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Best friends

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Frank and you declare each other best friends

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It's been two weeks since you have been on tour and you have sold more merch then the band could even think of. Nothing more then friendship between you and Gerard has happpen, even if you wish it was more. You and Frank have been talking every night about anything and everything, and you two have become really close. It was now your night off and in your home town. So you and a couple of your close friends from college decided to go to a karaoke bar just for fun since your 23 and all.

"Carrie, I dare you to go and sing something."
"No way guys, I suck at singing, and I think every one ears have been hurt enough for one night."
"Come on Carrie, we already signed you up and picked out a song for you."
"Oh shit... what song?"
" My Heart by paramore"
"What? You know that song is a hard one to sing!"
"Just go!"
and with that they drag and pushed you up on the stage and handed you the mic. As the song started they aksed the people to put a spot light on you.
"oh thanks guys" you said into the mic.
"NO PROB. OW OW" they yelled back.
Then they lyrics appeared up on the screen and you started to sing. As you were singing a friend snuck in to surprise you. He was listening to you sing and all he could think about was how beautiful it sounded. 'Wow, her vocie is incredible! She sounds just like the lead singer!' He thought to himself. As soon as the song was over you stood there listening to the dead silence turn into loud clapping and hollering. Then you saw a familiar face walk from the back of the room to right on stage with you.
"Frank! What are you doing here?" you asked as he gave you the biggest hug of your life
"I wanted to surprise you, and hey it's our night off too ya know."
"I know. You said as you hug him again."
"Yor vocie is incredible Carrie. I couldn't believe it."
"thanks" you said with a smile.
you two walked back to the table you and your friends are sitting at.
"hey guys this is..."
"Frank Iero from My Chem." your friend interrupted you
"yeah" you said embarrassed. 'I mean who doesn't know the guys of My Chem.' You thought to yourself.
"So, are you two dating or something?" your roomate Heather asked you
You and Frank looked at each other and then brust of laughing.
"Nah, him and I are just good friends." you stated
"You two look closer then good friends to me" another one of your friends stated
you two looked at eachother and noticed your arms were around eachothers hips. Then you both step away from each other and smile awkwardly.
"Carrie is just my best friend. I promise" Frank said
you looked at him surprised, you never hear him say that before and you liked the sound of it. 'Frank Iero is my best friend.' you smiled at that.
"really"? you mouthed to him.
"yeah" he mouthed back.
"right, sure. Ok, you two go have fun, the rest of us are headed back, it is 2:00a.m anyways" Heather stated.
"ok, bye Heather, it was nice seeing you again, same with the rest of you."
"Yes it was." they all said. As hugs went around the room, along with good byes, every one left and went their separate ways. Well every one but you and Frank, you two drove and walked back to the bus. Hand in hand. Once there, every one was still up just returning from their night out of adventure.
"hey you two, where were you?" Mikey asked
"Oh I surprised Carrie at the karaoke bar" Frank said
"really?" Bob asked
"yeah, she did an awesome job."
"No, I didn't, don't lie" you said
"shut up Carrie, your vocie is fucking incredible, don't lie."
"alright fine, I kicked ass, not gonna lie" You said
and every one laughed.
"what did you guys do" you asked
"Well Alicia and I just went to the movies and out to dinner" Mikey stated
"are you two dating yet?" Frank asked
"yes" Mikey said
"finally!" we all said while smiling
"I went back home and got a few things that I need for tour" Gerard stated
" I went over to my friends house and we just hung out there for while" bob said
"I played guitar hero with my rents back at home" Ray said
every one cracked up.
"what? they like it too ya know." Ray said
"right Ray, way to torcher your parents." Gerard said
"Shut up man."
every one laughed still.
"well guys, I'm off to bed. We all have a busy day tomorrow." you said
"yeah, don't remind us" Mikey whined
"I agree, we should all hit the hay" Gerard said
"yeah, I could use a nap" Frank agreed
"alright, good night every one" Bob said.
and you all went to your bunks. You climbed up into yours turned on your reading light and waited for every one else to get in theirs. You Saw Bob go into his underneath Ray. You saw Ray climb into his right across from yours. You felt Frank kick the bottom of yours so you stuck your head down and smile and whispered good night to him as he stuck his tounge out, and then you saw Mikey climb up into his next to Ray. You were about to turn off your light when you saw Gerard get into his bunk right underneath Mikey. You two made eye contact and you both smiled at eachother and then he mouth goodnight, sweet dreams Carrie, and you kept on smiling and then mouth you too Gee. As soon as you turned off your light you heard to snores from Ray and Bob and the giggles of Mikey and Frank and you knew that they were all asleep.

