bed with his head down.

"You know when Di told us that you had a miscarriage I was in disbelief that I started to punch a wall because I thought we didn't deserve this. And we don't deserve this, you and I are happy and a baby would have been the icing on the cake. But when you are ready to have kids I will be ready too." He looked up at me crying and I motioned him to come lay down next to me. We slept together until the nurses kicked him out and told him to leave and come see me tomorrow.

Everyone came by and visited me the next day and I wasn't in the mood to talk. In the afternoon everyone left to go clean up at the show. I was on the verge of sleeping when I heard a knock at the door. I turned my head and I Brendon standing there with flowers. "Go away."

"Look I am sorry for what happen yesterday and what happen."

"Brendon Urie is sorry for the whore because the whore lost her whore baby with her whore fiancée."

"I am sorry for calling you a whore and I am sorry for your lost. If it makes things any better Will got a few good shots at me yesterday and I got stitches."

"Yea that makes me feel a whole lot better. Can you just leave." I tried to sit up but I was in so much pain I just gave up.

"Let me help you," Brendon was at my side trying to help me sit up.


"I miss you, you know. I mean our friendship."

"Yea me too." He looked down at my engagement ring and held my hand.

"Not the Vera Wang Aquamarine ring you dreamt of."

"Some dreams don't come true you know."

"Yea I know." He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "When you get better come to Vegas and visit me."

"Yea maybe, bye Brendon."

"Bye Isabella." He left then Will came right in.

"Was Brendon here to see you?"

"Yea and I told him to leave."

"How are you feeling?"

"I need some sleep."

"Ok I'll come back later." I nodded and he left. In a way I blamed Will for my miscarriage due to he was the one who got my pregnant. How can I go on living myself not wanting to forgive will for making me feel this way?
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