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The merch girl

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Your the new Merch girl. You become best friends with Frank and a love is started between you and one of the band members. If you want to know who the love is between read below. If not, just re...

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"Carrie, wake up there is a phone call for you." My roommate Heather said
"Huh? Ok, hold on, I'm up."
You sit up and put your feet on the cold ground ten stand up and walk into the living room. Heather ( A 5'5 little heavy female with black and red dreaded hair and thick black eye liner) gives you the phone. "here, it sounds important, I want the details later"
you laugh a little "ok"
then walk away with the phone. Once your in the kitchen you sit down at the table with pen and paper because usually for important calls you need thoses then say "hello, this is Carrie"
"Hello, this is Rachel from Joe areana in Detroit" she began. You didn't know why she would be calling you at 10:45 in the morning.
"I see you signed up to do some full time work for bands."
Oh yeah, you reminded yourself. Awesome, maybe I have a job.
"it turns out, we need your help for this tour since the band merch and set up people are one short. Would you be interested on helping us for this tour?"
"Oh def. what band, and what are the dates?"
"The dates are June 22nd- September 14th and the band is not a local one so you would be staying on their tour bus and moving around the states with them."
"Alright, thats no biggie at all. Sounds good. When do I need to meet up with them, and when?" You asked
"Well since the show already started now would help."
"ok, I'll go pack and meet up with them."
"thank you, We will see you tonight at the Joe Areana at 5:00."
"Ok, sounds good, see you all then."
and you both hung up the phone. You were surprised they called you for help since you never did this before. But you were also excited that they wanted and need more help because you really didn't want to work at your part time job that your sister made you get. So you got up went to the living room, and told Heather everything.
"aw, thats fucking awesome girl. Your going to have a blast"
"I know, I'm pretty excited." you said with a laugh
Then you went up stairs and started packing. When you were done you noticed it was 3:35 so you jumped in the shower, got dressed, did your make up and was down stairs and ready to go by 4:30.
"Woah, some one looks good for their first day as a merch girl" Heather stated
"what are you talking about I look like shit. I didn't even get to do my hair."
"trust me, they are not even going to be looking at your hair. I've never seen you with my kind of make up on before. It looks good."
"oh, well thank you, Yeah I figured I should try to look for this band since they are famous and all."
"well ya done good. Now get going"
"Alright, Bye Heather, I'll see you in 2 and a half months. Be good and safe." You said with a laugh and smile
"don't worry, the place will be gone by morning"
you laughed and then left.
The drive wasn't to long, you got to Joe's at 4:55. So you grabbed your two huge suitcases and went to the main entrance.
"hello?" you asked
"Carrie, I'm Rachel" A tiny woman said who came out of an office
"Hello, nice to meet you, where do I go"
She didn't say anything, all she did was start walking towards the back. You just followed. Then she lead you outside and you saw this huge tour bus parked right in front of you.
"This is where you will be staying. The merch and set of crews bus was full, so we had to put you with the band." You just stood there in wow. Rachel snapped you out of it when she opened one of the bottom storage places. You took the hint and threw your bags in there but kept your huge purse with you.
"You might want to put that inside the bus so that it's not in your way when you start working."
"Right, thanks" You walked to the door of the bus.
"When you done, go to that door, and head inside and meet every one." Rachel said while pointing to a huge black door.
"ok, thanks." With that the bus driver opened the door, and let you in. Once inside you nocited that is wasn't as tiny as you thought it would be. Then you walked to the bunk area. You saw that there was an open bunk at the end at the top. So you put your purse in it along with your pillow and sheets that you took out of your bag and left the bus. Once off you walked towards the black doors. You didn't know that you were being watch though.
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