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Happy but Not Birthday

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Happy b-day Pat!!!!!!!

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Soon after Kate arrived, Pete peaked out the window and saw Joe's vehicle pull into the driveway. Patrick could be seen in the passenger seat, looking bored as hell. In the backseat, we're three bags, from what looked like KB toys.

"Guys, there here!" Pete shouted as he leaped into the livingroom.

The group of guests began finding places to hide. Brendon and Ryan hid under the table in the kitchen, Pete hid in the cabinet, Kate hid in the closet with Travis, and Jon and Spencer decided to hide behind the door.

Patrick was the first one to the door. When he entered the house, everyone jumped out and yelled "SUPRISE!" He almost had a heart attack.

"Wow, whats going on?" He finally asked.

"What do you mean? Happy birthday!" Pete came over and gave him a friendly hug.

Patrick looked consfused. "Wait, what?"

"Look, we got you a cake and everything!" Andy said in an excited tone.

"A cake?" Patrick looked over at the table at a very messy chocolate cake. Written in sloppy writting was 'Happy birthday Pattycakes!'

"Me and Andy made it all by ourselves." Pete smiled.

Patrick figured that.

"C'mon, are we gonna open presents or what?" Travis said as he handed his gift to Patrick.

"Wait...Guys..." Patrick mumbled.

His voice couldn't be heard over the many voice of his friends.

"Guys, ya see i....." He said a little louder.

When using a calm quiet voice didn't work, he went to the next level. "GUYS, IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY!!!" he screamed.

Everyone in the room completely stopped talking, and starred at him.

"What? Pete, you said it was Patrick birthday!" Ryan responded.

"It is! Right? Pat, today is your birthday isn't it?" Pete asked.

"Guys, this was extreamly nice of you, but no, today is not my birthday. In fact, my birthday isn't until next month." He smiled faintly and looked at the dissapointed people standing in front of him.

"Oh shit. My bad." Pete's cheeks turned red.

"Oh well, we still gonna open presents?" Brendon asked as he lifted a present from the table.

"We might as well right? We already got them here as it is." Kate implied.

"What do you think Pat?" Joe lisped

"Ok!" Patrick said happily.

The whole rest of the night was a great party for everyone, especially for Patrick. He recieved many gifts from his friends.
Travis got him a purple hat with a panda on it, which Patrick liked very much. Joe gave him a few Harry Potter books. Kate gave him a sweatshirt,Chris gave him a hat you could drink beer out of, and Andy and Pete gave him the sweater along with a card that they made.

"Thanks guys. This is the best early birthday i've ever had." Patrick smiled and tried on his sweatshirt.

"How do i look?" He asked as he did a little spin.

"Hot as shit!" Pete shouted.

The party went on until 1:00 that night.
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