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New Friends Get Old Friends Left Behind

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another Patrick chapter

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The next morning after the party, the four boys were exhausted and slept in until 2:00 that evening. Patrick woke up first that and went down to the kitchen and had a bowl of Coco Puffs cereal.
It was a sunday morning which ment grocery day. The most hated day of the week. Today, was Patricks day to go and get the grocerys. He wasn't looking forward to it but it had to be done, otherwise they would all starve or have to resourt to fast food.
Patrick put on his jacket, shoes, and then grabbed the keys for Joe's car. When he arrived 20 minutes later, he got out of the car and went into the building.
He looked at his list and figured out what he need first. He decided to go to the vegetable section. Pushing his cart through the store, he stopped to turn around, when he suddenly ran into someone.

"Oh, excuse me." He said politely. He looked at the person he had run into, which happened to be a girl. She was 5'4 around Patrick's height, had short red hair, and with the nicest smile he had ever seen.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry." She said as she bent down to pick up her grocery's.

"Let me help you with that." Patrick leaned over and helped her pick up her fruits and vegetables.

When everything was back in the shopping basket, they both stood up.

"I'm Patrick." He intruduced himself and held out his hand.

The girl hesitated and quietly said, "Hi. I'm Joy."

Patrick smiled and shook her hand.

After a few moments of silence Patrick said "I guess i should go now. Got shopping to do and what not."

The girl nodded. "Nice meeting you."

As Patrick walked away, he was beginning to feel like he should have said more than just introducing himself.

He turned around quickly and noticed that the girl was turned around facing him as well, as if to say something to him also.

"Are you the guy from Fall Out Boy?" She asked, still keeping her voice fairly quiet.

"Yes." Patrick answered.

"Would you mind....Um, would you mind if i had your autograph? My friend is a huge fan of you guys."

Patrick laughed. "Yeah, of corse." He took out a pen from his pocket and a small piece of paper and signed his name neatly.

"Thanks." She said.

"Do you wanna shop with me?" Patrick asked aquwardly.

The girl giggled. "Yeah, sure. I'd love to."

By the end of their shopping, Patrick and his new friend walked out to the parking lot together.

"Hey, can i have your number?" He asked.

"Yeah sure. Here ya go." She handed him a piece of paper with the number scribbled on it.

"Here's mine." Patrick did the same and handed her his number.

"Ok, so i'll see you around?"

"Yeah, see you around." The girl gave him one more smile before jumping into her car and driving off.

Awwwww, look how cute that was. Patty has a new friend. AW!
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