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chapter 7: Aftermath

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written by: Gee just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the Way Brothers........

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Gerard slammed down his paint brush and looked at the blank piece of paper. He didn't seem to have any insperation in him at all anymore. His green eyes scanned his room looking at all the half finnished drawings and screwed up pieces of paper. C.Ds lying out of their cases around his C.D player and a couple of posteres had fallen off the wall. He chucked his paint and brushes in his desk's draw and went to clean out his water pot. As he cleaned and dried the pot Mikey came through the front door.

"Hey Mikes!"

"Hey whats up?"

"Nothing much. Been trying drawing again but i got nothing."

"Gerard...maybe if you just came out with us you might get some insperation."

Gerard wandered back to his room and flopped down on his bed

"I don't want to go out" He muttered into his pillows.

Mikey gave a sigh. He made Gerard sit up so he could sit next to him.

"You can't hide from every bad thing in your life. I know you've lived through alot of pretty bad things but this room isn't going to comfort you anymore. Can't you see that? I mean you and Ray used to be together pretty much all the time. Now its like he doesn't exsist. No this has to stop. NOW"

Mikeys voice gradually got louder and more annoyed.

"Hey! Don't tell me what to do! if i wanna stay in i'll stay in and if i wanna ignore Ray I will ignore Ray!"

Mikey gaped at his brother "Gerard...........thats really mean! Ray is just as upset that the band broke up! You could at least-"

Gerard cut him off

"Yeah he sure looked upset when he walked through the doors! Not even a i'll see you around.! No mention of keeping in touch."

Mikey wached Gerard and sighed.

"This is just gonna be like when Otter left the band isn't it?"

Gerard whipped around and looked at his brother. That was the final straw. Tellin Matt he had to leave that band was pretty hard for Gerard. They had been friends for a long time.

"Just screw off mikey. OK? You don't know it all. I can't help how i feel and i don't need you to tell me everything i do is wrong! I thought i was doing good creating My Chemical Romance but obviously i was wrong there to! All it did was wreak lives!"

Mikey got up and headed to the door. There were tears in his eyes. Gerard had never spoken to mikey like that before. Even when there Grandma had died. He had always kept his soft spoken and calm attitude.

He'd changed.

When he got to the door Mikey turned and looked Gerard in the eye.

"My Chemical Romance saved more lives than it wreaked. Remember that."


Gerard gazed at the dark. He couldn't sleep. Something Mikey had said was troubling him and he didn't know why. The words still echoed through his head:

"My Chemical Romance saved more lives that it wreaked. Remember that"

It was like a riddle. Something needed to be sloved or discovered to understand the true meaning of the statement. Gerard's thoughts were disturbed however by the squeak of an opening door and the light of a mobile on the hall. Mikey.

Gerard listened as the lock scraped on the bathroom door then fell back onto his pillows deep in thought again. For about 10 minuets silence rang through the house untill a thud sounded.

Gerard almost instictivly jumped out of his bed and ran to the bathroom.

"Mikey" He whispered to the door.


" Mikey?" He repeted louder.

When still no reply came Gerard began to panic.

He noticed two more figures joining him by the door.

"Gerard what happened?"

"Mom! Mikeys in there! And theres no sound coming from inside!" Gerard was suddenly aware af the tears running down his face.

"OK. Donna, Gerard stand back a bit. Thats it!" Gerard's dad moved forwards and began trying to break down the door.

Meanwhile Donna had her arms around her eldest son.

"It'll be ok honey! Mikeys not that stupid...He wouldn't do anything......." But the words seemed to stick in her throat.

"I think you should guess again, love."

Gerard and Donna moved towards the broken door frame. Donna gasped and ran inside the bathroom while it seemed Gerard was frozen. Now he understood what Mikey ment.

"I'll call 911"

Gerard's dad brushed past him causing him to come out of his trance. He ran and knelt next to his mother.

"Mikey...." He wispered stroking his little brothers face. His eyes caught a glint of something shining in Mikeys hand. Reaching over he took the shining object.

"Whats that sweetie?" Asked Donna.

Gerard held the object up for his mother to see. One razor blade tinted with a deep red.

"From the razor to the rosery" Gerard sang under his breath.

He stood up and decided there and then. Mikey needed My Chemical Romnce.

It was time to make a few phone calls.
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