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Chapter 7

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The car halted outside a loud and bustling mansion that Amy had no doubt 'borrowed' from a friend for tonight. Lights were flashing and music was pounding loudly even before the door to the car was opened, so when the door actually was opened the beat pulsed louder then it had before.

Out stepped Brendon first. He was wearing tight silver colour pants that looked like aluminium foil had been pasted to his legs. His shirt was black and hardly buttoned up at all. The collar was hanging loosely open so that his jewellery, several large pieces of cheap faux-gold bling, could hang freely and unobstructed from his neck. Over the top of his shirt and pants combination he had on a large faux fur coat. The coat was fuzzy and tiger striped. On top of his slicked down dark hair was a matching tiger striped top hat, complete with an aqua blue feathered trim.

He reached back to grasp Parker's hand so he could help her out of the car. And she probably needed assistance to even stand up.

Her metallic gold skirt was skin tight and hugging her thighs so closely it might well have been painted on and not truly pvc plastic. She wore a ripped black tank top, her breasts were ballooning from the neckline of her shirt. When Jon had made some comment about her falling into the pool and not needing anyone to jump in after her because she'd float, she smacked him playfully on the shoulder and replied with something about the wonders of a push up bra. On her feet she wore black plastic platform heels, open at the toe and with a heel so thick and pointed they were the only weapon you'd need when walking on a dark street at night. Her coat was a transparent pink one with feathers adorning the hems. Tonight she'd also opted for a long blonde wig over the top of her usually dark multi-coloured hair. With frosted blue makeup and bubble-gum pink glossy lips, her whole look screamed `hoe'.

"Right, pimp daddy. Let's hit the party." Parker said, linking her arm with Brendon's and adopting a high pitched, breathy voice when she spoke.

He grinned, revealing a flash of white and gold teeth.

"Nice touch." She said, referring to the gold that adorned his teeth.

Brendon smiled again. "Why thank you." He said, patting her arm and leading her away into the party.

After Brendon and Parker, Spencer and his girlfriend, Haley, stepped from the car.

Spencer's outfit was similar to Brendon's, except he had opted for a more looser fitting pair of pants, black and flared at the knee with a stripe of gold sequins running down either pant leg. His coat was zebra striped and his hat was to match, with a feathery purple rim.

Haley was wearing a short pink dress with ruffles on the hem. The straps were spaghetti thin and the neckline was low. Her legs were covered, or hardly covered by glittery blue fishnet stockings. Her heels were an affronting hot pink colour and high enough to cause her difficulty walking, but she managed her steps well. Her short blonde wig had thin pink streaks running through it in parts and her strawberry pout was enough to have Spencer mesmerized.

Spencer led her into the party by the hand, leaving Jon and Ryan to exit the car. Finally.

"I cannot believe I'm doing this." Ryan sighed before he was pulled out of the car by Jon.

"Well Ryan, my man, you're doing it." Jon said, looking Ryan up and down. "Or should I say Ryan, my girl."

Ryan scowled under Jon's gaze.

Jon's outfit bore resemblance to both Spencer's and Brendon's in addition though he had several rings on his fingers and many more necklaces hanging from his neck then both Brendon and Spencer combined.

Ryan's on the other hand, bore no resemblance to Brendon's, Spencer's or even Jon's outfits. In fact the girls had helped dress him. Which was probably why he was feeling so reluctant to be at this party.

His shirt was a tight black t-shirt, with a low v-neck. His skirt was pink and tight, but not too tight and not too short either. He was wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings and shoes that were not unlike Parker's stilt-high ones. It hadn't taken him long to figure out that if he didn't balance his weight properly in these heels, he'd fall flat on his face and in a skirt he didn't fancy that or envy the thought. His honey brown coloured hair was no longer that, now it was long and blonde and no, Ryan hadn't magically grown long platinum blonde locks. Parker had convinced him to wear the wig and everyone else had just encouraged it. They'd even gone as far as to convince him to wear make up tonight. Sure, make up, no problem? Yes problem. The greasy pink lipstick and florid pink blush were a problem.

It was just lovely how everyone else thought it was hilarious.

Ryan in a skirt.


Ryan as a girl.


And then Ryan had suggested that they put Jon in the skirt instead and Jon ran for the door so quickly you never would've guessed he was there.

So Ryan was stuck with the skirt. And Ryan was stuck with being Jon's hoe.

Jon really should get himself a girlfriend. That way it could be her in this skirt, and not Ryan.


The party had been progressing steadily throughout the night and Ryan had been standing here next to Jon, following him around the party, as he circulated, trying to keep people thinking he was female and not Ryan Ross. Not a boy dressed as a girl.

No one had noticed or said anything yet. Well one girl who he didn't know complimented him on his shoes and how they must be amazingly hard to walk in. Ryan had looked down at his own platform heels and then at her glittery pink stilettos and found his own shoes dwarfing hers, by much. Thanks, he had murmured in reply.

Ryan was getting bored of this party. He was getting bored of this wig, this make up, these awkward, awkward shoes and this tight, tight skirt. He just wanted to go home.

He'd hardly ever been a party person. He never drank at parties, or drank full stop. The bitter smell of alcohol created a mental nausea. The crowds of people annoyed him. Parties annoyed him. And this one did especially.
"Jon, I'm going to go.." Ryan paused to think of somewhere he could say he was going to but then figured out he didn't know where he was going. "..away." He finished.

