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Chapter Five

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Im Back!!! I havent wrote in a long while sorry to my few readers. so if you want .Always appreciated!!!

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just a question, i was thinking about writing an Eragon Fanfiction, what do you think? good?Of Course MurtaghxOC.=]

2 Weeks Later...

"Wake up max!!!School time!!!" I heard a much to familiar voice yell.
"What are you doing in my house frank!!!" I yelled back stepping onto the creaky wood floor.
"I let myself in, hope you dont mind." He poked his head in the door way and looked at me.
"Yeah thats what i thought." I laughed and walked into the bathroom.
"Hey, the rest of the guys are downstairs, Gee picked us all up before we got here."Frank yelled through the door.
'Oh goody that means mikey is here, in my house, contaminating my home.'I thought sarcastically.
I walked out of the bathroom, and saw frank sitting on my bed admiring a picture of me and him when we were four.I smiled. i looked to my right and gerard was looking at a drawing that he drew for me when i was sad in the sixth grade, Ray was looking through the channels on television, and bob was just sitting and Day dreaming.
"I swear one of you is missing." i muttered. Gerard turned around and looked at me."He's waiting in the car, refused to come in." He said putting the drawing back down.

'Oh so he wasnt in my house, Good.' i thought.
"well lets go" I said after several slow minutes.

"not time to go" Bob said with his eyes still closed."Then why did you wake me up?" I asked curiously.
"Well mikey woke up at 3 and woke me up."said gerard."so i called frank and he came ver my house," Gerard Finished and frank picked up."so we called ray just to mess with his head. and then we walked to bob's and basically dragged him out of bed." frank finished.

"wow, thats interesting..." i said laughing.

"lets play X-BOX!!!" i yelled
"ill play..." a vice came from the door way, i didnt look i thought i knew who it was too,
"and like always, i will win and you will lose.just like before." The voice said.

Nevermind I Knew Who It Was....

Ok I hope you all loved it or at least liked it, thanks for reading.=]
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