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Way to nice

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You meet new friends

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"dude, who is that?" he stated to his friend and band mate next to him
"I think it's our new merch girl" his band mate said
"Oh, well she looks like she wouldn't last a week." He said while eyeing the semi skinny female at the big black doors dressed in jeans, and two white tank tops. Her Medium brown with Black low lights hair was curly and her black make up was the only thing that made it look like she fit in here.
"yeah, she does look nice though." his bandmate stated
"Too nice." He stated
Then the two walked to the doors and opened them.
Meanwhile you were already inside getting introduced to the other set up crew.
"Hey" A girl said
"Hi, um, where am I needed?"
"You could go set up the merch table." She said while setting up some wires for a guitar
"alright, will do."
You walked over to the table and saw around 20 boxes of shirts and some hats. 'Here we go.' You thought to your self. You Picked out one of everything and then get a box of pins along with note cards and a black and red sharpie. You took one shirt and opened it, but before you could turn it around some one called your name.
"Carrie?" A males vocie asked
You looked up and saw one of your classmates from high school, Brian.
"Oh wow, what are you doing here?" You smile and asked him
"I'm the bands manager" he stated all proud
"That's sweet, congrats." You answered
"yeah, I'm one lucky guy. So your the new Merch girl huh."
"I guess so." You said while flipping over the shirt. Then your mouth just dropped open and you saw in big red ink My Chemical Romance.
"Holy shit!" You said almost screaming
Brian just looked at you and smiled. "You didn't know that the band was My Chem. did you"
"No, I just found out... Oh geez." You said while you had a huge smile on your face.
"well, welcome to the team Carrie. I need to get back to the band." He said and with that he turned around and left.
You were on folding all of the shirts you picked out when the two men that were watching you were standing right in front of you.
"Carrie, good name for a merch girl" One of them said
"Huh? Oh thanks." You said not really noticing that there was two members of My Chem standing right infront of you.
"Your welcome." The one with short brown hair said
You lost track of what you were doing so you look up and it finally hit you. Mikey and Frank were standing right in front of you and you didn't even noticed until now. 'Smooth Carrie smooth.' You thought to yourself.
"So um, how long are you out merch girl?" Frank asked
"Hopefully until the tour is over" You said
"awesome, well then, we will be seeing you around."
"Oh, wait, I almost forgot, how do you know Brian?"
"Oh, he and I went to the same high school. We weren't really friends, I mean, we said our hellos, but other then that he had his group, and I had mine."
"Oh, well thats sweet. He's a cool guy" Mikey stated
"Yeah, he was always nice to me." you said with a smile.
Then the two guys smiled back.
"Ok. well we will let you get back to work. Since your staying on the same bus as us we have the whole tour to talk. Later Carrie" Frank said
"Sounds good. Bye guys."
With that they left and you started to finished the merch stand. Once you were done you had each shirt as a sample pinned up on a wall behind you with the name of the shirt and the price. The rest of that kind of shirt was still in the box nicely folded and ready to be sold and bought.
"wow, nice job here." Same the girl as before stated
"Yup, I can tell that you going to be a good merch girl. The other one we had was so unorganized"
"really? thanks for saying that. I was nervous that I wasn't doing it right."
"nah, you done good." She said with a smile.
"I'm alicia by the way"
"Nice to meet you, I'm Carrie"
"sweet, so I will be seeing you around Carrie."
"Sounds good." You said with a smile. With that she left and you left to go get your ipod off of the bus.
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