Jon cocked an eyebrow but didn't say a word. He just turned back to face the several people he had been conversing with. Tipping his drink to his mouth and laughing, about something the guy said, through sips of his drink.

Ryan headed off through the crowd, threading his way through groups of people until he had reached the large staircase at the corner of the room. There was a couple loitering halfway up the staircase, in each others arms, locking lips and sprawling along the banister. Ryan clomped quickly up the stairs, trying to pass them without bumping them, or having them bump him. They were so closely lip-locked that Ryan didn't think they'd even notice if they bumped him and he fell down the stairs. Or vice versa.

He reached the top of the stairs and passed a few people in the long hallway that lead to the upstairs bedrooms. He found a room that had an unlocked and slightly ajar door and eased himself inside, closing the door behind him. He drew in a deep breath as the sounds of the downstairs party were dulled by the walls of the room and exhaled slowly, pressing his fingers to his temples. A headache was coming on, he could feel it. A fucking party induced headache and hardly a hangover headache.

Ryan spun around to face the inner room when all of a sudden he was pressed back into the hard wood of the closed door. Someone was running their hands over his cheeks, through his hair and their lips were pressing gently to his at first. Then the stranger tried to deepen the kiss, probing Ryan's mouth with their tongue. Ryan was shocked, he didn't know how to respond, or even if he wanted to respond. But hardly thinking, he leaned into the kiss, returning it as passionately as it was being given.

Then the stranger pulled away and Ryan drew in a sharp intake of breath, shivering from the lost contact as the stranger dropped their hands from his cheeks. Ryan realized that he had clamped his eyes shut and promptly opened them wide, to come face to face with none other then Brendon.

Brendon was staring intently back at Ryan but seemingly not really seeing him at all. Maybe seeing the blonde wig and the glossy pink pout but not really seeing the boy underneath the make up.

"Brendon." Ryan breathed quietly.

Brendon seemingly took that acknowledgement as something more and leaned in to kiss him again. This time Ryan responded almost immediately, not even hesitating to allow Brendon's tongue entrance to his mouth.

This was wrong, Ryan thought. Brendon has a girlfriend, but he thinks you're his girlfriend. It can't be all that wrong if both of you want it.

Brendon was now leading Ryan over towards the bed, tilting Ryan back so he could push him gently onto the mattress.

Ryan let himself fall. He let Brendon fall on top of him and he let Brendon continue to press his lips to his own. He was letting this happen.

Ryan could feel Brendon's hands inching up under his shirt. His warm hands were rubbing up and down Ryan's sides making him shiver with delight. He moaned softly and noticed a small smile pass across Brendon's lips.

Now Brendon's hands were inching up Ryan's skirt, slowly and surely but they were. Ryan was so lost in the ecstasy of the moment, of Brendon's touch that he didn't even realize what this could mean. That he might be found out.

Ryan moaned softly again as Brendon laid kisses on the bare skin of his neck. His hands were still inching underneath his skirt.

"I think he's going to notice something like that. Don't you, Ryan?" Came a voice from the doorway, startling Ryan out of his blissful state.

He sat upright in panic of being caught. Brendon obviously hadn't heard what the girl by the door had said because he hadn't stopped his ministrations on Ryan and only stopped confusedly when Ryan got up off the bed and quickly made his way for the door, his sharp high heels leaving small pinpoint impressions in the carpet as he went.

"I'm sorry Parker. Fuck, I'm sorry." He said quietly as he passed by the girl at the door.

She just stood there silently as Ryan dashed out the door and Brendon sat confusedly on the end of the double bed.

"Parker, why'd you get up?" Brendon stumbled across his words a little.

She, Parker Lewis, closed the door with a quiet click and walked across the room to sit beside Brendon, her heels making almost identical impressions in the carpet as Ryan's had.

As soon as she sat down Brendon tried to connect his lips to hers. The bitter smell of alcohol was present on his breath and Parker could probably guess that was why he couldn't differentiate his girlfriend in a blonde wig to one of his best friends in a blonde wig.

Parker pushed him away. He was drunk and as betrayed as she felt, she didn't think she could completely hold him at fault for making out with someone else who he mistakenly thought was her.

"Brendon, you're drunk so stop." She said pushing him down on the mattress so his head was laying on the pillow. "Just sleep it off." She said, smoothing down his hair. "Go to sleep."

She doubted he'd remember all of this in the morning and maybe that'd be for the best.

Brendon obeyed her and his eyes began to slowly close. She was still rubbing her hand gently along his brow, soothing him into sleep. Soon enough his breathing evened out and Parker could tell he was asleep.

She inched herself off the bed and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her so not to wake a drunken, sleeping Brendon.

She had every intention to go back down to the party and find Ryan and ask him what had happened even though she could already draw her conclusions.

She wanted to know if it meant anything, if Ryan had feelings for Brendon and she was just intruding by being Brendon's girlfriend... Or if it was all for show and they just wanted to hide it, using her as a cover. That thought left her feeling more betrayed then just the sight of the both of them passionately lip-locked.


Author's Note: Alright, this is the next chapter I promised maybe a little later then I expected but at least I didn't leave it for a month, lol. This is slowly but surely turning into a Ryden story and that was in no way my intention but now I'm sort of running with it.

Would you like to see me still continue with the idea of a sort of Ry/Bren/Parker pairing or should I stick to writing this as het and just leave it as Bren/Parker? I would like to know what you think.
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