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Frank's pov p.2;and regular pov

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Frank's P.O.V
'Well ok that was weird' He thought to himself. " oh crap!!Well now I know what she was staring at!" Frank said aloud as he looked down.As he finished up, He started to think that maybe he should go talk to the girl for she won't release that little "incident" to the public. He already had enough problems as it is. As Frank was stepping out he saw the girl at the bus. Then he saw Ray standing there. 'I defintely can't let her tell them, they'll never let me live it down!' He thought. Then Frankie ran over to the bus as fast as he could. "Heeeyy there you are I've been looking all over for you." Frank said as he grabbed sara's hand and pulled her away.

Regular P.O.V.
" Heeeyy there you are I've been looking all over for you" Frankie said. Bob and mikey looked at each other weird like 'wtfh!!!" Ray just looked questionly at the girl's surprised face. Frank winked at her on the sly. "Oh yeah where have been?" she said as they were walking away from the tour bus. Ray watched the two of them disappeared into the night. " What was that?" Bob asked. " More importantly WHO was that?" Mikey said. " I have no idea but I want to know." Ray said as he closed the bus door and sat down facing Gerard. " hmm well let's play old maid and whoever loses has to interrogate Frank when he gets back." Gerard said. "And the loser has to pay for breakfast in the morning." Mikey said. " Fine." Bob said. " Ok you guys are on" Ray says.
Frank led sara into Mcr's dressing room. He motioned her to take a seat "Ok" Frank said. " err I just wanted to say sorry for busting in on you back there that was an accident it's just that I made a stupid mistake by drinking a 32.oz slurpee on the way to the concert and the ladies line was full so. yea..." sara rambled in nervousness. She was afraid of the guy a lil' bit especially being alone in room by herself. "Oh really That's funny.."Frank said. Sara just stared at Frankie with a weird expression on her face.' how in the world is that funny?' Sara thought. "oh Your probably wondering how it's funny I had a 32.oz too! Oh by the way my name is Frank Iero, I play the guitar for My chemical Romance. and your name is..?" " Sara Sara Dae." "Oh cool nice to meet you Sara. Uhh quick question why do you have an Ipod at the concert?" Frank wondered. "err well.. you see... I never heard your music before and I brought it just in case." " Well it's time to head back to the stage BUT I have to talk to ou about the "incident" after the show do you have anyone with u?" " Uhh Just my friend Tiffiny but she is kinda obessed with Gerard." " good we'll need a distraction." Frank said as he got up. Sara stood up also she was led out of the dressing room and was heading back to the seating area. " hey wait umm we pick a place to meet right?" Sara said as she turned around to face Frankie. " uh right well I'll pick you up at the circle k if that's cool with you." "Yeah I'll just take the taxi there." "ok see you then oh and make sure u listen to this half of our concert ok?" Frank smiled " Fiinnne." Sara half smiled.
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