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The first show

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Frank and you talk

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You opened the door to the bus since the driver was on his brake and you went straight to your bunk. You were going through your purse/huge bag when some one else walked onto the bus. 'where did I put my ipod?' you thought to yourself.
"looking for something?" A male vocie stated
"Yeah, my ipod, I know I'm going to want it while waiting to sell some merch."
"Oh, thats smart, do you need help?" He ask
you looked up and noticed it was Gerard
"No, thank you, I didn't bring much stuff, so Im sure i'll find it." You said with a semi smile.
"ok, good luck" he said while going and laying down on his bunk which was on a diagnol to yours. In other words he was on the bottom and across from you. You wonder who was on the upper one.
"Thanks, I hope you have a good nap"
he slightly laughed at this
"what?" you ask
"oh nothing, just that the guys were right. Your too nice."
"Is that a bad thing?"
"No, and yes, just make sure you don't take shit from anyone here. The other crew members might think they can get you to do anything because your to nice to say no."
"oh, I get it. Don't worry, I may be nice, but I learned how to defend myself if needed" you stated
"ok good. Now I'm going to pass out now so I'm not so tired for the show tonight."
"alright, you do that. See ya later Gerard"
"yeah, later um. whats your name?"
"Ok, see ya later Carrie."
With that he shut his eyes and you continued to look for your ipod. After going through every inch of your purse you still didn't find it. So you went to look in your suitecase. You went through your bathroom stuff and finally found it. "huh, I don't remember putting it there' You thought to yourself. 'Oh well, at least I found it' and you walked back to the merch table. When you got there you noticed Mikey was looking at you and looked kinda bummed while Ray just was like what's with the sad face. Then you over heard him say
"I pulled the first prank and hid her ipod, but she found it."
"oh dude, just leave her alone, she new, let her set in before you pull more pranks on her"
"alright fine."
"THANKS RAY" you yelled from the table. They were both shocked that you heard their conversation. Ray just smiled and did an anytime kind of wave. Mikey just looked down.

It's been about an hour since you got back to the merch table when you noticed that Brian was getting the guys together to get them ready for their show.
"Has any one seen Gee?" he asked
"no" was the answer from all of them
"He's sleeping in his bunk" you stated from behind them
"oh, thanks Care" Brian said
Then Brian went to go get Gerard and he sent the others to make up and costume. The other left while Frank decided to wait for Brian.
"how did you know that Gee was sleeping?"
"He came in when I was looking for my ipod."
"yup" you said while semi smiling.
"So you excited to see the show tonight?" He asked
"I wish I could, but I can't leave the table to see you guys, and I can't get backstage because Im not a real crew member, just the merch girl."
"You can see the show, no one buys merch until the show is over, so if you leave a song before the show is over you will be fine. As for not being a real member thats crap, but here." he said and he pulled off a green wrist band and put it on you. "Now you can go anywhere. All you have to do is show them that and they will leave you alone"
"what? Thank you Frank."
"anytime, I mean come on, it's your first time being on tour correct?"
"well then, lets make it the best time ever" you both smiled. Then Brian came back with Gerard and he told them both to go to make up and costume. You still couldn't believe Frank did that. You wondered what this green wrist band ment. You did care, it made you smile knowing you made a friend in the band.

10 min. before the show you went towards to the backstage area when a body guard/security guard stopped you.
"sorry, crew and band members only"
"oh, I'm part of the crew and I was wondering if I could watch the show from the side" every one from my chem plus a few techies were watching
"I don't see your crew pass"
Then you looked at Frank and he looked at your wrist. Then you held your wrist up to the man and he gave you a look then moved to the side and let you through. You went up to Frank and said "wow, thank you, I didn't know it would work"
"yeah, that band means your a top member here"
"what? really? Cool!" you said with a smile
"yeah" he said smiling
"1 min. boys" brian yelled to every one. You then went and stood right next to the stage to watch the guys play. They did such an awesome show you couldn't believe it. While you were watching you noticed how much emotion Gerard puts into the show. Then you saw him look at you and you looked away so he wouldn't know you were stareing at him. 'why does it matter if he knows that I was looking at him' you thought to yourself.
"this next song goes out to all of our crew members" Gerard said Then all of a sudden Our Lady Of Sorrows starts playing and then the chorus kicks in
"Stand up fucking tall
Don't let them see your back
Take my fucking hand
and never be afraid again"
while he was singing that he looked at all of the crew members and made eye contact with you again. You smiled and then he smiled and the song was over. For the rest of the concert you couldn't stop thinking about Gerard. 'was that song for me? or was it really for all of the crew members' Then the concert was over and you relaized you had to run to the merch table before any one found out that you were late. By the end of the night you sold over 150 shirts and 85 hats.
"woah, shit Carrie thats a record" Alicia said
"what are you talking about?"
"No one ever sold that much in one night. I'm impressed" She stated
You smiled and then went back to the bus for a quick snack before cleaning up for the night. You returned with an apple. Some fans were still there just sitting or talking to each other when Gerard came out from back stage. He signed a whole bunch of autographs and then started walking towards you. He saw the apple in your hand and ask
"can I have a bite, I'm starving and don't have time to go back to the bus for a snack real fast"
You held out your apple. he took it then took a huge bite.
"thanks" he said with a smile and returned backstage.
"woah, Gerard just totally bit your apple" A fan said
"can I have it?" another fan asked
"your so lucky, are you two friends?" another one asked
"yes he did, no you can't, and I think so" you said and then took another bite of it. The fans just looked at you like you were a goddess because Gerard just did that to you.
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