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Chapter 5: Arguments

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Written by: Gee Yeah lots of arguments with devastating results

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For a while Nobody could say anything. Seconds seemed like Minites, Minites like hours-you know that kinda thing. Ray was the first to move.

"ok...wrong time...........we'll ummmmmm meet you back at the bus........"

Mikey nodded as Ray pushed Gerard (who was still frozen with shock) back out.

As they walked out Bob yelled "We trusted you Mikey!"

Back on the train Ray and Gerard discussed the events while Mikey stayed silent and gazed out of the window hoping to be forgotten so not to have to answer any questions.

"Still i don't know why they didn't tell us. What did they think? We were homophobic?"

"Think about it Gerard! If they blabed it everywhere a certain someone may have found out!"

"Who Jamia?"


"Damn yeah! If she ever finds out there relationship will be ruined!"

"Im not gonna tell her, are you?"

"What NO! Thats just evil dude! There so happy together"

There was a short break in th conversation untill Ray remembered something.

"Hey! What did Bob mean when he said "we truseted you mikey?""

Gerard's eyebrow rose as he looked at his younger brother.


Mikey began to get uncomfortable.

"I promised i wouldn't say anything" He muttered.

"Well we sorta know now dont we?" Gerard said louder than he ment to.

"I suppose............ok i sorta walked into them kissing............i didn't mean to.............and they didnt want me to say anything.................."

"alright chill out. You kept your promise. Its not an iterrigation we were just curious"

"Aha curiosity killed the cat Ray!"

The train pulled into the station and Ray, Mikey and Gerard clambered out and headed to the bus. Of corse on the way they had to stop at a starbucks. When they finaly got there they found Alicia waiting for Mikey.

But it was the person with Alicia they were looking at.

"Jamia!" Whispered Ray.
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