The next morning you were the first one up and you brushed you teeth, and combed your hair before putting it up in a messy bun. You really wanted coffee, so you went to wake up Frank when you saw that he was alread outside smoking his morning ciggerette.
"Mornin' Frank"
"Mornin' Care"
"Coffee?" you both said at the same time. You both laugh and headed to the local starbucks. Or the first coffee shop in sight. Once you got there you both ordered your coffees to go along with every one elses (you two are so nice) and sat outside at a starbucks table for awhile just talking and waking up.
"Oh man, I'm so excited about our new video that we are going to make after this tour"
"What song?" You asked
"awesome, good song, and good timing"
"yeah we thought so... Hey Brian said we have a photoshoot today did you know that?"
'No. Who's it for?"
"Rock sound I believe"
"cool cool. Well then we should get back" you stated
and you too got up and started walking back sipping your coffees. Once back you saw that every one else was up and walking towards you.
"Thanks guys" Mikey said
" no problem." you both said while handing every one their coffees.
"Ok guys, the photographer is going to be here in an hour so I want everyone to go and get ready right now." Brian said
"alright." gerard said
You just stood there and watch as the boys were running around getting ready and finding everything they needed for their shoot. A half house early the photographer showed up and was getting the boys in position when he saw you and asked who you were.
"Oh, me, I'm just the merch girl" you stated
"perfect! I was looking for something else to show that the boys were on tour. You are now a part of the photoshoot!" he demanded
"what?!?!?" You said and asked
"Ashley!" the photographer yelled
A lady appeared.
"See that girl over there. Pointing to you. Go and make her photo material. Now!" he ordered
"right away" she said
I was still standing there with a confused and surprised look on my face when she came to me and started taking me towards the bus. I looked back at the boys and they all look the same as me but happy at the same time. A half hour later you came outside in a My Chem shirt with blue jeans on. Your hair was straighten and you had thick black eyeliner on, plus red lipstick and little blush. You looked like a model. The guys just kept on stareing at you.
"what? Its still the same old me guys" You said
"yeah, but now your a hot you" Bob said
"oh geez thanks, you mean I wasn't hot before?"
"thats not what I mean" He said
"sure." you said with a smile teasing him.
The photographer put you in the middle holding up two My Chem shirts in your hands and told you to do a buy this stuff kind of face but make it sexy too. Then he put Frank next to you with his body facing you and his head turned towards the photographer and Mikey next to Frank his body facing the photographer. On the other side of you he decided to put Gerard. As soon as you heard that you tensed up alittle knowing Gerard would be that close to you. He walked right up to you faced you and then looked at the photographer. You could smell the ciggerettes on him, but you didn't care at all. You were so nervous that you could feel Gerard body heat on you it was hard for you to focus. Next to Gerard was Bob doing was Mikey was doing. Then the photographer put Ray right behind you making him put his hands on your sholders. You felt weird being in one of their photoshoots since your just the merch girl and all, but every one seems glad that you were in it. Plus the photos turned out amazing.
"that's a rap, good job guys and girl" The photographer stated
"thanks Jim" Brian said
With that him and Ashley drove off, and left you with the guys again.
"Ya know Carrie, you really do look good right now" Mikey said
you smiled "thanks Mikey"
"No really though doesn't she guys?" He said
"yeah" they all said but Gerard. Mikey noticed this and said
"what do you think Gerard?"
He just stood there looking at you and finally said "I think you look beautiful Carrie"
With that all of the guys started making ooohhh noises along with ooooooo and oh shit and stuff like that. You just smiled and said "Thank you Gerard, that was very kind of you" Then there was silence for awhile. When you said "Ah I can't take all of this make up any longer!" with that you stormed into the bus to wash your face with the guys laughing at you and saying stuff like "now that's the Carrie we know"
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