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Chapter 02 - Here we are

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Adoption, isn't it great?

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Is this the Casher residence?" The police officer asked as he stood at my doorstep.
"Yes, yes this is" I replied, not fully understanding what he was doing, sure, my brother and me had done our fair share of shit and had run ins with the police, but my brother was on his way to spain and I had done nothing wrong,
"Are you the daughter and brother of Marie Casher, Philip Casher and Jake Casher?" He asked yet another confusing question.
"Y-yes I am" I replied, now I was really confused. What the fuck is going on?
"This is the part of my job I hate" He muttered to himself.
"I'm sorry, what?" I asked.
He drew in a shakey breath and continued with the confusing questions. "Were your parents and brother on a plane on the way to spain?"
"Yes, yes they were." They had decided to go without me because I had lots of school work to catch up on. Lame, I know.
"This isn't easy to say, but that plane your family was on-" He drew in another shakey breath "-crashed during landing, the wheels wouldn't come out and well, pretty much everyone on the plane were killed. Including your family"
"What?! No! You're joking" I screached, he had to be! My mum promised she' be back before school started again. She always kept her promises.
"I'm sorry Miss, but I am not joking."
The look in his eyes, telling me that everything I had ever lived for was now gone. Just like that. All three of them, in just one accident.
"Miss Casher, I am sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but as you are only 15 you will need to stay in a care home."
"What! Live in an orphanage?!" Fuck no.
"If that is what you want to call it, yes" The officer replied, shifting his feet slightly.
"W-where is this 'care home'?" I asked, clearing my throat as tears priked my eyes.
"You're lucky, it's here in London. Oxford Orphanage."
"Uh, okay. How am I getting there?"
"I shall be taking you."
"Okay, erm, what's happening with my family's stuff?"
"They all belong to you now."
"I'll go pack and we can leave.." I muttered, as I walked up to my room, packing what I wanted to keep then packing some one my brother, mum and dad's things that I wanted to have.
Walking back downstairs, I found the officer still standing in the same place as he was before.
"O-okay" I chocked out. "I'm ready."

So here we are now, me sitting in the back of a police car on the way to an orphanage.

A/N- I made the orphanage up as the orphanages in london are called things like 'home for crippled boys'.. (right) and stuff

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