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Chapter Six

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A day out on the town...

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"Lead in night, at the laundry mat..." my cell phone sang, breaking me from my sleep.

"Fuck. Who the Hell is calling me at-" I checked the time-"Nine in the morning?" I said into the empty apartment.

"Mary I swear to God it better be important!" I stated, not bothering to check the caller ID.

"Wait, who is this?" the voice said. Patrick. I recognized his voice immediately.

"Oh shit Patrick I'm so sorry! I thought you were my roommate." I said, feeling awkward. I was definitely awake now and realized what I was, or rather wasn't, wearing. Double awkward.

"Nope, just me. I know, not as exciting, but I was hoping you would be up for getting some breakfast or something. I'm bored. Pete wont play with me," he said as I tried to put on pants.

"Umph." I had landed on the floor while attempting to clothe myself. That worked out well.

"Al, are you okay?" he asked from the other end.

"Yeah sorry. I was trying to put on pants. It was awkward talking to you in my underwear." I said, standing back up, pants on this time.

"Did you just get out of the shower or something? You sounded pissed when I called, like I had woken you up or something. Wait, do you have someone there? Did I interrupt something? Oh my god," he rambled. I heard noise from the other end, and laughter.

"No no. Nothing like that. What's going on over there? Sounds like you are the one having an orgy!" I said, putting the phone on speaker and going about getting dressed and doing something with my hair. Yuck. I hated not showering.

"I wish. Naw, we've just got some of the guys over from last night and it seems that one of them-" I didn't hear the rest. I was attempting to wash my face and the water drowned them out.

"Sorry dear what was that? I'm attempting to make myself look presentable to be in your company. I didn't catch that last half." I then began to apply some makeup.

"Nothing, just that one of the guys from last night seems to have a little crush on you and ahh! Now he's chasing after me! Anyway, his face fell when I mentioned reasons for you not to be fully dressed and it was funny. Shit get that peanut butter away from me Brendon!" I heard more shuffling, and couldn't help but laugh. Boys. I rolled my eyes, and put on some shoes, but couldn't help but wonder if Brendon was attracted to me. I shook my head and put the thought out of my mind.

"Are you done fighting now? Because I'm hungry. You can NOT mention food and then not follow through. Where are we meeting." I said, taking the phone off speaker. Have I mentioned that I love my cell phone?

"There's a Starbucks on every corner here. Let's pick one. I want coffee," I heard a muffled voice say.

"Starbucks it is!" I say, grabbing my keys. This is going to be one entertaining breakfast.
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