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Leave Out All The Rest

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I don't love you like I loved you yesterday... I love you more.

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What am I leaving when I'm done here?

Fifty more souls to go and she'd be done. Extinguishing human life had really done a number on Lily, but it never seemed to show. Her frail hands wrapped around a rail that overlooked the sea. "I never even knew a body of water was here ... I don't even know where I am anymore ..." Lily groaned. It was true, she had forgotten where she was these days. Every time she passed by the cemetery though, she became whole again and she knew exactly where she'd been. Recalling certain memories was difficult while she was there but it was as close to living as she could get right now. Lily had almost missed feeling real.

Gerard, she wondered where he was. Lately he had not been around when Lily needed to take a brief pause from the murder scene. "Lily? Is'sat you?"

"Gerard?" Lily turned to look at who was speaking to her in hopes it was her friend but as usual, she was mistaken. "Oh, it's you." James rolled his eyes while gliding over to her. "I've come to speak wit' you 'bout Azy," his gangly fingers suffocated the steel rail.

"What's there to say?" she scowled, fighting the urge to use a rock as a projectile to hit him in the face.

"She's doing well ... Although she may have ... forgotten you, she's still doing particularly well in 'ell."

"What did you just say?" Lily had finally snapped. "Forgotten? Are you trying to tell me that my best friend in this world doesn't know me anymore? Are you telling me that those fifty innocent people are dead for no reason at all?!" James passively shook his head from side to side. "Lil', those folks were goin' to die sometime or another. You just, let's say, helped speed up the process."

Lily fiercely began to throttle James, her hands squeezing tighter than a boa constrictor. "Give back the life you stole!" she screeched into his eardrums. Those blinding green eyes dimmed as his skin turned deathly blue. "Li - Lily," James choked on his own breath. A gruesome smile played on Lily's face when she noticed that blood was seeping out of the cracks in James' teeth. She shoved him down to the splintered planks and repeatedly pounded her fists into his face, but alas, no dents were being formed. "Why won't you die!?" Lily growled like the angry beast she was.

"Lily, I can - "he gasped before she administered another blow to the skull. "Explain! Don't waste ... your time ... hurting me ... I'm already dead, like you!" Lily narrowed her eyes, her punches stopping but she still remained sitting on his chest. "Elaborate."

"I'm just like you," James coughed lightly into his lavender sleeve. "Except I made the deal with the Devil to serve him in a different way. I'm just a messenger boy! And just because I can't get killed doesn't mean I can't feel the hatred that boils in your stomach and in your fists, please no more." It almost seemed to her like he was pleading to be free from more than just her grip. "Lily!" from behind her some footsteps accompanied a kind voice. James took this brief moment of her distraction to sink into the platform, the coward could not afford to let himself be overpowered by a teenager. "I've been looking for you," Gerard's labored breathing caused him to fall to his knees at Lily's side. "Mum almost didn't let me leave. She fears I'll never come back."

Emotions were running high at this point as Lily collapsed into Gerard's warm welcoming arms. "P-Put me out of my m-misery!" she sobbed harshly, her thin nails poking into his chest while she clung to his button-up shirt. Fingers running through her hair, Gerard shook his head and allowed his free hand to tilt her chin up. "Lily, I could never ..." he whispered before leaning in. Lily's eyes slowly closed as she leaned in closer herself. Their lips locked, and it felt like forever.

It's so wrong but he makes it right.

They both pulled back at the exact same moment, her eyes wouldn't meet his. "Maybe you sho - "

"Lily, I love you," Gerard interrupted as fast as his lips would let him. Awkward silences were hard to break for this one seemed to last for eternity. The one thing that could break it finally splashed upon their shivering heads of hair. Lily shot up and off the boardwalk, her feelings could no longer be contained, she broke out into a nervous sweat. Gerard cocked his head while falling onto his back, the planks beneath him squeaked in relief. "I feel like a really bad weatherman ..."

Dangling hair fighting against the oncoming hail of wet drops, Lily clasped her hands together and blindly ran far from her jumbled thoughts. "I love you too ..."
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